Reshaping India's Future: Masai's Award-Winning Impact

This award comes from one of the world’s largest platforms for tracking Startups, Private Companies, and Emerging Innovative Sectors. Today, we stand firmly beside some of the greatest names in the industry.

Reshaping India's Future: Masai's Award-Winning Impact

Masai's Tracxn award validates outcome-focused education. 2500+ transformed lives. Ready to make a bigger impact? Join us on this journey!

We are honoured to be awarded, and recognised by Tracxn in - "Emerging startups in the Continued Learning category".

This award comes from one of the world’s largest platforms for tracking Startups, Private Companies, and Emerging Innovative Sectors. Tracxn, with its suite of insights, enables VCs, private equity fund managers, and investment bankers to make informed investment and business decisions.

This award has successfully placed us in the league of potential future unicorns. Today, we stand firmly beside some of the greatest names in the industry.

How does this award fit into Masai’s broader mission and goals?

This honour gives us a critical opportunity to consider our development, evolution, and the transformational effect we've started. It makes us think about the way forward. This recognition affirms our dedication to transforming IT education in the context of Masai's larger purpose. It confirms that our creative approach and outcome-driven methodology are successfully respected and admired in the sector. This acknowledgement strengthens our commitment to fostering a diverse, employable IT workforce, dismantling obstacles, and empowering people for a successful future.

This award presents us with a chance to

  • Take stock of our rise, evolution, and the revolution we have been able to start and
  • Look ahead towards what lies in the future

Look back into the past

This is an exciting time for Masai, as we are proud to be recognized as one of the emerging startups in one of our best quarters ever. It is the icing on the cake we needed to celebrate our mission of revolutionizing India's education system.

However, things have not always been smooth for us. Our journey has been full of challenges. But, with the help of mission-driven individuals, we have navigated adversities and emerged victorious every time.

Over the last 3.5 years, we have worked hard to level the playing field for India's untapped and underutilized potential.

Our vision has paid off, with 2500+ students and their families undergoing a transformation, and 6000+ students currently studying in the curriculum awaiting placements. Most of these students come from Tier-II and Tier-III cities.

In order to stay in the game, an outcome-driven education institution like ours requires more than students getting placed. We also need to ensure that we have the infrastructure in place to upskill students to acceptable industry standards.

2500+ placed students is an indicator of the work we have done so far. But, there is still a lot of ground to cover. This award is just added motivation for us to keep putting in the good work.

Our co-founder Yogesh Bhat was filled with joy and spoke on similar lines. Here’s what he had to say.

Yogesh Bhat's views on receiving the award

What lies in the future?

According to Blume’s Indus Valley Annual Report 2023, the services sector contributes to more than 50% of India’s GDP.

Information Technology- Business Process Management (IT-BPM) does a majority of the work here. It directly employs 4.5-5 million people and indirectly supports 12 million people all over the nation.

Blume’s Indus Valley Annual Report 2023 shows the contribution of services sector to our GDP
Source: Blume Ventures

This is eye-opening data for an organisation like us that provides education services that help people upskill & launch careers. And when we use the term services, we do not just mean services, we mean services that make an impact.

Over the period of our existence, we have made sure to go above and beyond to help our students learn the ins and outs of web development and data analytics.

Our holistic approach to teaching and learning ensured that students improved not only their functional skills but also their soft skills. This has ensured many of our student’s success and lifted many families out of poverty.

With more than 2000 hiring partners at Masai, we are confident that we have the curriculum, pedagogy, and support systems in place to diversify our services.

It was the belief in our mission that has helped us build confidence in our services that make an impact.

As we walk into the future, we firmly believe it will be our confidence that will help us make an impact on and change the lives of even more families.

We thank Tracxn for recognizing our efforts and look forward to collaborating with them and other industry leaders to create a brighter future for India.

How Masai is different from others?

The decision to select Masai School above other educational institutions is motivated by a number of strong arguments.

Oriented Approach is what differentiates it in the first place. Masai places a greater emphasis on employability and practical skills than regular universities do. The rigorous curriculum condenses a year's worth of education into only 35 weeks, ensuring that graduates are well-prepared for the workforce. The practical training aligns with business requirements, providing students a leg up in the employment market.

The after-placement Model also handles the cost of schooling hurdles. This ground-breaking strategy guarantees that students only pay tuition after they have a job, opening up quality education to a larger audience. In conventional educational institutions, it is uncommon to find this kind of financial stability.

Another key benefit of Masai is the welcoming community. Students are actively engaged by the founders and lecturers, establishing a supportive and inspiring atmosphere. Students are supported through difficulties by this sense of community and encouragement, which reflects the working environment in the actual world.

One distinctive quality that distinguishes Masai is the Construct Week Experience. It allows students to work on real-world projects, connecting the theoretical and practical worlds. Graduates from this immersive learning environment have practical skills they may use immediately in the IT sector.

Masai's focus on professional development and soft skills also gives students the whole skill set that companies want. The program incorporates communication, cooperation, and problem-solving abilities to guarantee that graduates are well-rounded professionals.


Tracxn's recognition as an emerging startup underscores Masai's transformative impact. This accolade validates our outcome-driven approach and commitment to revolutionising IT education. Over 2500 students and families have experienced positive change, particularly from Tier-II and Tier-III cities. While 2500+ placements signify progress, there's more ground to cover. With India's services sector driving a substantial GDP share, our holistic education model and 2000+ hiring partners position us for even greater influence. As we stride forward, unwavering belief in our mission fuels our confidence to make a lasting impact on countless lives. We extend deep thanks to Tracxn and eagerly anticipate collaborating with industry leaders for a brighter India.