After three failed attempts at UPSC, Dilshad became a software engineer

Dilshad is from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, one of India's oldest cities. His father works as a tailor, and his mother is a homemaker. Even though he came from a small city, he became a software engineer. Masai's ISA made it possible for that to happen.

Dilshad Ahmad - A Masai graduate now working at
Dilshad Ahmad - A Masai graduate now working at 

The Story of Dilshad's Journey From UPSC to Software Engineer After Three Unsuccessful Attempts.

Discover the inspiring journey of Dilshad, who, after three unsuccessful attempts at the UPSC exam, transformed his life and became a successful software engineer.

Dilshad is from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, one of India's oldest cities. His father works as a tailor, and his mother is a homemaker. Even though he came from a small city, he became a software engineer. Masai's PAP(Pay After Placement) made it possible for that to happen.

He completed his higher secondary education in the vernacular medium. Following that, he chose a Bachelor of Arts degree to complete his graduation. He began preparing for UPSC after graduation. He also started a teaching job to support his family.

However, the dreadful pandemic had a negative impact on Dilshad and his family. He lost his job, and his father's small business suffered‌. When he decided to start his own business, more than ten banks turned down his loan requests. When he was trying to make a living, he encountered Masai and went on to become a software engineer.

Dilshad recently joined us to tell us about his journey. Here's an excerpt from our interview with him.

Why did you join Masai? And how did you trust it?

After graduating, I began preparing for the UPSC exam. I was also teaching polity and governance at the time. But I lost my job when the pandemic hit. My whole family went through a lot of financial and health problems because my father also could not make a living because of the pandemic.

In the meantime, I tried very hard but couldn't get through UPSC. When I was looking for ways to earn money during the pandemic, a buddy told me about Masai and encouraged me to improve my skills.

Back then, I knew nothing about coding or programming. I was also skeptical about studying for 12 hours a day, six days a week, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Despite my reservations, I eventually enrolled in Masai's full-stack web development course, hoping for a bright future. The ability to opt out after the first unit if I didn't like it was also a deciding factor.

How was your Masai experience?

As previously stated, prior to joining Masai, I knew nothing about coding or programming. So, clearly, the first and second units were challenging for me. I couldn't answer even the most basic mathematics question in the first unit.

I would not have become a software engineer if async did not exist at Masai. I got an async in the first unit. Async allows us to re-learn what we previously couldn't. That prevented me from dropping out and provided me with a much-needed second chance. Since they link all the units together, you must pay attention to all of them.

I fell in love with programming after only two units, thanks to Ankush sir and Aman Sir's excellent guidance. Mentors' approach has always been constructive at Masai, which delivers an incredible experience.

I'll share an experience- I wasn't able to get my mind around Type Conversion in JavaScript which was necessary for unit assessments. My Instructional Associate stayed with me till 1 AM midnight and eventually cleared my doubts. They really give it their all.

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It was challenging to adjust to 9-9-6 at first. Even though I was used to studying for 14 hours while preparing for UPSC, I had never spent so many hours in front of a screen. But this taught us to be disciplined and the value of time.

My communication abilities have also greatly improved following six months at Masai. I am now confident in myself and my abilities.

Masai does not provide a shortcut like ready-to-eat meals for its students. Masai teaches its students how to cook their own meals. Masai has created us self-learners in this way. As a result, we can quickly learn any new technology. This will help me throughout my whole life.

How have the Construct Weeks helped you?

The projects that I made during Construct weeks have been a life-changing experience for me. I have never created such a thing before that. So, after a lot of hurdles, finally, when I could create the clones of different websites, I was super happy.

Those projects have boosted my confidence and given me first-hand experience. The teachings from these projects will always be helpful to me ‌in the future.

Do you think it is worth paying three lakhs to Masai through PAP?

I would pay double of three lakhs to Masai for the platform and teachings they provide. It is worth it and the PAP agreement makes it easy. It removes the financial barrier and anyone can get to learn without paying a penny.

What are some of the skills and knowledge you gained at Masai School?

My experience at Masai School was transformative. It enabled me to become a proficient software engineer. I gained expertise in various programming languages and web development frameworks. Masai school helped me hone my problem-solving, time management, and communication skills. Construct Weeks provided practical hands-on experience in creating web applications from scratch. Masai's exhaustive curriculum ensured I was well-prepared for the tech industry.

How has Masai School prepared you for your future as a software engineer?

My career as a software engineer is very bright, thanks to Masai School. It holds many promising opportunities for me. At Masai School, I have not only gained technical skills but also developed a growth mindset. Masai's emphasis on practical skills and real-world projects has prepared me for the tech industry.

How has Masai School's Pay After Placement model impacted your life?

Masai School's Pay After Placement (PAP) model was a game-changer for me. Masai's PAP model proved helpful for me when I lost my job and could not get a loan to start my own business. The PAP model removed the initial financial burden and allowed me to concentrate on learning without worrying about tuition fees. Knowing that I would only pay the course fees once I secured a job as a software engineer provided me with a safety net during uncertain times. It made quality education accessible to someone like me from a modest background.

If someone is considering shifting to a tech career with no prior coding experience, what guidance would you offer them?

If you're considering switching to a tech career without any coding experience, I suggest considering institutions like Masai School. They provide structured learning, guidance, and hands-on projects, which are essential for beginners. Practice regularly, ask for help from the community, and network with others in the field. Stay updated on what's happening in tech, see challenges as chances to learn, and build a portfolio to showcase your work. Most importantly, believe in your ability to adapt and grow, and Masai School's approach can help you succeed in the tech industry.

How has your perspective on the tech industry and your career goals evolved since joining Masai School, and what inspired these changes?

Since enrolling at Masai School, my perspective on the tech industry and my career goals has undergone a significant transformation. Initially, I saw the tech industry as a daunting field reserved for those with extensive coding experience. However, Masai's inclusive and hands-on approach helped me thrive in this dynamic industry. This newfound confidence has driven me to set ambitious career goals, such as becoming a tech leader and mentor to future aspiring developers. My journey at Masai School has taught me that one can achieve remarkable success in the tech world with determination and the right support.

What is your message to aspiring developers looking forward to joining Masai?

My message is simple and straightforward. Just put all your trust in Masai. It is a bridge that connects you to your success. I had never imagined being a programmer. And, here I am working as a software engineer. Masai has made it possible. So, based on my personal experience and the way Masai has helped me. I am saying this to every aspiring web developer out there that leaves inhibitions and joins Masai.

Dilshad winds up the interview while praising Masai for the unimaginable changes the institute has brought into his life. He recommends Masai to folks looking to upskill themselves in the field of web development.