Navigating the Road to Success: Sandeep's Journey to Becoming a Top Developer with Masai

Sandeep Kumar - A Masai graduate now working at Invincix
Sandeep Kumar - A Masai graduate now working at Invincix

Sandeep Kumar Behera is a graduate in Metallurgical and Materials engineering hailing from Rourkela, Odisha. Despite his degree background, a unique experience at his college fest ignited his curiosity about Web Development and set him on a different course.

After pursuing his newfound passion alongside Masai, he turned his dream into a reality by becoming a React Developer with Invincix. Let’s hear about his story and experiences on this inspiring journey.

How did you get to know about Masai?

My interest in web development arose before the first lockdown. Back in college, we had a fest coming up for which I was tasked with creating the website. That was new to me, and after some research I settled on Wix, which is a drag-and-drop platform, to create websites.

That short experience inspired me to think deeply about web development. It was around that time that the first lockdown was initiated. However, one of my friends had already enrolled with Masai. When she got to know about my budding ambitions, she recommended I join too.

After a bunch of YouTube videos and scrolling through the website later I built up the courage to take my first steps toward a new life.

What was your parents' reaction?

I joined Masai around May of 2021, when I informed my parents about my decision they were actually very supportive. Though it was a sudden change, they told me that they are fine with whatever I choose as long as I am happy and successful.

They said that even if I were to do a job my heart wasn’t into, then I couldn’t possibly grow in it. So make sure you think twice before jumping into anything, but if you’re fascinated by something then following it will help you succeed in life.

What was your favorite thing about Masai?

It’s actually two things, the curriculum, and the teaching. I have seen so many institutes where the curriculum is not nearly as robust as this one, the practice-based curriculum, scrum, and even the communication classes! That’s what attracted me towards Masai.

Aman and Ankush were truly stand out mentors for me. Their way of teaching was so unique and easy to grasp, even amongst the other amazing teaching faculty.

How was your experience with the practice-based curriculum?

Initially, it was really tough, coming from a college environment to Masai’s extensive curriculum and discipline took some getting used to. Just sitting in one place and studying for a long number of hours was definitely new.

But soon I started to enjoy that routine a lot more, the classes started to be more fun and even the assignments were exciting. Even when the units and assignments became more challenging, the time we spent studying started to feel lesser and lesser in comparison.

How was your construct week experience?

It was a very enriching one, for the project we were a team of five people and I got to learn so much from them. Initially, I was writing very lengthy code, so the others helped me realise that it could be optimised, since that’s what’s required in the industry too.

Other than that the experience of building a project which mimics the industry standards was itself a very helpful one. I improved a lot due to that.

Tell us about your placement experience

My experience was great with the placement process too. Companies steadily kept coming, I remember I interviewed for around 8-10 companies. And when I did sit for an interview all the practical experience as well as soft skills training really came in clutch.

I could apply all those skills to ace the interview and successfully get placed in Invincix as a React Developer. So it was great overall.