Praveen fulfilled his long-standing dream of becoming a software engineer

Masai is able to impart fundamental knowledge in just six months thanks to a well-designed curriculum. Masai also teaches the practical implications of these learnings through regular assignments.

Praveen Kumar a Masai student working at Freshworks as Software Engineer - Frontend
Praveen Kumar - A Masai graduate 

At Masai, we have encountered hundreds of college students who have struggled to find work even after studying for four years. The underlying issue behind our education systems massive failure is that the curriculum and techniques are not only outdated but also ineffective and irrelevant in today's technology environment.

In Praveen’s third year of engineering, his college almost went bankrupt. As a result, excellent mentors became unaffordable for the college, resulting in a deterioration in educational quality. So, despite having a B. Tech in Computer Science and having completed a specialized Java course, he could not find work. After experiencing constant rejection, he realised the value of skill development.

During the pandemic, Praveen was trying to learn important skills at a reputable institute when he came across Masai on YouTube. He finally decided to join Masai after conducting considerable research on Masai and its alternatives. However, it took him two attempts to pass the MSAT.

After completing the full-stack web development course, Praveen was able to find a position as a front-end software engineer at Freshworks. Praveen had to travel through adversity to reach his destination. He recently joined us to share his amazing experience in order to provide important insights to budding developers. The following are extracts from the interview.

How and why did you trust Masai?

I took a course to learn Java, but after the classes were over, there was no help. So, it didn't pay off. When I learned about 9-9-6 at Masai at that time, I decided to join.

Instead of being sceptical about Pay After Placement, I was glad to hear about it and felt relieved. And how this would make my parents' lives much easier as my parents couldn't pay that much money all at once. So, there was no reason to think Masai wasn't being honest.

When I saw interviews with students on YouTube where they talked about the curriculum, mentors, Instructor Associates, and the placement process, it also answered my other questions. Other detailed videos show how all of Masai's units work. So, these things helped me trust Masai‌.

How was your Masai experience?

I had imagined that because I was a computer science student, the course would be simple for me. Within a month, I realised ‌I was completely mistaken about this. I had no trouble with the first unit. However, from the commencement of the second unit, I encountered technologies that were unfamiliar to me. That's when I realised I was in for a difficult ride.

However, mentors such as Yogesh Sir and Nrupul Sir have been really helpful throughout the course. All we had to do was be consistent with our duties. When I was unable to cope, I sought assistance from the CSBT team. For each individual session, there is a separate team. I've seen nothing like it before. We have the MAC Process, CSBT, Skillathon Sessions, and a lot more. As a result, we can better define ourselves and gain self-awareness.

Construct Weeks challenged me to my limits and helped me develop as a team player. During those weeks, my fear of communicating with peers vanished. We made several mistakes with time management during the inaugural Construct Week, but it taught us some important lessons about deadlines.

To be honest, the entire experience felt out of this world. Masai has helped me find a job, and I will be eternally grateful.

How are students prepared for placements?

Personally, I feel that out of all the units, the last unit is very important. Because this is where we get prepared for placements. We go through the revision of all the units. We also go through various evaluations to understand the level of skills. And, based on the inputs from the evaluations, they instructed us to prepare for the placements and to work on our weaknesses. The last unit is full of learning and prepares us well for the interviews.

How was your placement experience?

Before joining Masai, I had appeared for 40 interviews. And, I was terrible at them. It was at Masai that I got the confidence of appearing for interviews.

At Masai, I was shortlisted for 18 companies. I did not appear for interviews outside Masai placements. Because I wanted the feedback, we got if we were not selected. So, I waited patiently. After some time, I finally got a job at Freshworks as a front-end software engineer. I had gone through multiple rounds. And, the projects I built during Construct Weeks impressed interviewers and gave them the trust that I can build real projects.

How does Masai prepare someone to be a web developer in just six months?

Masai is able to impart fundamental knowledge in just six months thanks to a well-designed curriculum. Masai also teaches the practical implications of these learnings through regular assignments. So studying at Masai for six months feels like a full-time job.

Now add the strength of 9-9-6 to it. Everything is achievable provided tight discipline is maintained. Furthermore, 9-9-6 training exhibits exceptional time management and discipline. So that is how Masai educates anyone, regardless of degree or background, to become a web developer in six months.

What is your message to aspiring developers?

If you are focused on building skills and practical learning, join Masai. I can vouch for this institute since I have studied here. Masai has Pay After Placement, and you can join for a month and see if it suits you.

And, when at Masai, do not quit midway. Trust the process, work hard and you will reach your goals in the end.