An MBA aspirant turned software developer, Ajinkya proves why anyone can do it

Ajinkya Joshi - A Masai graduate now working as software engineer at Ness Digital
Ajinkya Joshi - A Masai graduate now working as software engineer at Ness Digital

Ajinkya hails from Pune, Maharashtra, and worked diligently toward his bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering. After completing his degree, he attempted to pursue an MBA from a famous college, but could not do so because of financial constraints. That’s when he began exploring alternate career options.

He has always been keen on gaining knowledge and experience in the field of computer science. This is when he discovered Masai and decided to join. Ajinkya's parents were highly supportive of his decision because there were no upfront fees and the possibility to drop out in Unit 1 if you didn't enjoy coding or the curriculum.

Recently, we spoke with Ajinkya to learn more about his journey at Masai.

How was your journey at Masai?

I started learning the basics of web development on my own before joining Masai, so the first unit was easy for me to understand. However, because of my sister's wedding that occurred in the middle of Unit 2, I was distracted and ended up with an async.

I was also facing challenges in understanding how to print in JavaScript. It was a difficult moment for me, but I had tremendous support from my friends and instructors, who kept me motivated to continue learning.

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Masai has encouraged me to step outside of my comfort zone and work hard for success, and I would say this is the most valuable lesson I have learned from Masai.

How was your experience with Construct Week?

It was a terrific learning experience for me as it was challenging to work with new people at first, but I gained new friends and we did some amazing projects together.

Because I got an async in Unit 2, I had to do the whole project by myself in just 5 days. It was a feeling I can't describe because it showed me how much I had learned and that I could finish a whole project by myself.

How was the placement process?

On the same day, I had two interviews with different companies. The first interview I went to, I was quite anxious, but the second one went swimmingly. Initially, they were asking me theoretical questions during the interview, and I assumed it would all be theoretical, but to my surprise, they asked me to build a profile page right there.

Since Masai students have already spent countless hours learning to code, creating a profile page is a breeze. We know exactly how to create a profile page and all the necessary functions.

My second interview was with Ness Digital, and they ended up hiring me since my abilities really impressed them.

When you told your parents that you got the job, how did they react?

My parents were overjoyed since they had watched me working so hard for the past few months. After months of hard effort, we were finally seeing results, and I, too, could not contain my enthusiasm.

It's hard to put into words, but I will never forget this experience.

What do you think makes Masai different from other institutions?

Masai differs greatly from other institutions because anyone can give you theoretical knowledge. Masai provides excellent mentoring that emphasizes hands-on experience, which is crucial while learning to code.

Only in Masai is it possible to learn to code through a combination of practical experience and diligent learning.

Advice for future Masai students

If you are willing to put in a lot of effort and give it your best for seven to eight months in Masai, then it doesn't matter how much experience you have or what is your educational background.