Mechanical Engineer to Software Developer in 30 Weeks - Meet Dhruvsurya


Recently, we got a chance to talk to Dhruvasurya, an alumnus of Masai School, who now works as a Front-end Developer at Salesken. His story is really inspiring. Even after coming from a mechanical background, he made it big in the tech world and today earns handsomely.

In our conversation with Dhruvsurya, a Mechanical Engineer graduate, we learn about his story of transitioning from an under-confident version of himself to mastering self-confidence and becoming a Software Developer, that too in just 30 Weeks!

Here is an exclusive interview with him.

What was your reaction when you heard about Masai School? What do you have to say about the unique idea of Pay After Placement?

I was very impressed by the idea – That at first, you acquire the skills, then you get a job, and then you pay the fees. If you get a job, pay them. That is as simple as that. This model is like the one that was followed in ancient times. You gain the knowledge and at the end give Gurudakshina. This is very similar to it. 

What would you be doing right now, had you not joined Masai School?

Since I am originally from a mechanical background, I would undoubtedly be working somewhere on a production line, had I not joined the Masai School, since there are not many well-paid jobs in this field. I would have been on the payroll of INR 15,000/month. That is for sure.

What is the most impressive thing about Masai school?

It does not teach you what to think. It teaches you, how to think. It prepares you for this ever-changing tech world, where new technology is evolving at a rapid pace. 

What is the difference between mentors at your college and at Masai School?

There is a huge difference. In college, we have to address them as Sir, but here we feel like a friend is teaching us. They stand by us every time we need them. These are the best mentors I have ever seen in my life.

Will you send your children to a college or an institute like Masai School?

A degree is a waste. My father spent 12 lakhs and I wasted four youthful years of my life trying to excel at college. I did not learn anything useful. And, I did not even get a proper job in the end. A skill will lend you a job, not a certificate. Why would I send my children to a college to waste my hard-earned money and their precious years? I learned more in just 30 weeks at Masai School.

How likely you would recommend the Masai School to anyone? On a scale of 1 to 10?

10. There is no doubt about that.

Which phase of the Masai School bought some drastic changes in your life?

Apart from the technical team, there are mentors for soft skills. Yogesh is one of those mentors, who is a very good speaker and a great motivator. Sessions conducted under this program have really helped me become a better person and have taught me the right way of leading my life.

If you get a chance to relive a moment from your days at the Masai School, what would it be?

There is a competition in Masai School called Hackathon where you have to build a new project in just 48 hours. I had always dreamt of winning the cash prize that is awarded to the winners. Once, to our shock, we made it to the second rank. It was unbelievable for us. I want to relive that moment. 

So, what is the main difference you have observed between you and your colleagues, who have not been to the Masai School?

The clear difference is in analysing skills. It is very difficult for them to understand the core of the problem and find the solution since they are just trained to code. Contrary to that, in Masai School, you are trained to analyse the root cause of the issue, and then look for the solution. You are given the first-hand experience of building a product. This prepares you to deal with any kind of issues you may face in the coding world. 

How is the placement process at Masai School?

The process is very smooth. They do not get you placed through their contacts or by providing referrals. You should be really deserving to get placed. And, they make you deserving during your time at Masai School. The entire process is totally honest and transparent. I got selected after appearing for three interviews. And, it is always your decision whether to accept the placement offer or not.

What is your message to the current students of the Masai School?

My personal experience is that the degree has never helped me in any way. A degree is useless. Skill is more important than a degree. It is difficult to build a skill in a college. And, even in Masai School, you will have to give your 100%. The mentors will give their 100%. That is how you will learn new skills. Chase a skill, nothing else.