Achieving Tech Dreams with Masai: Aditya's Inspiring Journey

Aditya Choubey - A Masai graduate now working as Software engineer at Extramarks
Aditya Choubey - A Masai graduate now working as Software engineer at Extramarks

Aditya Choubey comes from Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, born in a humble middle-class family that held high hopes for their son to go into government service. A Engineering graduate by education, what then pushed Aditya to forge a new career path for himself in the field of tech, away from conventional thought?

Working for Extramarks Education India, as a Software Engineer, he reveals his aspirations, his journey alongside Masai, and what it takes to make your dream come true in the world of tech.

How did you discover Masai?

Coming from a middle-class family, my parents always had high hopes that I would go into government service and make them proud. And for a while, I too felt like that, so after my graduation, I diligently prepared for government exams.

But as time went on, it felt less and less like what I wanted to do with my life. And when I looked around, it felt like I was the only one lagging behind as everyone else found something they wanted to do.

I didn’t want to go into government service, but I knew just my bachelor’s degree would not help me be job-ready for potential employers. And so I started looking for upskilling courses online. That’s when I discovered Masai’s website and the PAP model, a lot more research later, I decided to transition careers with Masai.

How did your parents react?

They were definitely surprised, to say the least. Initially, I faced strong opposition to the idea of changing my career trajectory so suddenly. Coming from a middle class family I understand why they had aspirations that I’d settle for a government job.

However, they had a softer side, too. So, even though they were doubtful of my decision, they wanted to support me in doing what I believed was right for me. That’s why I could go forward with my decision despite whatever doubts they may still have.

What’s your favorite thing about Masai?

Initially, when I was looking forward to joining an institute and transitioning careers I was conscious about the financial aspect. I wanted to be able to take care of my education myself without putting a strain on my family. And that’s why the PAP model was the key factor for me.

To only have to pay after you already have a job of 5LPA (CTC) or more is an amazing opportunity. It made upskilling myself so much more accessible. So that’s the best part about Masai for me.

How was your experience with the 11-11-6 curriculum?

In the beginning, I honestly thought it was an exaggeration. Because if not then I would find it very hard to cope with dedicating so many hours every day to studying. I had just never done something that intensive before.

But after joining Masai and experiencing it for myself, it became a part of my life. In the initial days of course it’s a struggle. You’re in a new field with a completely new system, and it must be a struggle for everyone. But after some time and with help from Masai’s support systems, you can not only cope but grow with it.

What was your construct week experience like?

My first construct week project was very challenging, I’ll admit. It was my first time working with so many people with varying skill sets. So not only do you have to work as a team but work according to deadlines on top of that. In that aspect, it was our first real challenge.

After you divide work amongst yourselves and choose a leader, you also have to trust the others to do their job. We learned from every mistake we made in those projects so they never get repeated in our professional careers. So that experience not only taught us a lot but also gave us a taste of practical working conditions.

Tell us about your placement experience

I think I interviewed for around 2-3 companies before I received a glowing job opportunity with my current employer, Extramarks. I cleared the DSA and technical rounds to get selected and start a new chapter of my life as a Software Engineer.

When I got the call that I was selected I couldn’t believe it for a bit. My parents were equally shocked but also happy, after that they started believing more in Masai and their vision of democratizing higher education.