How an aspiring civil servant changed careers to become a coder: Tushar’s story

Tushar was always an outstanding student at school because he worked hard and was always a studious child.

Tushar Sampat- A Masai student now working as SDE-1 at Dream11
Tushar Sampat- A Masai student now working as SDE-1 at Dream11

Tushar's background:

Tushar is from the beautiful town of Ahmednagar in the Indian state of Maharashtra. His life has been simple but interesting. Ever since he can remember, he wanted to work for the government. He spent many years working toward that goal, but he never thought that one day he would be proud to call himself a Full Stack Developer.

After he graduated from Masai, he got a job as SDE-1 at Dream 11.

A young boy's aspirations:

Tushar was always a good student at school because he worked hard and was always a studious child. His teachers liked him, and his friends went to him for advice on all kinds of things. He knew from a young age that he had a lot to offer, so he studied for government exams while taking a non-medical stream after 10th grade.

But life didn't go as planned:

After 12th grade, he went to Pune University to study Electrical and Electronics Engineering. He kept going to classes and studying for exams at the same time so he could get a degree and keep moving on in his education.

Even though he finished his B.Tech, he realised after four years in engineering that the field he chose didn't have much room for growth in the industry. He realised this when he was looking for a job after college and found that most companies were looking for people with skills like software development.

But he kept working toward his goal of passing government job exams and didn't take any of the offers. But he didn't do well enough on any of the exams to pass.

His introduction to Masai:

In 2020, the whole country was locked down because of the deadly and contagious Covid-19 virus. He wanted to make better use of his free time, so he took some time off from work to think about how to make the best decisions for himself and his family's future. During this time off, he decided to focus on programming full-time because it had been a successful field of work year after year, even when the economy was in a recession.

This happened when he randomly found Masai's website and read about the courses it offered. He was immediately interested!

He talked to the Masai team to learn more about their courses. After looking at the website and the course list, he enrolled for Masai. He chose the Masai Full Stack Web Development program to start a challenging and new career in web development, coding, and product management. And, because there were no costs to worry about, he had nothing to lose—as long as he didn't have a job CTC 5 LPA or more upon successful completion of any course.

In the tumultuous year of 2020, as the nation grappled with the relentless grip of the deadly and highly contagious COVID-19 virus, one individual faced an unexpected crossroads. Because of the countrywide lockdown, he found himself with lots of spare time. During this period, he contemplated his life direction, considering what would benefit both himself and his family.

While pondering his future and assessing various aspects, he realised that programming consistently thrived, even during economic downturns. So, he decided to make a big change and start a full-time career in programming to secure a stable and prosperous future.

Fate intervened when he stumbled upon Masai's website, a beacon of hope in a time of uncertainty. His interest was immediately piqued as he delved into the treasure trove of courses offered. Eager to explore this promising opportunity further, he initiated a conversation with the dedicated Masai team to glean more insights about their offerings.

Upon careful examination of the comprehensive course list and the incredible potential it promised, he took the plunge and enrolled in the Masai Full Stack Web Development program. This marked the beginning of his exhilarating journey into the realms of web development, coding, and product management. The allure of a challenging and rewarding career beckoned. With Masai's commitment to making education accessible and affordable, he embarked on this path with nothing to lose—secure in the knowledge that the only prerequisite for cost-free enrollment was the absence of a job offering a CTC of 5 LPA or more upon successful course completion.

The Masai's experience:

When Tushar joined Masai, he did not find the workload and schedule to be too much. All those years of studying for exams had given him a sense of discipline (which Masai looks forward to in its students).

Following the practice-based curriculum, he studied at Masai for 9 hours every day. They set aside 6 hours of the day for more intense learning activities like soft skill tutoring, joining study groups, or doing assignments with other students.

The student in him was eager to learn more and move up in his sector. Now that he was fully committed to this new field, he was eager to learn new skills and techniques that could help him reach his very clear goal of becoming a full-stack developer. He learned how to make a website with languages like Javascript and HTML in the Masai full stack web development course. Even more, the course pushed him to learn Python, MongoDB, ReactJS, and other programming languages so that one day he could become a developer who was up to the most up-to-date industry standards.

Even though he encountered difficulties when studying ReactJS, the instructors and instructional assistants were always accessible to answer his questions, regardless of the time.

Tushar got placed as a Software Developer at Dream 11 
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When Tushar first enrolled at Masai, he found the workload and schedule manageable, thanks to the discipline he had developed during years of exam preparation. Masai values this trait in its students.

Following the practice-oriented curriculum, Tushar dedicated 9 hours of his day to his studies. Six of those hours were allocated to more intensive learning activities, such as soft skill training, participating in study groups, and collaborating on assignments with fellow students.

His passion for learning and determination to advance in his chosen field fueled his commitment. Tushar aspired to acquire new skills and techniques that would lead him toward his well-defined goal of becoming a full-stack developer. In the Masai full-stack web development course, he gained proficiency in creating websites using languages like JavaScript and HTML. Furthermore, the course encouraged him to delve into Python, MongoDB, ReactJS, and various other programming languages, ensuring that he would remain at the forefront of industry standards.

Despite encountering challenges while studying ReactJS, Tushar always had access to instructors and instructional assistants who were ready to address his questions, regardless of the time.

His journey at Masai culminated in securing a position as a Software Developer at Dream 11.

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Time for placement:

Tushar's chances of getting a job went up a lot after he took part in the Masai training program. With the help of experts in the field, he learned how to make a good resume and how to do well in technical interviews. After applying for jobs at Masai, he got a lot of calls from the company asking him to work there. This led to him becoming a Dream 11 Software Developer in just two weeks!

He also says that the teachers helped him improve his communication and other "soft skills" that are crucial in the workplace. He was trained for 15 days straight to get ready for the interviews, and it paid off!

His feedback for Masai:

Tushar thinks back on his journey as a coder and realises that he couldn't be happier with how things have turned out for him. He says that it's important to focus on communication and other soft skills, especially when working in teams. These skills can be very useful when you work in big companies or other organisations that aren't directly involved with coding. He believes this helped him set his career on the right track without feeling too out of place as a professional.


1: How did Tushar Sampat transition from wanting to work for the government to become a Full Stack Developer?

Tushar pursued a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with the intention of entering the government. But he came to the conclusion that there weren't many prospects for advancement in the field. He decided to concentrate on programming during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 and found Masai School a potential route to a career in web development.

2: What was Tushar's experience like during his time at Masai School?

Due to the discipline he acquired during his exam preparation, Tushar found the workload and schedule at Masai School to be reasonable. The daily study time was nine hours, of which six hours were spent on intensive learning exercises, soft skill development, study groups, and group tasks with other students. He studied various programming languages and web-building techniques to ensure he fulfilled industry standards.