How a civil engineer transformed into a successful coder - Abhishek's journey

Abhishek Kumar Jha - A Masai graduate now working at Indus Net technologies
Abhishek Kumar Jha - A Masai graduate now working at Indus Net technologies

Abhishek originally hails from Delhi. Having completed his graduation in Civil Engineering, he was set to pursue a government job to achieve some security in life. However, the pandemic opened up a different route for him. He had the option of creating a new career path for himself with coding, a long-lost interest.

A life-changing journey later, he finds himself a successful web developer currently employed at Indus Net Technologies. We join him for a quick chat about his experience at Masai.

How did you find out about Masai?

At first, I was just going through random YouTube videos, just learning what I could about coding on my own. But it was all out of order and I couldn’t form a proper study plan. I wanted to join some platform where I could learn systematically.

That’s one I contacted an acquaintance with an IT background. He informed me about Masai, and how they have a wonderful faculty who will teach me from scratch. That was important, as I was nervous about being a complete beginner.

What was your parent’s reaction when they found out?

My parents aren’t satisfied easily. They belong to Bihar, so they come from a mentality that a government job is so much better than any other. But I understand that I’m satisfied with my current job regardless of that.

Tell us about your Masai experience

I was very nervous when I joined Masai. Despite being told that this is the best institute for beginners and that the faculty is brilliant, I was very doubtful because of my own lack of any technical knowledge. Would I be able to code starting from zero?

The first five days were very critical for me. My nervousness was at its peak. I thought I couldn’t understand anything. But after 10-15 days, I motivated myself to stick with it. The beginning was tough, but after one month I could no longer say I didn’t know how to code.

What was your favorite thing about Masai?

Diversity, that’s the first thing for sure. You can connect with such a variety of people and learn so much alongside them. And the second aspect I like about Masai has to be the support and motivation of the members and faculty.

Even when your performance is not good, they tell you to not lose hope and motivate you to do better. The student never loses hope. And the IA’s is such a unique and beneficial aspect of Masai for me. Those IA (Instructional Associate) sessions are really informative and such a lifesaver.

How was your construct week experience?

During my project, I got a super helpful team. I had my own strengths and weaknesses, and we complimented each other so that as a team we could perform well. And IT is such a field where synergy in the team is important. I learned that during my project.

So it was a very informative experience as it still comes in handy at my current position.

How was your placement experience?

Initially, it was a frustrating experience for me. I sat for multiple interviews where I almost made it. My technical skills weren’t lacking, but vacancies were filling up fast. However, during my interview with Indus net technologies, I had a splendid experience.

The interviewer was happy with my performance and communication skills. That’s the job that I landed and am happily working at today. I have another colleague on the same team as me who’s also from Masai. So I’m satisfied with my choice.