From making calls at a BPO to being a Full Stack Developer - Meet Raushan

After finishing his course, Raushan got a job within a week at a 400% hike from his previous job! After joining the company, he was really happy. He got the job above the ISA threshold of 5 LPA.

Raushan Kumar

About Raushan

Raushan is a 25-year-old full stack developer working for Perennial Systems. He is originally from Champaran, located in Bihar – an area with little development or infrastructure. Let’s read about his life experiences before he joined Masai School-

Here’s how he spent his school days:

He was in a boarding school almost all his life. A naughty child, his parents thought it would be best to put him in a hostel. This made him spend a major part of his growing years with his peers and not his own family. Hence, he turned out to be quite introverted as an adult- he found it difficult to talk or interact with strangers.

He was an average student in school. After 10th, he didn’t score very well- it was just 60%. His father told him, “If you are comfortable and confident, then only take science, otherwise don’t.” The thing is, his father and grandfather both were from an army background. But due to his short height, he was not eligible to join the army like them. After this setback, he shifted his entire interest towards computers and really became passionate about them.

Stepping into the world of engineering

After class 10th board exams, he decided to take a non-medical stream- he wanted to pursue engineering after completing school. However, in the 12th board exams, he failed in 2 different subjects and his father was pretty disappointed.

But thanks to his mother’s convincing skills, he agreed to send him to a private engineering college in Indore. A lot of his friends who had already gone for engineering suggested that he should go for the computer science branch- they understood his interest and capability for it. While he wasn’t good at attending and learning from the classroom lectures, learning through practical implementation suited him well.

In college, there were 5 subjects in each semester. In the first semester itself, he failed in all those 5 subjects- to help him pass, his friends taught him for 1 year and with their help, he was able to clear all his backlogs. According to him, they taught him so well that after this episode, he did not fail again for the next 4 years. A probable reason for this was that he could not learn from books- he wanted his classes and courses to be interactive and engaging.

The placement scenario at College

He sat for the placements during the last year of his college where he applied for companies like TCS and Infosys but he could not get through either of them because of some personal documentation issues. One more reason for the rejections was that his communication skills were not up to the mark at that time.

After graduating from college in 2019, he tried to find jobs at other places too but faced the same problems. He even went to Bengaluru to find jobs but here too, he did not find any luck. 

Finally, Raushan moved back to Indore to learn Java so that he could try his hand at coding. After completing the fundamentals by 2020, he was now ready to find himself a job as a coder but unfortunately, the pandemic of Covid-19 slowed down the process of his job hunt again- so he joined a BPO to earn a living in the meanwhile.

This is how Raushan came across Masai School

This was when his flatmate belonging to the mechanical branch, who was also working with him at the BPO, suggested he join Masai School. But Masai was taking 7 months of time to prepare him as a developer and he had already spent too much time looking for jobs- so he couldn’t afford to waste more time. However, 4 months later, his friend decided to join Masai and this motivated Raushan to join too. He realised that if his friend being from the mechanical branch could do it, why not him?

Masai offers full-time and part-time training in FSWD and Android development at zero initial cost. The Income Share Agreement allows you to pay only after getting a job worth 5 LPA or above. In a rare case if a student can’t get the said job, they don’t pay anything. (Check out fee structure)

At Masai, there is a 9-9-6 schedule- which means that a student has to dedicate 12 hours a day and 6 days a week in order to build themselves as a developer. The first 2 weeks were difficult for him, as there was no energy left to rest. He also had to complete his assignments after the classes. However, after a month, he got used to it very nicely.

Masai’s faculty and curriculum

He went for the Full Stack Development course where he learnt HTML, React, JavaScript, MongoDB and a lot of other languages according to the latest industrial trends. After 3-4 months of joining Masai, he realised that he had been learning incredible things here. He had never studied anything of this level during his entire college life. In fact, he found the DSA so convenient that even his friend from Non-CS background was able to understand and crack it. (Learn the basics of data structure & algorithms)

In case Raushan faced any problem in the DSA, he used to reach out to Mr Chandrashekhar from the Masai faculty for his doubts and he would make sure that he would only call it a day if he had utmost clarity about everything he was facing issues in. 

Life after Masai and all that followed:

After finishing his course, Raushan got a job within a week at a 400% hike from his previous job! After joining the company, he was really happy. He got the job above the ISA threshold of 5 LPA. After seeing his success, around 10-15 of his friends joined Masai and it felt really amazing.

Masai also helped in developing his soft skills. Raushan credits Mr. Yogesh for his motivational support, as he was really able to improve his communication skills to a great level with the help of Skillathon sessions.

In his words – “The classes and activities were so interactive that it never felt like they were being formally trained for the industry, until the companies arrived and all those learnings came together in sync to bring out the best results.”

Since he comes from a very humble background, he wanted to show his family and community that even without a government job or an army background, he could survive and do well and he is glad Masai helped him in making his dream come true.