Why Bharath left civil service preparations to join Masai School

Why Bharath left civil service preparations to join Masai School

Bharath Reddy has had a simple life being born and brought up in Nalgonda near Hyderabad, Telangana. A studious child from the start, he was mostly interested in subjects like Logical Reasoning, Maths and Science; he followed the conventional norm and took PCM in class 11th and 12th. After giving board exams, he dedicated his time to prepare for JEE and various other tests. However, he could not score well in most of them.

He took admission to TKR College of Engineering in Hyderabad to pursue B.Tech. in Electronics and Communication engineering. The college was quite far from his hometown and he would reach the college every day with great difficulty until he found a seat in the hostel. In the first year of college itself, he had a sudden realisation that Computer Science wasn’t something he would be able to thrive in – he was more inclined towards Civil Service examinations and to utilise his time, he started preparing for them during the weekends with his seniors. After graduating, he spent the next 3-4 years preparing for various government exams but could not clear them.

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What did you do after you couldn’t clear those exams?

While I was able to clear some of the examinations and get qualified for the next round, I could not pass in any of the interview rounds due to my poor communication skills. I realised that maybe it’s time to welcome new changes.

I contemplated other career options and finalised that I would be doing something where my likeness for Maths and Logical Reasoning could be put to use. This was when the Covid-19 pandemic had just begun.

Few of my friends and seniors suggested that I should go for coding and development because of its bright scope. I took their advice and started learning from online resources but soon I realised I needed proper guidance from professionals who could prepare me to face the industry. While exploring, I came across Masai School on Instagram.

What was your first impression of Masai?

I could not believe what I had just seen- a boot camp that was promising to prepare me as a professional developer without fess in just 6 months? It felt unreal! I thoroughly went through their website, course structure and alumni testimonials to ensure that it was genuine – and indeed it was. The ISA stated that I will only have to pay the fees if I get a job of more than Rs.5 LPA after finishing the course. 

I talked to my family (who were hesitant at first) about my wish to join Masai and eventually they agreed. Soon, I gave the entrance test and the interview to get myself a seat in the Full Stack Web Development course. 

Talk about the importance of discipline and diligence at Masai School.

I joined Masai School with a friend and during the induction, we were informed about the 9-9-6 schedule that was to be followed. I recalled the way we used to have a timetable at school and this routine seemed reassuring in that way. 

The first month was difficult to pass – every concept seemed so new to me. However, I was so determined to change my life that soon I caught up with the other students of the class and after a while, it was a smooth boat to ride.

How is the curriculum at Masai?

The Full Stack Web Development program covers HTML, CSS, Node, JavaScript, Express, React, MongoDB in just 6 months to make us job-ready. We solved daily assignments, used different tech tools and indulged in regular team projects to make sure that each and every concept was thoroughly clear to us. 

During the pandemic, it was not easy to concentrate as students could be tempted to waste their time while attending online classes. In this, I believe self-discipline and determination played a huge role in my journey. I learnt every language with utmost dedication despite being from a non-computer science background and this is what opened many gates for me later.

By the time you finished your course, were you confident enough to get a job?

Yes, totally! The best part about Masai is they not only focus on enhancing our technical knowledge but also our overall personality. From including soft-skills training the curriculum to conducting mock interviews before the start of the placements, the team as Masai is fully dedicated to giving you the best time any educational institution can give you in such a short span of time. After completing the course, I was ready to take on the interviews!

How did the placements go for you?

I got placed at Mobile Premier League (MPL) within one month of course completion and I was ecstatic. After so many years of struggle, I was finally able to view a bright future for myself and this was all possible because Masai had shown confidence in people like me who did not have it in them. 

My current job demands me to sometimes work for 10-12 hours straight but one thing that Masai has taught me is that no matter where you are or where you work, having discipline can make things easier for anyone – this is the reason why I find it easy to adapt to my new surroundings. I just wish I had come across Masai sooner in life!

The Masai Experience

Bharath’s journey is a reflection of how sincerity and dedication towards your dream can lead you where you have always wanted to go. None of the obstacles, not even him being from a non-computer science background could hamper his willingness to become a developer and that’s what we appreciate the most at Masai School.