Anant Jain met Coding and fell in love with it on his path to becoming an Entrepreneur

Anant Jain met Coding and fell in love with it on his path to becoming an Entrepreneur

Anant from New Delhi wasn’t really inclined towards studies when he was in school, but he had a keen liking for Science from the very beginning. His curious personality would often make him dismantle everyday items at his home and perform experiments with them. He also loved to play basketball and would spend hours on the court playing his heart out.

As the time came for him to choose between Science, Commerce, and Arts in class 11th, he contemplated whether being an engineer would really help him become an entrepreneur or not. As he weighed his options, he kept aside his initial wish to become an engineer and went ahead with the Commerce stream as it had more to offer in terms of business-related knowledge as opposed to Science.

Post-school, he pursued a Bachelor’s in Business Administration to reach one step closer to his dream. However, while studying he realized that the curriculum followed in his college wasn’t up to the mark- he didn’t find much scope for learning new things. In order to utilize his time in a better way, he interned and volunteered at various organizations to understand how businesses work across different sectors. During this time, he also associated himself with an initiative run by The Times of India called ‘Teach for India’ where he taught children who could not afford good quality education. 

Later on, he also interned with tech giants like Zomato and Urban Company which turned out to be life-changing experiences for him. Working from the office, he saw the amount of effort tech teams of companies put in to ensure the smooth running of an enterprise and its services. He was amazed by the way technology could build organizations like these and give them an upper hand over other kinds of traditional businesses. 

“My internship ended just before the pandemic of Covid-19 hit the world. I realized that almost all the enterprises that did not have any connection to technology were badly affected except the ones that were based on it. This gave me the confidence that no matter what happens, this field will always be in demand and continue to thrive. I also consulted my sisters (both Software Developers) and felt satisfied with the personal experience they shared with me. With so much insight, I finally decided to try my hand at Coding and started learning about it from online sources,” he says.

However, he realised in a month that learning online could get pretty monotonous and confusing. Apart from lack of interaction, he also felt that it would have been better if there was a mentor to guide him- for it is difficult to figure out the most relevant information from so many resources.

In the hopes of learning from the best, he searched for boot camps that taught Coding to those who came from a non-technical background. It was during this research that he came across Masai School and checked out its website. He felt impressed by the courses, the Nine-Nine-Six schedule, the success rate and the reviews given by its alumni, whom he contacted on LinkedIn.  

After joining Masai, he began with the curriculum that was divided into five modules. He learnt languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript to frameworks like React Redux to material UI and backend framework in depth- something that the internet didn’t help him with previously. During his course, he built the clones of apps like Tinder and Monster India and became highly skilled in building the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of any kind of app. 

Anant feels that the team at Masai are extremely reliable- each member has years of experience in the corporate world and is well-updated about the latest industry practices. He extends special thanks to Yogesh, who not only equipped him with necessary soft skills but also taught him values about life that he still incorporates in his daily routine. He says:

“The fact that Masai is changing the way people look traditionally at engineering, is something that people should pay attention to. Having taught children myself, I know the competencies attached to a teacher- it is important for them to establish a successful relationship with their students and become a part of their personal journey. It surprised me that the mentors were always ready, on weekends too, to solve even the most basic of doubts I had. Such kind of dedication is rare and I am glad that I got to become a part of it.”

At present, Anant is an Instructional Associate at Masai School where he mentors students, clears their doubts and closely helps them with any problems they face along the course. He feels grateful that he is able to apply the knowledge he has gained in a fruitful manner and is able to keep up with the latest trends in the industry- thanks to the ever-evolving curriculum. 

Masai School is aimed at helping students succeed- the fact that our alumni are joining this mission and contributing their efforts to make it more effective is truly rewarding.