Navigating Trials and Triumphs: Affan's Road to Success in Tech

Driven by the desire for a fulfilling and stimulating career, Affan joined Masai, where he honed his skills and transformed into the accomplished professional he is today.

Navigating Trials and Triumphs: Affan's Road to Success in Tech

From a talkative and studious student in his childhood to a successful Software Development Engineer (SDE) at SuperProcure, Affan's journey is remarkable and inspiring.

After completing his schooling, Affan followed his heart's calling and pursued a diploma in civil engineering at one of Delhi's prestigious colleges. However, life had different plans for him, and after a few courageous yet challenging experiments with odd jobs, he discovered his passion for technology.

Driven by the desire for a fulfilling career, Affan joined Masai, where he sharpened his skills and transformed into the accomplished professional he is today. Let's dig deep into Affan's story, a testament to the power of perseverance and embracing new opportunities.

Discovering Masai

After completing his civil engineering, Affan took up a teaching job, which helped him improve his English speaking skills. Later, he tried his hand at customer success management, even though it didn't directly relate to his degree. Unfortunately, he lost that job due to some unexpected circumstances.

Feeling determined to advance in his career, he started searching for new opportunities. That's when he heard about Masai. It was like finding a shining path to his dreams. With Masai's help, he could learn and grow in the field of technology, which caught his interest.

Affan's decision to join Masai led him to become a successful software developer.

Masai Journey

Affan's journey at Masai was filled with exciting challenges and great progress. During the lookout period, he did well and scored good marks comfortably. As the curriculum continued, Affan went even deeper into the subjects and got better and better at the concepts he learned.

Although this required hard work and dedication, Affan braved the challenge and the journey with enthusiasm. And his efforts paid off. Today, Affan stands proudly as a successful developer, all thanks to his fantastic experience at Masai.

Placement Experience

Affan's placement experience was a rollercoaster ride, full of excitement and choices. He tried his luck with 7 different companies, which means he had many opportunities to explore. Every other day, he had interviews scheduled, making it quite a busy time for him.

But Affan didn't give up, and he worked hard over a few weeks. All the hard work finally paid off when he landed the job at SuperProcure. It just goes to show that perseverance and determination can lead to amazing success.

Three key learnings from Masai

Affan's journey at Masai School was filled with valuable lessons that are now helping him excel in his job. The first key learning for Affan was time management. Masai taught him how to make the most of his time, which is essential in any career. Another fantastic thing he came across was the CSBT sessions. These sessions helped him improve his communication skills, making it easier for him to connect with his peers and excel in teamwork. Affan can manage his time better and communicate effectively, making him a valuable asset to his workplace.

Affan's story just goes to show that the lessons we learn can shape our future success. So, keep learning, growing, and embracing new opportunities like Affan did, and you'll achieve great things too.