After 2 years out of the IT industry, Rishabh became a software engineer

Rishabh Gupta - A Masai graduate now working at Cloudbloom
Rishabh Gupta - A Masai graduate now working at Cloudbloom

Rishabh is from New Delhi and graduated in 2019 with a B-Tech in Computer Science from Guru Teg Bahadur Institute of Technology, which is part of GGSIPU University. He enrolled in Masai's full-stack web development program and landed a job as a Jr. Software Engineer at Cloudbloom.

Rishabh was able to work in silence and let his success speak for itself. He used to work on tasks late at night when at Masai.

Rishabh recently joined us to shed some light on college inadequacies and shortcomings in the existing education system. Here are some highlights from the interview.

How did you discover and trust Masai?

After hearing about Masai and its Pay After Placement from a family friend, I decided to join Masai in October 2021. Speaking with alumni increased my trust in Masai. Furthermore, Masai does not require any upfront payment through ISA, so there was nothing to lose.

The pandemic had killed my will to study for government exams, which led me to Masai.

I passed the MSAT on my first attempt because I had a solid understanding of logic and mathematics.

What separates Masai from colleges and universities?

As a B-Tech student, I am familiar with the methods used by colleges to teach coding and programming. The main distinction between Masai and colleges is that universities prioritize theoretical learning, whereas Masai focuses on practical learning. And this is evident in Masai's curriculum.

Masai makes one feel like an intern. You are involved in every process and get to see it firsthand. A diversity of sessions and a tight schedule encourage you to be disciplined. We also get to work on real-world projects that introduce us to real-life scenarios. Overall, in colleges, it is all about getting good grades, whereas, at Masai, it is all about practical learning.

Apart from that, your degree is irrelevant if you have the necessary skills. I had six interviews, and none of them asked me about my degree or what I did in college. Colleges are becoming obsolete as a result of this new generation of hiring methods. So, learning new skills at Masai is more important than going to college.

What is at Masai that you like the most?

Before I joined Masai, I wasn't very organised. But now I'm a punctual person who is always on time. So, kudos to Masai for this change. The best thing about Masai is how it has changed the lives of hundreds of students.

Aside from that, each team is well-structured and operates efficiently. That makes everything easy and smooth.

  • Improved Punctuality: Before joining Masai, I struggled with being organized and punctual. However, my experience at Masai has transformed me into a punctual and time-conscious individual. The emphasis on punctuality is a testament to Masai's commitment to instilling discipline and professionalism in its students.
  • Life-changing Impact: Masai's profound influence on the lives of numerous students stands as its most remarkable attribute. With its demanding curriculum, immersive experiential learning, and committed mentors, Masai not only imparts technical expertise but also fosters the empowerment necessary for students to forge prosperous careers in the tech sector. This transformative odyssey serves as a wellspring of inspiration and motivation for all who enter the hallowed halls of Masai.
  • Efficient Team Structures: Masai prides itself on its well-structured teams that operate with efficiency and cohesion. This organized approach extends to various aspects of the program, from project work to mentorship. The presence of well-defined team structures simplifies collaboration, ensuring that tasks are completed smoothly and objectives are met effectively.

How Construct Weeks have helped you?

During Construct Weeks at Masai, students can use what they have learned right away. Whatever we learn throughout the unit is put to use in building projects.

These weeks teach us how to work together and as a team. We also learn how to finish our work before the due date. So, we get to work on projects in a place that looks like a company or organization.

During Construct Week in the fifth unit, we achieved the top position. Our team will never forget that time. As the team leader, I managed the development of an e-commerce site that was a replica of Epic Games. We used all of the stacks we had learned on Masai's journey (ReactJs for Frontend, NodeJs for Backend, etc..).

Is it worth paying three lakhs to Masai?

A lot of people think that learning to code and program is easy because there are so many resources online. But I don't think they are enough. You need constant direction and the help of mentors to stay focused and determined. This is available at Masai.

Also, ISA makes sure that everything is transparent. Parents and students don't worry about payments up front, and they don't worry about payments at all during the course.

Rishabh ends the interview by pointing out that Masai is more than just programming. Masai is concerned with the students' growth in all areas, and these kinds of sessions happen often.

This is a question that often comes up, and Rishabh offers some valuable insights into why the investment in Masai is indeed worth it.

Many individuals believe that learning to code and program is a straightforward task due to the abundance of online resources available. However, Rishabh disagrees. He stresses the importance of recognizing that, although these resources offer assistance, they might not offer the essential structure, guidance, and mentorship required to achieve genuine excellence in the coding realm. At Masai, students experience the advantage of receiving ongoing guidance and the invaluable support of seasoned mentors, aiding them in maintaining focus, staying motivated, and nurturing unwavering determination throughout their learning journey. This personalized guidance is a significant value-add that sets Masai apart.

One of the standout features of Masai is its Income Share Agreement (ISA). Rishabh highlights how the ISA model ensures transparency in the financial aspect of education. Parents and students can breathe easy, knowing that there's no upfront payment required, and payments are not a source of concern during the course. This financial flexibility eliminates a significant barrier to entry for many aspiring learners and allows them to focus on their education without financial stress.

However, Rishabh's endorsement of Masai goes beyond just coding and finances. He emphasizes that Masai is more than a coding bootcamp; it's an institution that cares about holistic student growth. Masai provides students with opportunities to develop not only their technical skills but also their soft skills, interpersonal abilities, and a growth mindset. Regular sessions and activities are dedicated to nurturing these aspects of personal development, ensuring that students leave Masai not only as proficient programmers but as well-rounded individuals prepared for success in all areas of life.