Chasing Dreams: How Rishi Overcame Adversity to Become an SDE-1

Rishi Kumar - A Masai graduate now working as SDE-1 at Newgen Digital
Rishi Kumar - A Masai graduate now working as SDE-1 at Newgen Digital

Discover how Masai stands out by providing an unmatched educational experience thanks to its innovative curriculum, unwavering support, and special pay-after-placement methodology.

Rishi Ranjan Kumar, a native of Patna, Bihar, began his journey towards realising his IT objectives after receiving his Bachelor's in Computer Application. He did, however, encounter a challenging reality: several rejections revealed the enormous talent gap in the computing industry. Rishi decided to pursue his aspirations after refusing to be dissuaded.

At that moment, he discovered Masai, a ground-breaking platform where other pupils like Rishi had honed their skills and succeeded. Rishi not only achieves his professional objectives in his present position as an SDE-1 at Newgen Digital, but he also serves as an illustration of the opportunities for progress provided by Masai. He gladly makes time out of his busy schedule to gracefully share his extraordinary path, encouraging people to follow their passions and reach their full potential in the fast-paced world of technology. Celebrate Rishi's tenacity and success with us while learning how Masai influences the direction of tech education.

How did you discover Masai?

I graduated in 2020 and immediately started looking for gainful employment in my field. However, as months rolled by I remained in a draught of good job opportunities. That’s when I realised that just my degree and current skill set won’t be enough for the industry.

And so I started looking for opportunities to upskill myself when an ad for Masai popped up on my YouTube feed. That instantly sparked my interest and so after hours of researching the institute and reading success stories, I decided to sign up myself.

How did your parents react?

Actually, I didn’t inform my parents when I decided to join Masai. The reason being I wasn’t sure if I’d even get selected in the first place, but after I got in, I finally revealed it to them. They weren’t opposed to the idea, as my father told me they’d support me as long as I truly believe in what I’m doing.

Tell us about your Masai journey

Before joining Masai I’d never dedicated so much focus and time to studying, so it took some time to adjust to it. But a few weeks in I was already used to the new schedule and learned how to manage my time more effectively. After that, the same classes became much more enjoyable.

My favorite part about Masai is both the way they teach as well as the discipline they inculcate in every student. To keep growing in the tech industry you need to keep learning too. It doesn’t end after Masai.

The curriculum taught us not only how to master a concept but also how to keep learning on our own as learning never stops with tech.

What was your experience with the construct week project?

We get our first taste of construct week and what a developer’s life may actually look like in Unit 2. Early on it’s more basic, involving HTML, JavaScript, etc., but as the units go on it starts involving more interesting topics like React.

And it’s literally so helpful not just as a student of Masai, but even in my current job role I’m creating projects which share a lot in common with the construct week projects I built previously. So not only can I depend on the experience of building the project but also of working in a team.

Tell us about your placement experience

When I entered the placement process I sat for a number of companies, I think around 4-5, before successfully landing a job with Newgen Digital, as an SDE-1. I found that the technical rounds for each company, though intensive, weren’t something I was nervous about.

The curriculum at Masai had prepared me well for any question that may arise. And though it took me some time to land the right job I kept getting ample opportunities till I found the right one.

Having a degree background yourself, what do you think Masai is doing differently from other institutes?

What I’ve found is that traditional institutes rely a lot on theoretical learning consisting of age-old syllabuses. Plus, ‌placements is major. If you come from a Tier-3 college, the possibility of you landing a good package in your field is incredibly slim.

And what I learned from my experience of trying to find a job right after college was that I didn’t have the skills to get hired. Even though I had a college education.

This is what Masai is doing differently, from having an up-to-date curriculum with actual practice-based learning and getting you a good high-paying job of CTC 5 LPA or more before you even start paying your fees. It really affects people like me who want to upskill themselves to meet industry standards but come from middle-class families.

Difference Between Masai and Colleges and Universities

Masai distinguishes itself from traditional Indian colleges and universities by a number of distinctive features. Its curriculum stands out since it is often revised to match business objectives. This ensures that students have access to the most current knowledge and is relevant, preparing them for the constantly changing demands of the job market.

Additionally, Masai offers an unrivalled support system compared to other institutions. To give pupils comprehensive guidance and assistance at every level of their academic journey, the school goes above and beyond. This personalised method fosters a supportive learning atmosphere and equips students with the required abilities to succeed.

One of the most distinctive aspects is the novel pay-after-placement business model adopted by Masai. This tactic helps students focus entirely on their academics by freeing them of their immediate financial commitments. They only begin making repayments after securing work, demonstrating Masai's commitment to its students' achievement and welfare in a tangible way.

According to Rishi, Masai is distinguished as a trailblazing institution in India's educational environment by its innovative payment mechanism, forward-thinking educational philosophy, commitment to staying current on business trends, unshakable support system, and forward-thinking support system.

Rishi's Message to People who want to Join Masai

Masai differs significantly from other Indian schools and universities in a number of key respects. Masai's curriculum is continuously updated to match industry requirements, unlike traditional universities, ensuring that students obtain the most relevant and modern education.

Additionally, Masai offers students a strong support structure, delivering direction and aid at every turn. Masai is distinguished by its distinctive pay-after-placement strategy, which frees students from financial pressure until they find employment.