Adaptability and Willingness to Learn: Shreedhar's Secret to Succes at Masai and Life

Throughout his Masai journey, Shreedhar encountered various moments where he felt low, but the incredible support system he found at Masai helped him overcome those challenges.

Shreedhar Learned to Improvise, Adapt and Overcome at Masai

From farming to Software engineering, Shreedhar's journey at Masai School showcases resilience, dedication, and success. Learn how he overcame challenges and excelled in a unique learning environment.

Due to his and his father's health problems, Shreedhar couldn't finish college. However, he didn't let that setback deter him. He delved into coding, teaching himself through online resources like YouTube videos. Eventually, he found a turning point in his journey when he joined Masai. This decision provided him with essential skills and a supportive community, enabling him to thrive despite the challenges he faced.

Shreedhar's placement at Acunor showcased his adaptability and willingness to learn. His story inspires us to embrace challenges, trust the process, and pursue our dreams with unwavering dedication.

Join us as we delve into Shreedhar's inspiring story, uncovering the challenges he overcame before, during, and after his coding journey at Masai.

Discovering Masai

After leaving college, Shreedhar made good use of his free time. He began learning coding by watching videos on YouTube. As he improved his coding skills, he gained the courage to attend job interviews. It was during this process that he recognized the importance of enhancing his understanding of Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA).

One of his friends who had graduated from Masai’s Ninja batch became the guiding light.

Although initially disappointed on being selected for the foundation unit, Shreedhar's spirits soared when he began learning Python. He realized that more exciting programming languages would be taught in the future.

Despite enduring health issues again between the second and third units, Shreedhar's determination drove him to attend classes, even when he couldn't sit properly. He missed only a single class during this challenging time.

Parents’ Reaction

His parents significantly influenced the scholastic career of Shreedhar. They showed continuous support, didn't limit his options, and instead pushed him to pursue a wide range of interests. When Shreedhar expressed a desire to join the Masai, his parents enthusiastically supported his choice because they saw the promise it offered for his future.

They had much more faith in Shreedhar's decision after hearing from a close buddy who had triumphantly graduated from Masai. This support and his parents' unwavering faith and encouragement pulled Shreedhar into Masai's transformational embrace.

Their confidence in Shreedhar's judgment highlights parents' vital role in their children's educational choices and their belief in Masai's capacity for transformation. It proves how strong family ties and a supportive learning environment can unite to empower people like Shreedhar, supporting their development and opening the door to a bright future in the IT sector.

Masai Journey

During one of the sessions at Masai, Shreedhar discovered the importance of receiving moral support whenever he felt down. This session brought about significant changes and propelled him forward in the curriculum.

Throughout his Masai journey, Shreedhar encountered various moments where he felt low, but the incredible support system he found at Masai helped him overcome those challenges.

The people in the support system were always cheerful and shared their own inspiring stories. This uplifted his spirits, made him feel better, and played a crucial role in his success at Masai, ultimately making his experience truly exceptional.

The 9-9-6 Experience

Shreedhar had mixed feelings about the 9-9-6 schedule at Masai School. Initially, he felt good following the schedule, especially in the morning.

However, after lunch, when his classes were scheduled in the afternoon, he and his batchmates would sometimes feel sleepy. To stay fresh and attentive during these sessions, Shreedhar made sure to drink plenty of water.

This experience instilled in him the habit of structuring his entire day, which has been immensely helpful in his current work as well. It allows him to stay organized and on top of his tasks.

Developing discipline has been the major takeaway for Shreedhar from the 9-9-6 schedule, enabling him to excel in his professional life.

Construct Week Experience

Shreedhar's experience during Construct Week at Masai School was a game-changer.

Construct Week projects allowed Shreedhar to transition from building single web pages in live classes to cloning entire websites. He incorporated UI, functionalities, and unit knowledge within a week.

One aspect Shreedhar focused on during Construct Week was making the websites responsive. Unlike some of his friends who didn't pay much attention to responsiveness, Shreedhar ensured that his websites would run smoothly on any screen. The valuable learnings from Construct Week helped him present his projects more effectively during interviews.

Construct Week fostered remote collaboration skills as Shreedhar and his teammates worked together remotely. These skills now benefit him in working effectively with his remote CEO, enhancing his professional abilities.

Placement Experience

Shreedhar's placement experience was a journey of perseverance and growth. He applied for every opportunity that came his way, even seeking external referrals. Despite facing rejection, he remained determined. While he struggled with the DSA part of some Masai opportunities, he continued to strive.

After appearing for multiple interviews, he finally secured a position at Acunor, a company that used a completely different tech stack from what he learned at Masai. Shreedhar embraced the challenge, learning from his peers and exploring on his own to acquire the necessary skills.

Shreedhar's placement journey was filled with determination. Despite rejections, he persevered, eventually landing a job at Acunor with a different tech stack. His success showcased resilience. Although his parents felt bittersweet about his move, his achievement proved dreams can be realized with hard work and support.

Message to current & aspiring students

According to Shreedhar, Masai differs from other colleges and universities in several ways. Unlike traditional institutions that prioritize degrees, Masai focuses on developing practical skills, especially in the field of technology.

The pay-after-placement model at Masai is another standout feature, making it more accessible to the economically disadvantaged. Unlike colleges where payment is required upfront and outcomes are not guaranteed, Masai provides a sense of security.

The co-founders, including Yogesh, inspire and motivate students, creating a supportive environment that Shreedhar experienced firsthand.

Message to Current and Aspiring Students

To those considering joining the Masai curriculum, Shreedhar emphasizes the importance of dedicating everything to their learning journey. By fully committing their time and effort, success is inevitable.

Trusting the system and being patient and hardworking are crucial. It's essential to rely on the guidance of those ensuring a positive experience. Many students enter with the goal of securing a good job, but without dedicating enough time, they won't acquire the necessary skills.

The Masai curriculum compresses four years of learning into just 35 weeks, so unwavering dedication is key. Shreedhar believes in sharing the honest truth.

Why one should choose Masai?

Masai School stands out as a transformational educational option because of Shreedhar's path from a farming family in Karnataka to a successful software engineer. His story summarises three crucial factors in favour of choosing Masai.

First, Masai places a greater emphasis on practical skills development than traditional schools do on degrees, particularly in the technology sector. Masai condenses four years of education into just 35 weeks, as Shreedhar points out. This rigorous program guarantees students practical experience and applicable abilities, preparing them for employment upon graduation.

Second, Masai's novel pay-after-placement approach tackles financial accessibility, a crucial obstacle to education for many. Masai offers stability in contrast to traditional universities, which sometimes require upfront investment without guarantees of success. Shreedhar emphasises how this paradigm creates a level playing field and makes great education accessible to those who are less fortunate financially.

Finally, Shreedhar confirms Masai's vital support network. Yogesh and the other co-founders actively engage and inspire students, providing a sense of belonging and community. This supportive setting was crucial to Shreedhar's development. He stresses the need to have faith in the system and depend on the people in charge to ensure that learning succeeds.


Shreedhar's journey is a testament to Masai School's efficacy. Masai is the premier choice for aspiring tech enthusiasts with a practical curriculum, pioneering payment structure, and a nurturing community. Opting for Masai means setting foot on a transformative path, opening doors to a bright future in the dynamic tech industry. Shreedhar's success story vividly illustrates how Masai equips individuals with the skills and support needed to thrive in the ever-evolving world of technology. It reaffirms that Masai isn't just an educational institution; it's a catalyst for real, tangible career advancement and personal growth.