Digital Marketing led Mayuri to Web Development

"In college, I was just getting theoretical knowledge without having to implement it anywhere in real life. While at Masai, I applied each concept to my assignments and projects."

Mayuri's Profile - Masai Alumni

Mayuri Wasu, hailing from Nagpur(Maharashtra), had an interesting trajectory toward software development.  After setting up a no-code website for her digital marketing explorations, she felt the need to learn to code and joined Masai.

A bit earlier on the timeline, Mayuri had dreams of becoming a doctor, and she had appeared for NEET, but that had turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt.

Crisp and precise in her thoughts and narration, Mayuri has always been calm and calculated about her career plans. Today, she’s working as a front-end engineer at a podcast publishing company called HubHopper and looking forward to a journey full of milestones.

In a recent interaction with us, Mayuri talked about how her career path has panned out so far and how she became a full-stack developer without prior coding experience.

Here are a few excerpts from our conversation-

How did you arrive at Web Development?

I was pursuing my B.Sc in three subjects - Mathematics, Physics, and Electronics. In the second year, I realized that I won't be getting a good enough job with this degree. That's when I started exploring new things and came across digital marketing. I learned how to create a basic webpage on WordPress, but I wanted to build a dynamic website, and I didn't have any coding knowledge.

In the last year of my college, I learned the C language and found it interesting. I got inclined towards programming and web development and started looking for courses that could help me pursue my goals.

Luckily, a family member told me about Masai. After researching and calculating all possibilities for 2 months, I finally decided to join.

How did you trust Masai’s Pay after Placement proposition?

I didn't believe it at first. But as I saw the alumni success stories, I was convinced about the Pay After Placement model to an extent.

I read the documentation twice thoroughly before signing up for the course.

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How was your first month's experience?

Before joining Masai, I explored new languages for a month to get a basic idea of what I was getting into. Still, I faced difficulties in the first month, especially the DSA part. But with consistent practice, it got better.

Did you adapt well to the 9-9-6 schedule?

It took me two weeks to become comfortable with the routine. As I've always been a studious girl, I was used to studying for long hours. So, the 9-9-6 schedule wasn't much of a problem for me.

What were the challenging areas for you?

Honestly, nothing was easy. As I mentioned before, I was struggling with data structures and algorithms. I had to practice each DSA problem at least 3 times to get a good hold of it. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to do well in evaluations.

Was it worth learning DSA?

I believe DSA is crucial for every programmer. Though I haven’t come across many use cases of DSA till now, I’m sure I’ll need the knowledge to create optimized solutions in the future.

What's the difference between learning at college vs learning at Masai?

There was a huge difference. In college, I was just getting theoretical knowledge without having to implement it anywhere in real life. While at Masai, I applied each concept to my assignments and projects. It was a complete learning curve.

What teaching method does Masai follow?

The whole coding session was divided into three parts  - I do, We do, and You do (also known as Gradual Release of Responsibility). In the first part, instructors taught us new concepts and demonstrated the code. In the We-do session, students followed along with the instructor, and in the You-do session, students got to use the learnings and write the code on their own using other resources.

How was the placement experience?

Even after completing 6 months of training, I was worried about whether I'd get the job or not. At the same time, I was revising everything I'd learned. The Masai team provided us with all the help - from the most important problem sets to interview practice with Industry mentors. They kept motivating us, peeling the pressure off of us.

Unfortunately, my interview for the first company didn't go well, and I wasn't selected. Then came HubHopper and I was fully prepared this time around.

They asked me questions about all the concepts, more so from the back-end and DSA. One thing I noticed was that none of the questions was outside of what we learned during the course. Masai covered everything that the companies want from candidates.

After confirmation, the company gave me two options to choose from - front-end development or back-end development. It was a clear choice for me as I have always been inclined towards the front-end.

Any words of advice to aspiring developers?

I’d say that once you’ve figured out your interest, you should stick to it and make little improvements every day. Following this mantra helped me a ton during the program.

Also, if you’re looking to get into the software industry, Masai is the best place to learn Web development because of the structured curriculum and overall skill development.

Here, students get industry-relevant training and consistent support from the instructors. I have certainly become more ambitious after the course and I'm planning on bigger things now.