How Rabia started the second inning of her career as a Developer

"Learning at Masai School is similar to learning under the guidance of caring parents who want to see you succeed and who are also working hard for your success."

Rabia Basari

When Rabia decided to join Masai School for the full-time full-stack web development course, she already had a job. And, Rabia was in no position to leave that job as she was the sole bread earner for her family. 

She managed her time at Masai School and her job, both very well for a few months. She worked at night and finished her tasks so that she could study uninterrupted during the day. 

Rabia was determined to complete her course without leaving her job. But, her fate was not in her favour. While she was in the second unit, she got a problem in one of her eyes. That affected her learnings as well as her job. When she was in the third unit it became difficult for her to focus on any of these. 

It was as if Rabia was just attending the classes for the sake of it. So, she took the wise decision of taking a break. 

This was not the first time life was harsh on Rabia. After completing her B tech in Electrical Engineering, she was not able to find a job. So, she decided to pursue an M tech. But, that did not change anything either. She still struggled to get a job. 

Transition to Programming

Rabia spent the next few months hunting for a job, doing an internship, teaching students and learning UX Designing. Her friend was teaching her the basics of design. She did not have a laptop back then. So, she used to visit a cybercafe and get the printouts of necessary files. 

Amidst all this, Rabia developed a strong interest in computers, design and programming. And, she discovered Masai School while she was working. 

From the day she joined Masai School, she faced one or the other problem, every day. From her father’s illness to problems in her own eye, her journey at Masai had been full of hurdles. But, she did not let them stop her from achieving what she wanted. 

Recently, we had an interaction with Rabia where she answered a few pertinent questions and shared her inspiring journey with us. 

How did you discover Masai School?

I discovered Masai School through my mother. My mother is friends with the mother of a core team member at Masai. The moment I heard about Masai School from my mother, I quickly googled about it to know the details. I read a few alumni success stories, and to my surprise, they were from a variety of educational backgrounds.

That eliminated my doubts since I was from an electrical engineering background. After some more research about the curriculum and timings, I joined Masai School. 

What has been the lowest point in your life?

My worst days were before I joined Masai. I was appearing for many interviews. I was able to crack interviews till the last round. And the interviewers would tell me that I would receive an offer letter soon. But, those offer letters never reached me. I used to wait for days and months, but they never reached me. I was never told the reason behind it. 

This badly affected my career. It created a huge inexplainable career gap that would hunt me for years to come. 

What would you be doing right now had you not joined Masai School?

Maybe I would have joined as a lecturer at some university. I might have been still struggling to get into the IT sector. My dream of becoming a part of this revolutionary sector would still be a dream. 

How has been the placement process at Masai School?

Just when the placement process started, my father had to go through two surgeries. My father was hospitalised for twenty days. So, I had to take care of him. I used to attend interviews from the hospital too. 

Vishakha Mam from the placement team had been really helpful. She used to reschedule my interviews without a second thought when I was unable to attend them because of my father’s health. 

After a lot of hassle, struggle and hard work I finally got placed at 5paisa. I was finally relieved that the years of hard work had paid off. I was in the hospital at that time. 

How did your family react when you got placed?

The first thing my mother did was to thank her friend because of whom we came to know about Masai School. My father was really happy knowing about my placements. And, I was on cloud nine. 

What is your message to the students of Masai School?

Never miss any classes while studying at Masai school. 

Within a week of joining Masai, my family shifted to Hyderabad from my hometown. And, because of that, I could not attend lectures for just one day. Plus, because of overwork, I was not able to focus for the next two to three days. This had affected me badly. I was never able to catch up and revise. So, my advice is that never miss a class, so that you don’t get left behind. 

And, just believe in yourself and the Masai’s curriculum. Many doubts will arise during the 7-months program, but stay focused and work hard. Trust me, the results will be fruitful. 

What are your future plans?

I had tried my hands on UX Design before joining Masai School. Now that I am a developer, I want to focus on UI/UX design too. I want to do both, design and build. I am learning now with the help of online resources. 

What is the difference between learning at Masai School and learning on your own?

Learning at Masai School is similar to learning under the guidance of caring parents who want to see you succeed and who are also working hard for your success. 

While learning on your own, you somehow lack the structure, the discipline, and the motivation. When you’re stuck in a problem, there’s no one to guide you. You either spend much more time trying to understand or you entirely skip that part. There’s noone explaining the concepts to you in layman’s terms. I feel that turns out to be a huge difference.

Is it worth paying 3 lakhs to Masai School?

It is not just about the programming they teach here. The fee is worth not just because of the quality of the education, but also because of the moral support Masai provides to its students. Honestly, I feel they are charging less than what they provide. 

Masai is there to support any student with any kind of problem, be it a technical or personal problem. That doesn’t happen at any other institute. 

At Masai School, only skills matter and nothing else. My past experiences while interviewing for different companies had been horrible. I was judged based on my educational qualifications. But, it’s entirely different at Masai, and even in their placement cycles. Nobody cared about my degree while interviewing me. All they cared about was the skills I had. 

People at Masai believe in the philosophy of unlearning, learning and re-learning. And, that reflects in the curriculum and the teaching methods. Their focus is on providing students with an imaginative and logical learning approach so we can learn everything from the grassroots. That makes us true self-learners for life.

From the insights of Yogesh Sir to the immediate responses of Nrupul Sir, everything makes it worth it. My Instructional Associate Arjun had been so helpful, I do not have enough words to describe his support. 

The curriculum is up to date, the mentors are hardworking, the IAs are helpful, the whole team is always supportive and the placement process is smooth. What else could one ask for?