Electrical Engineer to Software Developer in just 30 weeks

Saurabh Kumar - A Masai graduate now working as a Software Engineer
Saurabh Kumar - A Masai graduate now working as a Software Engineer 

Saurabh is from Gaya, a small town in Bihar. Saurabh completed his graduation in electrical engineering and while still in college, he realised he had a strong interest in web development and decided to look for courses, which is how he discovered Masai. He joined Masai in his third year of college and was already interviewing for companies by the time he graduated.

Saurabh is presently working as SDE-1 at iDreamCareer, a team of passionate thinkers with a goal to make career advising accessible to everybody, particularly kids in grades 9 through 12.

We spoke with Saurabh to learn more about his experience at Masai.

Why did you decide to join Masai?

During my third semester of college, I was working on a project in which I had to develop a website using the C programming language. It was a difficult and complex assignment for me at the time, but I was eager to learn how to build a website from the scratch.

When I was exploring several online courses, I came across Masai and felt it was the greatest place to learn. There were no upfront fees until we earned CTC 5 LPA or more.

How was your experience at Masai?

My time at Masai was one of the best since I learned the fundamentals of technical skills like DSA, HTML, and CSS. Later on, I learned how to work on the front end and back end. They not only taught me technical skills but also soft skills that are vital for professional growth.

I was in the fast-paced learning at Masai, and it was difficult to balance college and classes initially. I gave my full attention to learning how to code. At my college, we used to get all the assignments together, so I used to complete all of my college assignments ahead of time so that I could entirely concentrate on only coding.

Did you like the way your instructors taught you?

Masai's instructors were all fantastic, and they taught me exactly what I needed to know. I'd want to express my gratitude to Ranjan Sir, my DSA instructor, for his help during the process. The way he helped me in every unit was very helpful because it made the next 5 months easier to handle.

The intensive training that instructors provide is critical because it teaches you how to operate effectively in difficult situations and excel in your field.

How was your construct week experience?

During construct week, they divided all students into groups of 7 to 8 and we have to develop a website from the scratch. During my construct week, we had to create an HTML and CSS clone of the medium website.

Construct week has taught me the value of teamwork and the significance of writing good code. We learn how to design a website and how each function works during these projects.

How was the placement process?

I interviewed for about 7 to 8 companies during my placement process. Many companies initially rejected me, but I never gave up hope and kept working hard. The only reason I hadn't given up hope was because of the way the Masai had helped me change my mindset.

Masai has not only taught me how to code, but also how to keep learning for the rest of my life. Even after 7 months of coding, every one of us will need to keep studying because language frameworks change every few months. If someone wants to keep growing, they must continue to learn.

How did your parents react when you got the job?

They were overjoyed, and my mother and sister kept calling each of our relatives to inform them that I have got the job. It was an amazing sensation to finally get the job after months of hard work.

Throughout the placement process, I was scared but confident, so when I got placed, it was just very satisfying.

Do you think paying Masai 3 lakhs is worth it?

Yes, I think it’s completely worth it, as the skills that I have learned in the past few months will stay with me forever.