Double dropout is now a Coder - Sangram’s Masai Story

Sangram's financial situation had always been a hindrance for him but he was determined to make a career in software. People called him mad when he dropped out for the second time, but he knew what he was doing.

Sangram Mukherjee, Masai Alumnus - College dropout turned developer
Sangram was relentless towards achieving his dream of landing a job in Software. 

Son of a daily wage worker, Sangram achieved his childhood dream of becoming a software engineer after multiple failed attempts. He hails from a small village in the Nadia district in West Bengal.

This journey was not easy though. His financial background became a big detractor to achieving his dream.

He was forced to take up Arts after a dismal performance in 10th standard. After passing the 12th standard, Sangram enrolled for BA English (Hons). Seeing the course not add any kind of value to his career aspirations in software, Sangram dropped out of the course a semester later after long discussions with his mother.

Sangram’s mother borrowed money from one of her friends and got him enrolled in a software engineering course. 3 months in the course were enough for Sangram to realise that the course did not teach him the necessary skills for a software job. He dropped out of this course as well and started learning web development from YouTube simultaneously working on freelance projects.

Sangram was nowhere close to his dream job. But, that changed when he came across Masai in 2021. With the help of the Pay After Placement, Sangram enrolled in Masai’s full-stack web development course. He has managed to completely turn his life around. He now works at DreamzTech Solutions Inc. as a Software Engineer.

Here are the excerpts from his interview where he talks about his Masai experience and his life before and after.

How challenging was it for you to drop out two times and pursue your dream?

It was difficult. But my passion and vision were clear. I was the go-to guy in my village whenever someone ran into computer troubles. My passion was reflected in the effort I used to put into building PCs for my friends.

Although my financial situation had always been a hindrance for me, but I was determined to make it in life. People called me mad when I dropped out two times, but I knew what I was doing. I was heartbroken when I looked at the curriculum of the software engineering course. It was outdated and useless. So, I had to drop out.

Why did you join Masai and not any other institute?

The pandemic rendered my family jobless and looking out for options to survive. This was a tough phase. I took up the initiative to work hard and bring my family out of this situation.

I changed my approach and started looking out for institutes that would allow me to learn first and pay later helping me secure a job in the process. Google helped me find one such institute, Masai.

What stood out to me about Masai was its focus on skill-building, interactive and practical approach towards learning, Glide Program, strong alumni network, Masai’s emphasis on Data Structures and Algorithms throughout the program.

How was the experience at Masai?

Initially, I found the 9-9-6 curriculum to be a bit difficult. But my determination to help my family kept me motivated. Studying for 12 hours daily prepared me for the real corporate environment. I can now easily sit for 10 hours every day as compared to 2-3 hours before joining Masai.

Due to my prior experiences in web development, I was able to easily get through Unit-I. The latter units were a little challenging though. But, an interesting and spot-on curriculum in place meant we never felt bored. The overall Masai experience was amazing.

How was the placement experience at Masai?

Before joining Masai, I was a very shy person. Interviews as well as facing a camera were a scary concept for me. It was at Masai that I gained the confidence to appear for interviews and present myself better through Skillathon sessions.

The placement team's support ensured a smooth placement experience. Even though I faced a lot of rejections initially, they taught me a lot of things and I enjoyed the whole process

I was hired by DreamzTech Solutions as a software developer after two rounds of interviews. They appreciated my decision to drop out twice to pursue my dream.

My parents were happy after I got placed. Finally, I was able to get my family out of a dreadful situation.

Sangram wraps up the interview with the mention of him being the source of inspiration in his community and among his friends. He gives due credit for his success to Masai and also encourages other people to join Masai. Sangram’s story is a testimony to the quote that nothing is impossible.