How an aspiring entrepreneur became a full-stack developer - Prasad’s Journey

Prasad Birari- A Masai graduate now working at TaskMo as Full stack Developer
Prasad Birari- A Masai graduate now working at TaskMo as a full stack developer

The 22-year-old Prasad is a native of Nasik, Maharashtra. Even though he was born into a family of farmers, he always knew that he wanted to start a business for himself so that he could provide for his loved ones. Life, on the other hand, had other plans for him.

Before graduating from high school, Prasad had already come up with a number of plans for starting his own business. When he finished high school, though, his father urged him to pursue a career in computer science because of the vast opportunities it provided. Prasad's father did not want him to have the same life he had, therefore he encouraged him to go to college for computer science when he was still in high school.

Taking his father's instructions to heart, Prasad did what seemed natural.

In the wake of Covid-19:

While still in his third year of college, he and a friend started a small business doing web design and development. At this point, he realised that he needed to significantly expand his coding skills in order to get truly impressive outcomes. Both Prasad and his friend decided to go into computer science, but they proceeded in separate directions.

However, things are not always as simple as they appear- the Covid-19 pandemic hit the entire world, and our country plunged into a statewide lockdown. As a result, Prasad's classes came to a halt, with no clear plan for the future.

Because of this, he was stuck in a precarious situation, unsure of what to do next.

This is how he discovered Masai:

To get through this period of profound unpredictability, Prasad started to brush up on his coding skills by watching tutorials on YouTube. An advertisement featuring Masai gave him hope that he, too, could become a master programmer without devoting an excessive amount of time or money to the pursuit.

Prasad looked at the website and the courses available. He followed his instincts and enrolled in the Full Stack Web Development program, to which he was admitted quickly. He had nothing to lose because he only had to pay if he got a job paying CTC 5 LPA or more.

The Masai experience:

When Prasad first started working at Masai, he struggled a lot with his hectic schedule. He followed a practice-based curriculum in an effort to keep up with the classes and assignments. This meant devoting 12 hours a week to intensive learning activities like online classes, joining study groups, or doing assignments with his batchmates, in addition to devoting time each day to studying core topics, practice questions, or reviewing notes from class.

He had to relearn many programming languages and frameworks from scratch, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, MongoDB, Mongoose, and ReactJS. To keep himself motivated, he studied data structures and algorithms and tackled tasks in proportion to his development.

Students with no prior experience with computer programming should take this course. Students can hone their problem-solving abilities with the help of a gradually increasing level of difficulty and a variety of practice sessions. Masai puts forth significant effort to ensure that all students have ready access to instructors that can respond to queries and offer guidance.

The placement process:

With the help of Masai's training, Prasad was able to land a position as a software developer at Taskmo, a thriving Bengaluru-based business. After a month of interviews and much practice, he finally aced the one that would land him his ideal job.

Some words of advice:

It wasn't easy for Prasad to make it as an information technology specialist. He had a hard time adapting to university life and gave up hope of ever achieving his goals there. But after completing his degree, he joined Masai and quickly noticed positive changes. Now that he's established himself more firmly and discovered the mindset necessary for professional growth, he hopes to be a resource for other ambitious young folks at Masai.