Following her heart helped Suman land her dream job

Suman Vastrakar - A Masai graduate now working as SDE at Apty
Suman Vastrakar - A Masai graduate now working as SDE at Apty

Coming from Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh, Suman was originally a civil engineering graduate. However, she always possessed a peculiar interest in coding. Although her educational background meant her knowledge on the subject was lacking.

But little did she know she was soon going to completely transform her life for the better. Now placed in Apty as an SDE, we join Suman for a look back at her experience with Masai and how it’s changed her life.

How did you learn about Masai?

I initially finished my education in civil engineering in Chhattisgarh itself. But I was always fascinated with coding. So after I finished my graduation, I got to know about Masai from a YouTube video.

I had to know more about this and did thorough research about Masai. And as I did, I realised I couldn’t let this chance go to waste. That’s when I signed up for the Full-Stack Web Development course.

What was your parents' reaction to Masai?

The best part is they didn’t even know till the time I had the offer letter in my hand. I had hidden it from them because of the fear of their reaction. I was afraid they’d want me to stick to civil engineering since I had spent so much time with the subject.

But once I had the security of knowing I was placed, I informed them. My father told me to do what I feel is right, and it felt like a huge stone had been lifted off my chest.

What’s your favorite thing about Masai?

Two of my biggest fears since childhood have been public speaking and performing under pressure. However, with Masai, I wasn’t afraid of messing it all up on the interview day. I knew Masai believes in me, and that I would get more opportunities to get it right next time if I wasn’t satisfied with my performance this time.

How was your experience with the practice-based curriculum?

It’s certainly tough initially. But I feel Masai has good curriculum management, for example, we were eased into our schedule at the beginning. Slowly building up to what the full curriculum demands. So personally, it never felt like a burden. I even enjoyed it, as I was learning so many new things.

Tell us about your experience with construct week

Construct week was a very rewarding experience for me. It allowed me to explore and interact with new people, something that would have been hard for me given my introverted nature. I use my experience from construct week, even in my current role.

The theory and application are two separate things, and construct week gave us the opportunity to show off our talent while also learning a lot about teamwork. I learned a lot from teammates too, their way of thought, their techniques, etc. I still keep in touch with them, and we’ve become good friends.

How was your placement experience?

They originally shortlisted me for 3 companies, but when I sat for the interview for Apty, my current company, everything went so smoothly that I never even appeared for the other companies. Everyone was cool and calm and it helped me not be nervous too.

I can happily say that was one of the best experiences of my life. After I got to know I got selected, I just told my father and started crying. He said he was happy for me and I have nothing but good memories of the placement process.