How Arpit Designed His Path to Web Development Excellence at Masai?

Initially, Arpit was worried that the demanding 9-9-6 curriculum would require a lot out of him. But to his pleasant surprise, his genuine interest in coding kept him hooked and motivated for longer hours.

Designing Success: Arpit's Roadmap to Web Development Excellence

Born and raised in Kota, Arpit's formative years were rooted in a place he cherished dearly. However, his life beyond those familiar streets was limited until fate led him to Jaipur for a brief period.

It was during the pandemic, amidst the chaos and uncertainty, that Arpit stumbled upon Masai while watching startup videos on YouTube. Masai became his guiding light, paving the way for him to embark on a new chapter in Bangalore.

Today, Arpit thrives as a software developer at Expertia AI, perfectly representing the essence of triumph and personal growth. His story serves as a testament to the immense possibilities that lie within each of us.

Discovering Masai

Arpit's journey to discovering Masai School is a tale of curiosity and opportunity. While scrolling through Google, he stumbled upon an article about a startup offering web development and data analytics training with a unique pay-after-placement model.

This concept intrigued Arpit since it meant he wouldn't have to pay anything upfront and had nothing to lose even if he didn't get a job. During the pandemic, Masai presented a wonderful opportunity for him to make the most of his time at home. Filled with excitement and determination, he decided to give it a try.

Parents’ Reaction

Arpit's decision to join Masai School had a profound impact on his life and how his parents perceived him. Previously, he would spend hours playing PUBG, shouting and screaming during virtual battles.

However, after joining Masai, his behavior changed for the better. His father noticed the transformation and discovered Arpit's admission to Masai. They decided not to inform his mother, who preferred him to attend college.

Nonetheless, Arpit's father was genuinely happy that his son was utilizing his time wisely and wholeheartedly supported his learning journey.

The Masai Experience

Arpit's journey at Masai was a truly enjoyable learning experience. While he had previously found interest in subjects like Maths and Physics, coding at Masai captivated him like no other.

Every day brought new challenges that he eagerly embraced. He enjoyed solving tough questions in Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA) quizzes.

Initially, Arpit was worried that the demanding 9-9-6 curriculum would require a lot out of him. But to his pleasant surprise, his genuine interest in coding kept him hooked and motivated for longer hours.

Despite a setback due to illness, Arpit's Masai experience was filled with joy, growth, and an unwavering passion for coding.

9-9-6 Experience

Arpit had an interesting perspective on the 9-9-6 schedule at Masai School. He believed that building a habit can make any routine easier.

To illustrate this, he used the example of brushing his teeth, a habit that requires no effort because we do it without thinking. Arpit applied this concept to adapt to the demanding schedule at Masai. It took him about a month to establish a routine, consciously making choices to prioritize his daily chores, exercise, and attend Masai classes.

As the habit took hold, the routine became more manageable and effortless. Arpit's ability to build habits played a pivotal role in his success at Masai School.

Construct Week Experience

Arpit found the Construct Weeks at Masai School to be highly valuable for his career in web development. These practical project-building weeks provided him with the opportunity to create real-world projects, which proved instrumental in his professional journey.

Understanding the significance of Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA), Arpit focused on crucial aspects like Arrays and Dynamic Programming (DP) within the six-month timeframe. During the Construct Weeks, he learned to structure projects within seven days, sharpening his skills in meeting deadlines and achieving desired outcomes.

This experience continues to empower Arpit in his current role, enabling him to contribute effectively to his team and write efficient code. His Construct Week experience at Masai School continues to shape his success in web development.

Placement Experience

Arpit's placement journey at Masai School was full of excitement and unexpected turns. He successfully cleared the first round of interviews for multiple companies, and in the second round at Expertia AI, he got selected, leading him to skip other interviews.

The second round interview at Expertia AI, though lasted for only 15 minutes and ended abruptly. A few days later he got the job offer. He was thrilled to learn that he had been hired.

Initially, he had thought of negotiating the salary offered. But keeping in mind the fact that he was a first-time job seeker, he chose to take the safer route. He then sought his father's approval before accepting the offer and eagerly relocated to Bangalore.

Arpit's placement experience taught him the value of perseverance, making thoughtful decisions, and seizing unexpected opportunities.

Difference Between Masai Different from Colleges and Universities

Masai School stood out for Arpit in a remarkable way compared to other colleges and universities. While he values one-on-one guidance, IA support, and instructor support, what truly set Masai apart for him was the curriculum.

Designed to push students beyond their limits, Arpit thinks the curriculum demands the students to dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to the process.

Arpit credits Nrupul Dev for creating this transformative curriculum that helps students build tech skills irrespective of their background but also fosters a deep commitment to learning and personal growth.

Masai's unique curriculum made Arpit's experience truly valuable and life-changing.

Message to current & aspiring students

Arpit advised those considering joining the Masai curriculum to give it a try without any hesitation.

Here is what Arpit feels- “Students have nothing to lose by enrolling in the Masai curriculum. If they enjoy the curriculum and find it engaging, they can continue their learning journey with Masai. However, if they feel it's not the right fit, they can explore other opportunities.”

Arpit emphasized the importance of dedicating more hours and effort during challenging times, as that's when real growth happens. He encouraged aspirants to approach the Masai curriculum with an open mind, ready to embrace the learning journey and unleash their true potential.