Aman’s Never-Ending Dream Of Becoming A Coder Finally Came True- This Is How

“My seven-month trip at Masai School not only taught me skills related to my course but also taught me discipline and confidence.

Aman’s Never-Ending Dream Of Becoming A Coder Finally Came True- This Is How

No challenge was strong enough to bring down Aman Anku to compromise on his dreams. He always knew that challenges and struggles are the biggest indicators of progress in life and fighting those struggles is the only way to achieve what we strive for. 

Born and brought up in Bihar, he studied here till the tenth grade. During his school life, he wanted to become an aerospace engineer, which was highly influenced by his love for watching Hollywood movies. 

After finishing 10th, he moved to Kota to prepare for major entrance exams like IIT JEE. There, he developed a taste for web design and computer programming, but due to an unfortunate accident, he was unable to focus on his studies but still managed to get 80% in his board exams. He says, “Kota was the perfect combination of good and bad experiences – you remember the good and continue to learn from the bad today.”

After not making the cut for IIT JEE, he decided not to give up his passion for Computer Science and applied to Delhi University for a BSc course, but due to a better ranking in the joint entrance exams, he deduced that it would be better to do BTech in Computer Science rather than BSc. Following this instinct, he moved to the Bengal College of Engineering and Technology.

Aman had always been fascinated by Computer Science- the idea of ​​improving and inventing new aspects of computer programming piqued his curiosity. Being part of the technological revolution had been his wish since he learned about computers. But his struggles did not stop even after admission to a good university with the desired course. 

He soon realized that there was a general lack of skill development in the traditional education system. During campus placement, he took up a coveted business development job to further explore his skillset but soon got bored with it. 

He decided to quit his sales job but faced numerous counter-attacks from his teammates, who advised him to not step back as this could be his best chance to thrive in his career. However, he did not hesitate to listen to his own gut and started looking for opportunities that would bring him inner satisfaction. 

While researching, he came across a video by Prateek, the founder of Masai School. What really impressed him about this video was the 9-to-9, and 6-day schedule study plan, which seemed very concrete for any budding coder. Without further hesitation, he read all about the Masai School and enrolled himself in the course by passing the entrance exam and the interview. 

At first, he couldn’t cope with the 9-to-9 schedule because it was something completely new to him. Eventually, he realized that Masai was focused not only on improving his tech skills and expertise but also on his social skills and self-confidence for general personal development. He fondly remembers the efforts of his mentor Yogesh during sessions in which all the students were invited after a half day’s work to attend an impromptu session on soft skills. 

Masai brought a new potential to Aman that he never knew he had. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic when he tested positive, he never lost the courage to go ahead and work on his dreams. His mentor Ankur was constantly in touch with him along with the other mentors and with this kind of support, he felt motivated enough to not give up. 

During the first phase of the interviews, however, he couldn’t go through any of the companies- he realized that although he knew the answers to all the questions asked, he could never find the words to answer those questions. Going this far and facing another challenge was not unexpected for Aman, but he continued to work on building his trust with his mentors. To ensure this, Ankur arranged countless mock interviews for him. His hard work finally paid off when after a month, he got a job as a front-end engineer at a Swedish start-up called Nextory Private Limit. 

He still believes that education is only complete if it is competency-based and applicable in real life. He says:
“My seven-month trip at Masai School not only taught me skills related to my course but also taught me discipline and confidence. The curriculum works just like a company and prepares you for the common challenges you will face in your work life. For budding developers, I’ll tell you that you need to learn as many skills as possible, but also be confident and motivated at all times.