Building a New Future in Software Development: Robin's Inspiring Journey

Robin Singh - A Masai graduate now working as SDE at SuperProcure
Robin Singh - A Masai graduate now working as SDE at SuperProcure

Once a civil engineer from Maharashtra, Robin's extraordinary career transformation is an ode to the magic of embracing change and chasing one's true calling. A journey that began with a single bold decision has led Robin to a whole new world of possibilities within the IT industry.

As a proud graduate of Mumbai University, Robin earned his civil engineering degree in 2019. Despite his academic achievements, he encountered numerous roadblocks in his field and decided to venture into the realm of IT.

In search of a new path, Robin stumbled upon Masai in a YouTube advertisement. Though initially doubtful of the "pay after placement" model, Robin meticulously researched the institution and reached out to Masai alumni before committing to the program.

In February 2022, Robin joined Masai 0ne course which is a 37-week full-stack web development. Over this period, he built four group projects and 20 individual assignments, acquiring a wealth of experience in both front-end and back-end technologies.

Though Robin's parents initially harbored doubts about Masai, he persuaded them of the institution's potential, and they ultimately backed his decision. Robin now wholeheartedly endorses Masai's groundbreaking approach to education, grateful for the doors it has opened for him.

While Robin once identified as an introvert, he made a concerted effort to participate in social activities to boost his confidence. He credits Masai's practice-based curriculum for spurring both his personal and technical growth, describing it as challenging yet immensely rewarding.

Robin particularly appreciates the industry-oriented curriculum at Masai, which he found to be a breath of fresh air compared to the less-relevant subjects he tackled in college. Furthermore, the diverse community at Masai helped Robin hone his interpersonal skills.

A standout memory from Robin's time at Masai was the construct week project, which armed him with practical industry experience. This invaluable hands-on training in coding paved the way for his current position as a Software Development Engineer at SuperProcure.

Robin's motivational journey stands as a testament to the life-altering power of education and the significance of adaptability in the face of adversity. His tale of tenacity and the pursuit of excellence is a shining beacon for others to follow.