Receptionist to Java instructor - Anand's story is inspiring

Anand Singh Yadav now working as an Instructional Associate at Masai
Anand singh Yadav now working as an Instructional Associate at Masai

Anand hails from Noida, UP, and studied in a vernacular medium all his childhood. Since childhood, he had a great interest in building something on his own and when he got to know about coding it got him very excited. He started learning coding on his own.

Anand always wanted to be in the teaching field where he could impart his knowledge to students. When he got the chance to become an Instructional Associate at Masai, he hopped onto this opportunity.

We had a conversation with Anand to know how his journey has been as a student and now as an Instructional Associate.

How did you come across Masai?

I had finished my Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and was looking for a coding institute because what I had studied in college was really limited. I noticed Masai's advertisement while watching a video on YouTube.

My search for a coding institute came to an end right there because it was the ideal option for me because I didn't have to pay anything to learn to code. I enrolled in Masai's full stack web development course and was really active during the course, attending every class and interacting with all of the other students.

How was your experience at Masai?

"It felt like magic," Anand Singh Yadav said.

I had to start working when I was in college since I was having financial problems. I worked as a receptionist at a local hotel at night and studied during the day, and I also taught my juniors to make some additional money.

Before Masai, I never imagined I'd have such an amazing opportunity to learn and improve. I've learned a lot, especially about the back end. I've learned Java and Springboard, which I liked best. The soft skills I learned were very important. I came from a vernacular language background and was quite nervous about speaking English, but now I am fluent and can interact in English effortlessly.

Masai has a specific curriculum and process in place so that even if you don't know anything about coding, a student can excel.

How did you find the practice-based curriculum?

Masai's schedule is set out in such a way that people will learn how to better manage their time. I never believed I'd be able to study for so many hours, but I did. I now have improved time organizational skills.

The practice-based curriculum taught me the meaning of genuine effort and helped me understand concepts that I will never forget. My efforts have helped me better understand my job as an instructional associate. I had so many projects as a student that I now know how to manage them and keep working.

How did you find the placement process?

During the placement process, I interviewed for four companies and received job offers from two of them. I've always been interested in teaching, therefore I decided to join Masai as a Java IA.

My parents were astounded because they assumed I was just sitting in front of a computer screen doing nothing. They were overjoyed that I had gotten the job that I had always desired.

How was your construct week experience?

"Real knowledge is gained by experience, and construct week was the best thing that could have provided me with significant understanding."

They divided us into groups of 6-7 people and assigned us the task of building a clone of a popular website. There were a couple of people who were unwilling to work in a group, so with fewer people, we had to work harder. It appears to be a challenging task, but with consistent effort, you can attain the required outcomes.

Do you have any advice for Masai students right now?

You should have complete faith in the Masai and give your all to the course. Masai is working at a good pace, and doesn't expect you to pay any fees till you start earning more than CTC- 5 LPA or more.