Abhishek gave up traditional ways of studying to become a Software Developer with Masai School

"I soon realised that the education I received in college was rudimentary in comparison to Masai as they squeezed out every bit of knowledge that I needed to apply."

Abhishek gave up traditional ways of studying to become a Software Developer with Masai School

Born and brought up in New Delhi, Abhishek Saklani completed his B.Tech in Computer Science from I.P. University. He currently works as a Software Developer at UrbanPiper. On the career front, his journey has been filled with challenges but also with hard work and fortitude. His indomitable spirit in learning has today made him an undefeated person. A Science student since class 11th, his inclination towards IT was prevalent from his liking for computers. 

During college, he learned course specific subjects like data structures, algorithms, OS and computer network. However, after 3 years, he realised the curriculum of his college centered more around theoretical knowledge instead practical. Moreover, there was no clarity about what specialisation he would go for after graduating. 

To polish his skills, Abhishek tried his hand at a few video lectures which seemed informative in the beginning but did not give him full clarity about where he was exactly headed. Wanting to learn more about coding from a professional source, he started exploring various options before he discovered Masai School. The following conversation elaborates it further:

How did you discover Masai School? 

I was going through a Twitter thread that contained a list of pay after placement based institutions and one of them was Masai. The description talked about how transparency and discipline were the prime driving factors at this organisation and how students in the past had come out with flying colors. Without further ado, I applied for a seat and got selected after giving the entrance exam and the interview. 

Did Masai School live up to your expectations?

After coming into Masai, I witnessed all the promises made to me regarding the curriculum, the rigorous training from 9 to 9 and the quality of teaching were duly kept. Even if you belong to a completely unrelated domain, helpful mentors like Nrupul take full charge of teaching you from the very basics and make sure that you do not leave without getting your doubts cleared. I soon realised that the education I received in college was rudimentary in comparison to Masai as they squeezed out every bit of knowledge that I needed to apply.

Recall the time you spent while studying at Masai.

Everything that I learned at Masai was at a different level, where it was theoretical initially but soon became about the application of the knowledge. We were given the liberty of working on individual projects for better understanding and were evaluated on the basis of them. I soon forgot about the disappointment I received from college in terms of education and Masai played a huge part in it. 

What is it that kept the spark alive in you throughout?

What really impresses me to this day is the fact that Masai focuses on every individual even if they are not able to cope up with the rapid learning process.The best thing in my observation was the smooth conversion of theoretical knowledge into practical implementation that made it easier for everyone to learn. 

Did you feel any difference between the traditional and the modern way of teaching while you were at Masai? 

Whenever I was in doubt about any concept, my peers and mentors were always there to clarify it for me and it also opened me to the possibility that some colleagues could take a completely different approach than others to explain the concept in a better manner. I believe that such a form of learning comes, when everyone around you is focused only on one fixed goal. In my opinion, most of the educational institutions of our country are not able to supply the needs and requirements that a fast-growing company demands in a prospective employee. This is exactly the kind of gap I had felt during my college days and Masai successfully fulfilled it for me. 

How was your experience with placements and how relevant is the knowledge right now that you acquired from Masai?

I was placed only a week after my graduation from Masai and everything Masai taught me has stayed with me till date. The intensive training not only made me a highly professional coder but also a better learner who can overcome any sort of challenge – I believe that now I have the capability to learn from any new opportunities that come my way. 

Masai is not only an educational institution for coding and development but also they are churning out professional coders who are ready to face any struggle in any kind of corporate setting. 

The Masai Experience

Abhishek has fond memories of his time at Masai and still feels like a core family member. The hard work and efforts that he put into his learning has made him a disciplined individual, a skilled employee and an ace Software Developer. While his experience in college was not satisfactory but without giving up, he motivated himself that he would not stop learning while not being dependent on anyone. Masai gave him that opportunity and he proved it to everyone that he is a formidable developer. Watch this video where he elaborates about his journey further.