Masai's Referral Program: An Opportunity to Launch Someone's Career

Masai's Referral Program: An opportunity to transform someone's life

How often do we end up liking movies that have been recommended to us by our friends?

Many times we do not get tired of praising our trusted clothing brand after receiving a compliment.

Word of mouth establishes positive emotions and a sense of trust in a brand among its stakeholders.

Airbnb flourished from just a property listing website to an online marketplace by tapping into & incentivising the positive notion cultivated by the people who got a good taste of their offerings.

This is how Masai's Referral Program came into being.


A skilling institute that promised career outcomes of the kind that have never been heard before raised a lot of eyebrows but one breakthrough was all that we needed to get the word out and then the cascading effect followed.

Very soon there were people who would spread the good word about the way we were changing the face of education in the nation.

Case in point Mayuri Samanta.

Mayuri is one of those students in our curriculum who has been making headway towards becoming a great flagbearer of our community.

After a month-long debate and a consistent nudge from one of her best friends, Mayuri finally decided to take admission at Masai.

Apparently, Mayuri’s best friend turned out to be a firm believer in her abilities. He was able to instill within her a sense of self-confidence she herself was not aware of.

5 months down the line Mayuri has been able to turn her life around. She has fallen in love with coding and secured a scholarship by displaying excellent performance on the academic front.

Just like Mayuri’s friend, there have been many acts of good karma that have seen the number of students increase with every passing batch.

What is even more amazing is the fact that many of our students refer their friends and abstain from using the referral code as a sign of goodwill.

Our true and honest efforts have created a ripple effect that is now helping us grow and get the word out without us spending a single penny on promotional efforts.

This is where we thought of incentivising this act of good karma of our students by introducing the Referral Program.

Today almost 50% of our students come on the back of word of mouth which has been enforced as a result of the strong belief of the students in our curriculum.

Masai's Referral Program

The Masai referral has been operational for more than 2 years now.

It has brought under our curriculum many students who deserved a chance at a good career and skill up well enough to fulfill their dreams.

Since word of mouth became such a huge thing for us we wanted to appreciate those who took the effort to make others aware of our curriculum and thus our referral program saw the light of day.

Following is a brief rundown of the Masai's Referral Program.

Who can use the Masai referral code?

Anyone who meets the eligibility criteria for our courses can be referred. They should be between 18 - 28 years of age, should have passed Class 12 from a recognised board, should know the basics of the English language, and have a laptop, and a good internet connection. They should be ready to take a job immediately after the course ends. For our Part-Time Courses, they should be either working professionals or should be graduating in 2023.

Who cannot refer?

Masai Employees, including the Instructional Associates, cannot take part in this Referral Program. We have a different referral program for them.

Who cannot be referred?

A person cannot refer themselves or anyone who has finished the admissions process before the date of referral cannot be referred.

Validity of these referrals

This referral program is valid for the Full-Time web development batch starting on 16th May 2022 and for part-time batches (Web Development and Data Analytics) starting on 30th May 2022. Starting from these batches and hence future ones, this program is valid.

All the successful referrals for the above-mentioned batches and so on and so forth will be part of this referral program. Past referrals are not applicable to this program.

How to apply for these referrals?

Step 1: Create your account with Masai to get your Referral Link or Code.

Step 2: Ask your friends to apply to Software Development and Data Analytics courses using your Referral Link or Code.

For every successful referral, you receive rewards depending on the course your referral signs up for.

  • For every successful referral to our Scholar Program courses, you get ₹2,000.
  • For every successful referral to our Masai One Program courses, you get ₹4,000.
  • For every successful referral to our Masai X course, you get ₹15,000.

Hit referral milestones in one quarter to win awesome prizes for helping your friends apply to Masai One and MasaiX. (Level 1) courses. Following is a rundown

  • 3 Referrals: Echo Dot
  • 5 Referrals: Bluetooth Speaker
  • 8 Referrals: Smartwatch
  • 12 referrals: Amazon Kindle
  • 16 referrals: Washing Machine
  • 20 Referrals: Smart TV
  • 26 Referrals: Gold Coins

Referral Case Study: Soumitha Bhaskara

Some of our most celebrated students came through the referral program. The most notable of them is Soumitha Bhaskara.

Having grown up in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, Soumitha had a keen inclination towards aeronautical engineering and was a passionate dancer ever since she was a child. But she also had a knack for designing websites and thus took a keen interest in web development.

She came to know about Masai while working at an NGO named “Joining the Dots Foundation” (JTD Foundation). A HackerRank member who happened to be at the same NGO made her aware of the referred her to Masai and the rest has been history.

It has been more than 2 years since Soumitha passed out of Masai School. Within these 2 years, she has gone on to serve as a software development engineer at Revv Sales and LegalZoom.

On the personal front, Soumitha has become a hero and a source of admiration and inspiration for the youth in her village.

And this is not it. There have been about 25-30 girls who are associated with Masai, thanks to the JTD foundation and the powerful word of mouth that has been established as a result of the good work that we have done over the past three years, and we are only expecting the number to grow.

It has been more than 2 years since our referral program came into existence. It was started with a vision to incentivise the good work our students or alumni did in good faith. We are very grateful for the positive notion that is being formed as a result of this program.

The Referral program is a part of the long-lasting legacy that Masai is built upon, and with organic referrals, our trust and belief in the system will grow even stronger.

If you know someone, who can benefit from Masai, refer them today. Here is what you need to do.

Step 1: Visit the Masai's Referral Program Page

Step 2: Click on the Refer Now button. A new tab will open up

Step 3: Create an account using your e-mail address

Step 4: Now there are two ways people can refer students.

  • Step 4A: They can either submit the information of the candidate they are referring and then we take it up from there. The candidate would just need to register with exactly the same information that has been provided.
  • Step 4B: The second way is the same way other referral programmes work. Everyone who signs up for the referral program gets a referral code they can share with their friends. All they need to do is use the referral code at the time of admissions.

Now, go launch some great careers. Have fun.