MyGate Is Opening New Gates to Success With This Masai Graduate

Shruthi B S - A Masai graduate working as software engineer at MyGate
“India has a good run on digital transformation and this sets the foundation for the next phase of deep tech where the opportunity is fantastic.”

These were the words of Manoj Kohli, Country Head, Softbank India in Dec 2021[1] and they have proved to be prophetic. FY2022 saw India’s highest recorded growth in the tech sector at $227 Bn in revenue and a milestone of 5 million in the total direct workforce[2].

However, even as unique start-ups take centre stage providing digital solutions to the society’s needs, hiring managers are struggling with the scarcity of a qualified workforce. Infact, 87% of executives are experiencing a workforce wracked with skill gaps[3]. To help bridge this gap. MyGate chose to trust Masai.

MyGate provides India’s most popular mobile-based security and community management service for gated communities. Launched in October 2016 by Abhishek Kumar, Vijay Arisetty, and Shreyans Daga, it currently serves as the beating heart of 25,000 gated societies[4] which consist of nearly 4 million homes, across 20+ cities[5].

It has also been the recipient of many awards such as being declared as one of the Most Innovative Start-ups by Inc42[6], one of India’s Coolest Start-ups by Business Today[7]., and one of India’s 50 Disruptive Startups by YourStory[8].

Vijay Arisetty, Co-founder and CEO of MyGate, Indian Air Force veteran, and Shaurya Chakra recipient has repeatedly stressed on the importance of acquiring the right people for the job.

“We had to invest a lot on building the right culture of the organisation. The three of us(founders), and all the senior management at MyGate strongly believe that people are the biggest assets of the organisation… the first round of investment was used to build the team and get the right kind of talent[9]

Educational Background of Masai graduates at MyGate

Shruthi B S is a Mechanical Engineering graduate with a knack for learning. But her heart lay in web development. So once the Covid-19 pandemic started to subside, Shruthi took the plunge to join Masai’s flagship Masai 0ne full-stack web development program.

Within just 35 weeks the tech novice was nowhere to be seen as Masai’s accomplished instructional team transformed her into a skilled software developer. As the extensive curriculum and practical experience filled in the gaps in her skill set and knowledge, Shruthi was ready to take on any challenges thrown at her by the tech industry.

“The things we learned in Masai literally helped a lot in our company because just learning concepts and actually working in the industry is something entirely different. Learning through Masai has made it easier to cope with industry standards.
Knowing theory and having practical experience is a stark contrast, I didn’t feel like a fresher when I joined because of that fact.”

Shruthi’s flexibility and hunger for knowledge made her a natural fit for the MyGate team, and before she noticed, a year had passed since her becoming an Associate software developer with the company.

During this time she has contributed her talent to and was responsible for handling some major projects like the dashboard which is an essential part of the MyGate ecosystem.

The dashboard handles a user’s inventory and is even responsible for task creation based on user response.

“This is something unique I found in MyGate and it was intriguing to work on it. The automatic task creation based on user response which won’t be performed entirely on the frontend, but rather the triggering of the task would be done with backend data.”

She is currently working on another project to provide real-time insights in order to enhance customer engagement.

“It provides you with crucial sets of data which can then be utilised to trigger campaigns. That is what I've been working on and it’s been an exciting, rewarding experience.”

Shruthi believes the most important skill a developer needs to possess isn’t a single skill at all, instead it’s the power to adapt.

This brilliantly mirrors MyGate’s own philosophy as elaborated by Vijay Arisetty-

“When we hire people we look at people who can do multiple things. Is this person capable of doing something else once I have the entire market-share with us. We look for people that would also be able to contribute themselves for some other role, apart from the one they are being hired for.”

The reality of thriving in the tech industry is being able to adapt to change and deliver results, something Shruthi credits Masai for teaching her with Construct Week projects. An opportunity for Masai students to gain real-world experience in building industry-level projects.  

“It helped a lot. The things we do in construct week are the same tasks we perform in our job day-to-day. In the industry nobody takes you by the hand and teaches you everything however minor. Masai helped us understand and learn how to cope with that much sooner.”

It’s a combination of practical knowledge and soft-skills development that allow Masai graduates to shine in situations traditional degrees don’t equip you for from the outset.

As Shruthi mentions, the industry today is still hungry for a skilled workforce despite the abundance of degree engineers in the country. Only 3.84% of the total engineering graduates possess the technical, cognitive, and linguistic skills required for software-related jobs in start-ups.[10]

“I feel today the industry and start-ups are not looking for degrees per se, it’s proficiency instead. What skills do you possess and how well can you implement them in a practical scenario, instead of what your marks on a marksheet were.”

I’m a mechanical engineer with no degree experience with CS, and yet I can readily keep up with my colleagues who do. I can perform my tasks just as well as everybody else, sometimes even better.

When you have hands-on experience things are easier to understand and you can grow at a faster rate. Instead of just knowing theory, which no doubt helpful, are not the complete picture of what it takes to thrive in the industry today.”

The curriculum at Masai is tailored especially to make students industry ready, focusing on hard as well as soft skill development for a seamless recruitment experience with a typical total duration of 3 days and a 90% acceptance rate.

Shruthi looks at her time in MyGate so far with great satisfaction, loving the culture of the company and what she contributes to it.

“The work-life balance here is really good. Managers put you at ease, it’s an encouraging place where you can imagine yourself being for a long time. It’s not a strict place, things are flexible and people are cordial.

The only thing I worry about is meeting my deadlines, and I’m happy about that.”

With her experience at MyGate, Shruthi has seen tremendous growth in her software development skills. With the right training and guidance, she has been able to conquer obstacles with ease and continuously expand her skillset. These are qualities that make all Masai alumni an asset to MyGate.

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