From Fear to Proficiency in Tech: Sagar's Inspiring Transformation at Masai

Sagar explained that he had been introduced to programming by a professor during his college years, and he admitted feeling scared and overwhelmed by it at first.

From Fear to Proficiency in Tech - Sagar's Journey of Triumph in Programming

In the realm of overcoming adversity, few stories resonate as powerfully as that of Sagar. He is an exceptional individual who has faced numerous hurdles in life with a smile on his face.

Sagar’s journey starts from his humble hometown in Amravati, Maharashtra. After graduating in electrical and electronics in 2020, he initially found himself assembling water purifiers in Pune. It was a laborious job that tested his resilience.

However, when the pandemic struck, Sagar returned to his hometown Amravati and briefly worked as a content moderator.

It was not long before he decided to dive into the world of tech, starting with cloud engineering. It was during this time that Sagar's path intersected with Masai, a transformative opportunity that would shape his future. Today, with a smile on his face, Sagar thrives as a software developer at ZenDynamix, where his talent and dedication shine through.

Join us as we delve into Sagar's incredible journey, a testament to the power of perseverance and the boundless possibilities that lie within the world of tech.

Discovering Masai

Sagar’s journey in tech began the day he realized that his content moderation job lacked the growth he desired. It came with a hectic schedule and a low salary. Seeking guidance, he turned to his cousin, who suggested exploring a career as a cloud engineer. Excited about this prospect, Sagar embarked on a journey of self-learning, but unfortunately, he didn't find the success he was looking for.

However, it was during this challenging period that Sagar's childhood friends, Pranay, came to his rescue. He introduced him to the courses offered by Masai, which focused on similar topics. Masai piqued Sagar's curiosity as it offered him the chance to learn and develop the skills needed for a career as a cloud engineer.

With renewed hope and determination, Sagar decided to explore the opportunities provided by Masai School.

Sagar's Past Experience With Programming & Parents’ Reaction

Sagar explained that he had been introduced to programming by a professor during his college years, and he admitted feeling scared and overwhelmed by it at first. He believed that programming involved simply memorizing facts, which led him to hesitate when applying for job opportunities at renowned service-based companies.

However, everything changed when Sagar discovered Masai. He explained to his parents how Masai embraced a practical approach to learning, which resonated deeply with him. Unlike other options he had considered, Masai offered an affordable alternative to expensive online courses that required substantial financial investment.

When Sagar discovered Masai School and shared that it offered him the chance to launch a successful career in the IT field, his parents wholeheartedly supported his decision. They only wished for their son to have a better life and future.

The unique pay-after-placement model provided by Masai School was a significant factor that put their minds at ease. Sagar's parents were relieved knowing that he would not have to depend on them for financial assistance, as the program ensured he would pay his tuition fees only after securing a job.

The 9-9-6 Experience

When Sagar first encountered the 9-9-6 schedule at Masai School, it felt like being in a coding army school. Being fond of mathematics, he found it relatively easier at the beginning. His strong math skills helped him breeze through evaluations and assignments effortlessly, although, Sagar started facing more challenges as the curriculum progressed.

With the curriculum becoming more demanding, Sagar found himself devoting a significant amount of time to completing assignments and attending lectures. Managing time became a struggle for him initially. However, as he progressed further in the curriculum, he gradually developed better time management skills.

The rigorous schedule of 9-9-6 posed its own set of challenges, but Sagar's determination and perseverance allowed him to overcome them. Through dedication and a growing ability to manage his time effectively, he navigated the difficulties and emerged stronger.

The Construct Week Experience

Sagar's experience during Construct Week projects at Masai School was truly transformative. These weeks simulated real-life situations and provided a platform for collaboration, allowing Sagar to develop essential teamwork skills. What made it even more special was that in each project, Sagar was assigned the lead position, enabling him to cultivate invaluable leadership traits.

The Construct Week projects equipped Sagar with technical knowledge and honed his ability to work effectively in real work environments and collaborate seamlessly with team members. It was a hands-on experience that bridged the gap between theory and practice, preparing Sagar to excel in professional settings.

Placement Experience

Sagar's placement experience was undoubtedly challenging, especially amidst tough market conditions that fueled his paranoia.

However, after the initial two weeks in placement, Sagar grew accustomed to the placement process and persevered. He applied to 20 companies through Masai, but unfortunately, none of them shortlisted him. Undeterred, Sagar took matters into his own hands and embarked on an independent job search.

His efforts bore fruit when he secured a job at Zen Dynamix. The interview was relatively easy for Sagar, as his profile spoke volumes about his skills and capabilities.

Sagar's successful placement brought immense joy to his family, particularly his father, who had been facing health challenges. Due to his father's paralysis, Sagar's mother had to leave her job, placing the financial burden on his shoulders. However, with his placement, Sagar was able to fulfill this responsibility, bringing happiness and relief to his family.

Sagar's Message to Students Aspiring to Join the Curriculum

Sagar's advice to aspiring students is rooted in his own experience at Masai. He highlights the invaluable support system provided by Masai, emphasizing that with hard work and dedication, students can conquer the curriculum and achieve success. Sagar's message echoes the significance of believing in the process and trusting in oneself to overcome challenges and reach new heights.