Coming From Small Town Didn't Stop Aditya From Becoming A Coder

His journey is a true reflection of how courage and endurance can give you the life you have always desired.

Coming From Small Town Didn't Stop Aditya From Becoming A Coder

Aditya Sinha was born and raised in a small town called Hajipur in Bihar. Even though he had no specific vision in life, he always strived to become an expert in the field he desired to work in. He currently works at TCS as an Assistant System Engineer.

As a young boy, he was sent to a boarding school to study for three years, where he got used to living a disciplined life (which later helped him set up a proper routine for himself at Masai). Also, a true patriot at heart, he always had a zest to serve the country by utilizing his skills. 

Seeing his dedication and sincerity towards the nation and his studies, his grandfather made sure that his grandson went to a good college to receive quality education. He fulfilled his dream by pursuing B.Tech in Electronics and Communication and working hard to have a promising career. However, during the placements, he realized that almost all the leading companies were related to IT. Coming from a Non-Computer Science background, he had to face many difficulties, unlike his peers. 

From knowing nothing about coding to becoming a professional coder with Masai, read more to learn about Aditya’s inspiring story:

How and when did you find your passion to learn to code? 

After being rejected during most of the interviews, I finally got a job as a business developer with a company. However, this job did not allow me to grow much as there was hardly anything worthwhile to learn. With a lot of contemplation, I decided to quit and explore a booming field like IT- and to do this, I knew I had to learn coding and programming.  

I started looking for opportunities to learn to code, and while researching, one of my friends suggested joining Masai School. It was nice to see that without even investing any money to educate myself, I would have to pay the fees only after getting a job of more than Rs.5,00,000 per annum. Moreover, the strict timetable and industry-level curriculum were something I could not resist trying. 

And I am happy I did.

That’s interesting. How did your days look like when you became a student at Masai School?

The distance between my house and Masai School was 22 kilometers. Despite my reservations about traveling so far every day and handling my family, I accepted the challenge and went ahead. The initial days were tough as I didn’t come from a background in IT, but I gradually got the hang of how things were approached. As I began to get used to the course and lectures, the Covid-19 pandemic came into our lives. 

With everything shutting down, it became impossible for us to go to class and learn, but Masai made sure that nothing could stop us from pursuing our dreams. The online courses were a boon for us and provided a great ray of hope among all the chaos. 

Were you able to sustain the virtual model of classes?

The internet connection in my region is poor and attending online classes at home was complicated with family members around. The challenges were numerous, but I overcame them by working harder every day to study and become a well-informed professional- and all the mentors at Masai ensured this.

How did you land yourself a job at TCS? 

In early October that year, I had appeared for an exam conducted by TCS, but I still sat for Masai placements if I wouldn’t pass. Fortunately, I cleared the TCS exam with a good score and accepted their offer without second thoughts. I still recall the little party I held with my friends that day- it was a massive victory for me, and my parents were overjoyed seeing how far I have come. My first paycheck was dedicated to my grandfather because it was his goal to see me working in a good position. 

What role did Masai School play in your entire journey? 

After attending Masai, I believe that every educational institution should follow a learning structure and then earning. From my experience, I have realized that most institutions believe in taking hefty fees while not focusing on their students’ skill development, which hampers the future of our country and, thereby, its overall growth. The same goes for aspiring developers- they should seriously focus on skill development to achieve the success they desire in their respective fields. 

The Masai experience

Despite hailing from a small town, Aditya didn’t let any challenge break his spirit to become a successful software developer at one of the leading companies in the country. We at Masai School are immensely proud of how he has come out of his shell to transition into someone as persuasive and skilled as he is today. His journey is a true reflection of how courage and endurance can give you the life you have always desired.

Watch this video where he talks in-depth about how far he has come from where he began and how Masai played an essential role by helping him to achieve his dream.