Marmika's love for data and Masai's no upfront fees helped her land a job at Uber

"You don't have to be a math genius to work with data. You just have to love numbers." - Marmika Singh

Marmika Singh- A Masai graduate now working at UBER
Marmika Singh- A Masai graduate now working at UBER

Coming from a small town in Uttar Pradesh called Ghaziabad. Marmika Singh loves numbers and has been fascinated by mathematics since she was a child. When she graduated from high school, she decided to get a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Kamla Nehru College, Delhi University.

Currently, Marmika works as a Business Analyst at UBER, and in this blog, we will learn about her experience at Masai, and how she prepared to work at Uber, one of the most aspirational companies for young techies.

Marmika talks passionately about how much she loves numbers. She had a profound interest in mathematics and envisioned herself in a data-driven career. Marmika says that data is everything these days and that it is used in every part of the job. You can't tell how well you or your business are doing without data. With these ideas in mind, she got a job as a data analyst at a company where she could do what she loved most. But Marmika quickly realized that she didn't know enough to become a great data analyst. That's when one of her friends told her about Masai and the various programs available.

She joined Masai because the program's curriculum pleased her after she did extensive research and read many inspiring success stories of former students. Marmika always wanted to learn things in a very organized way, so she wouldn't miss anything. She also looked at other courses, but the fact that Masai didn't charge any fees upfront gave her more confidence that she'd find a good job after the program.

The Masai journey

As she elaborated about her time at Masai. Marmika says it was quite overwhelming because she was a full-time working professional and also continued her studies after work, but that if you want to succeed, you have to put in a lot of effort.

She says Masai's curriculum is carefully crafted, allowing ample time for students to fully grasp each and every topic covered. The regular assignments help to make the concept very clear. The instructors and IAs always help clear up any questions or doubts. Masai not only teaches technical skills, but it also teaches "soft skills" that help students improve their communication skills, which help them get jobs.

Marmika says that she knows she won't have too many problems on the job because Masai taught her skills that are really useful in the job. She remembers her hiring process when she found out that UBER is one of the hiring partners. She was pleased, and after going through 4-5 rounds, UBER finally chose her. It was the pinnacle of fulfillment, knowing all of your hard work over the past few months was about to pay off.

Marmika says her parents were overjoyed and pleased to hear the news. There's been an evident sense of joy throughout the house ever since they heard the news. She was glad she went through it all.

Her data analytics training experience

"You don't have to be a math genius to work with data. You just have to love numbers." - Marmika Singh

To be a data analyst, you need to have the right skills. It's not just a game of numbers; it's also about how to look at those numbers and figure out what they mean. That’s how a business can figure out what works and what doesn't. Marmika says she enjoys her work so much because she gets to do in-depth analyses and then communicate the findings to stakeholders, who will then act on the information. To her, this is an incredibly fulfilling experience.

Her advice for future Masai students

Masai gives you the chance to learn for 5 weeks and figure out if it's something you want to do or not. A student needs to be sure that this is the way they want to go.

Given that every conclusion we've drawn is based on data, it's clear that data collection is the way of the future. Being a data analyst requires reading the data to spot patterns, cleansing the data, and presenting it in a graphical format that everyone can understand.

If you put your faith in the Masai curriculum, they will make sure you gain the abilities necessary for success in the workplace.