Kedar’s journey of renewing coding skills with Masai

Kedar Joshi- A Masai graduate now working at MoneyTap
Kedar Joshi- A Masai graduate now working at MoneyTap

As a child, Kedar was raised in a middle-class household. When Kedar was a kid, he was always interested in apps and how they worked and were built, so he opted to study Maths & Science in high school. He studied hard for competitive exams to get into a good college to pursue in computer science.

His only goal was to become a software developer one day to fulfill his dream and support his family. This dream came true after joining Masai and getting placed at MoneyTap- India’s first personal line of credit, which is catering to the credit needs of middle-class customers in India. Present in 40+ cities, providing small-medium cash loans, quick credit on mobile, affordable interest rates, and flexible EMIs.

Kedar’s zeal to be better got him to explore another channel of learning, apart from his ongoing classes at college. Despite coming from a CS background, Kedar joined Masai, because he realized that the college curriculum won’t prepare him for the corporate world.

This is how he came across Masai

Kedar was not able to sit for college placements because of the lockdown. Kedar started looking for an internship. In the end, he was successful in finding an internship; but he was more interested in honing his talents in the areas of programming and development.

Kedar was searching for coding institutes when he came across Masai at an offline event.

He researched online about Masai and the different programs we offer. To increase his employability chances, he enrolled in Masai's Fast-paced learning course. He had nothing to lose because there were no upfront fees, and he only had to pay if he got a job paying above CTC 5 LPA or more. Because he chose a fast-paced learning program, he could also continue his internship, which was a win-win situation.

The Masai experience:  

At first, the Masai curriculum felt overwhelming. He relied on himself rather than his notes to enhance his performance. He spent 5 hours a day on fundamental concepts and the rest on intensive learning activities (such as tutoring, joining study groups, or doing assignments with peers) in order to master these topics.

To be the best in the industry, he began studying new skills and techniques. To be a Full Stack Developer, you must be able to design apps using coding languages such as JavaScript, HTML, and others, and the full-stack program taught him ‌these, as well as Python, MongoDB, and ReactJS. Every challenge he experienced during the course got simpler in some manner by reaching out for help when he needed it.

How I got placed at Freo (MoneyTap) as a Software Engineer - Meet Kedar Joshi

The Placement Process:

Kedar needed to give his all in order to get hired at a company where he could put everything he learned at Masai to good use.

He discovered ‌he has grown a lot after finishing his training. With the help of Masai, he could rework his resume and learn how to face technical and other HR interviews. He spent two weeks interviewing for different firms from which he got hired as a Software Developer at MoneyTap.

What would be your advice for future Masai students?

“To anyone who's considering joining Masai to become a developer should apply without hesitation since I am living proof that whoever joins, regardless of a CS or Non-CS background, can crack good jobs”

He realised how far he has come from struggling at a traditional college, trying to be an industry expert to now ensuring a great career in this field. He is thankful to everyone at Masai who has helped him get here by providing him with the most up-to-date industry expertise.