How Prince Became a Full Stack Developer Without a Technical Background

Prince Kumar - A Masai graduate now working as SDE at Lattech
Prince Kumar - A Masai graduate now working as SDE at Lattech

Meet Prince Kumar, a BSc Chemistry Honors graduate from Patna, Bihar, who defied all odds and transformed himself into a Full Stack Developer with the help of Masai School. Despite having no prior technical background, Prince's sheer determination and hard work led him to secure a job as a Software Development Engineer at Lattech, a renowned tech company.

Let’s take a closer look at Prince's inspiring journey and how Masai helped him in shaping his career.

What was your favorite thing about Masai?

Since I had no technical background, there were so many times that I got frustrated with myself. Sometimes I got stuck on a concept or couldn’t pass an evaluation, but I never felt a lack of support from Masai’s side.

Someone was always checking in with me, or I would get a counselling session that’d refresh me. I was reminded to believe in Masai and to always believe in myself. And that support system extended throughout not just my curriculum but also the placement process. That’s my favorite thing about Masai.

How was your experience with a practice-based curriculum?

When I had just joined Masai, it was like a complete revolution. I had never spent such hours studying before. I remember just sitting in a room spending hour after hour coding. But now sitting at the other side of that journey, I now see why it was so important.

In fact, the practice-based approach is helping me even now. The discipline we have learned helps me perform better at my office and learn things more quickly. So I’d say the experience was good.

How was your construct week experience?

The project week always felt like showtime, where you put whatever you have learnt during the weeks of the intensive curriculum into practice. Every concept or small piece of information we might have learned came into play and all according to the deadline provided.

It was both exciting and a struggle initially. After all, we had to work and cooperate with other students to deliver it on time. But that experience has taught me a lot and I find myself a better developer.

What do you think Masai is doing differently than other institutes out there?

My younger brothers are currently pursuing IT in their college too, but the main difference I noticed with their curriculum is the lack of practicality of application. They simply lack practical knowledge. There was never a moment in my Masai journey where we were taught just theory with no application.

So the difference is simply in the skill level of those who have gone through traditional institutes as opposed to someone with hours upon hours of practical experience.

Advice to future students

When I was thinking of joining Masai, I had a lot of doubts in my mind regarding my lack of a technical background. Some of my relatives who were also in the IT field only added to my fear by telling me that a chemistry graduate would find it hard to make it in tech.

So I wanted to tell everyone who is confused like me, to believe in themselves and join Masai. You will not be disappointed. If I have learned anything in my experience of joining Masai and working in a startup is that companies only care about your skills. So don’t worry and work hard.