Chirag Beat the Odds to Become a Software Developer

Chirag Agarwal- A Masai graduate now working at Dhwani Rural Information Systems
Chirag Agarwal- A Masai graduate now working at Dhwani Rural Information Systems

Chirag, now 22 years old, comes from a kind and supportive family background in Agra. His early loss of his father, though, left him and his family feeling hopeless. His uncle's unwavering love and devotion made it possible for him to realise his ambitions and receive a quality education at a prestigious school.

Chirag and his life at school:

After 10th grade, he decided to take his interest in computers to the next level. He started preparing for the JEE exam and went straight to an IIT to pursue engineering in software development. But after 12th grade, he could clear none of the examinations, which left him with few or no suitable options. To have a degree in hand, he enrolled himself at an open school for a B.Tech in Computer Science.

This is how he came across Masai:

Following the disappointment of not being admitted to his dream college, he resolved to prepare himself using the best resources available to him outside. While researching for such opportunities, he came across a blog article on Medium. It was an alumni story of a former student at Masai, and it easily caught his attention.

After reading the story, he explored the various courses offered by Masai, and within a few days; he applied for the Full Stack Web Development program, which started in 2020.

The Masai experience:

Preparing for the entrance exams helped Chirag cope with the units of the curriculum easily. He felt amazed at how the practice-based curriculum ensured each student got as much as possible out of the course by focusing on key subjects, especially at an exclusive setup like Masai. Where students were given individual attention rather than the focus on having a large number of students attend an institute at an unrealistic cost. Chirag felt grateful that Masai has Pay after placement. He would only have to pay the fee for the course once he started earning at least 5 LPA per year or more.

For Chirag, it wasn’t easy to manage both open school and classes at Masai simultaneously, but with discipline and the schedule followed at Masai, he learned how to manage his daily routine with smart tactics without feeling pressurised in any way. He was also able to polish his communication and time management skills through regular activities and sessions conducted by Masai.

Overview of the Full Stack Development Program:

As a Full Stack Development student, Chirag was introduced to JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Python, React, and MongoDB as core languages and taught how to connect the Django framework with the SQLite database.

React was the hardest for him to understand, but the instructors at Masai helped him with it all the time, so he passed the unit with flying colors.

Placements at Masai:

After finishing the course, Chirag was able to get placed as a Frontend software developer at Dhwani Rural Information Systems through Masai. Because he was so dedicated to his course as a student, he has implemented most of the things he learned at Masai at his new job. With his hard work and understanding of the domain, it has become evidently clear that Chirag wanted only what was best for himself, at least when it came down to it, and at Masai, we are glad that he is finally living his dream.

Words of advice by Chirag:

To every student who may contemplate joining Masai, he suggests they take that leap of faith and trust the process. It might be difficult at first, but with every challenge comes an opportunity to learn something new, grow stronger, and come out on the other side better for having taken a chance. Think of how he feels now, looking back on when he joined Masai two years ago, and how far he has come. He never would have been able to do that if he had not trusted the process, and that’s what he wants to convey to every aspiring student.