12 LinkedIn profiles every developer must follow

LinkedIn has established itself as the ultimate personal branding launchpad for professionals.

10 LinkedIn profiles every developer must follow
A list of useful LinkedIn profiles to follow for developers

Since the time of its launch, LinkedIn has served as the benchmark for professional networking. 700 million people in the world currently use this platform. 40 million of these use the platform to apply for jobs.

But, apart from the professional application, LinkedIn also provides users a platform to demonstrate knowledge, build community, and establish authority.

From a long-term perspective, LinkedIn has established itself as the ultimate personal branding launchpad for professionals. These professionals come from a range of domains of the corporate work environment. They leverage the power of storytelling to provide helpful insights from their careers.

Recently, LinkedIn launched the creator accelerator program that provides creators meaningful tools and resources to start meaningful conversations and build engaging communities. This re-inforces its position as the platform conducive to the growth and development and professionals.

Then there is LinkedIn learning, a subsidiary platform synonymous with a vault of video courses in software, creative and business skills taught by some of the world’s best industry experts.

The way LinkedIn has set itself up as a platform that provides knowledge and growth opportunities, it is no surprise Microsoft acquired the platform for a whopping 26.2 billion dollars.

Content creators from each sphere of the professional world today focus on building strong and loyal communities on LinkedIn by telling stories that start meaningful conversations that can become the catalyst that inspires developers sitting in some other corner of the world.

Today, we reveal a list of 12 LinkedIn profiles that can act as a source of inspiration for other developers-

  1. Akshay Saini - One of the Finest JavaScript Educators in the World
  2. Robert Sweeney - The Man Responsible for Keeping us Hooked on Netflix
  3. Jerry (Je Hak) Lee - Resume Nerd
  4. Tamara McCleary - Former Nurse Turned Techie
  5. Kunal Kushwaha - Making Open-Source Easy for India
  6. Kaiwalya Koparkar - Youngest Developer to Make it to This List
  7. Hitesh Choudhary - Solving Problems for Indian Developers One Video at a Time
  8. Love Babbar - The One for College Students
  9. Tanay Pratap - He Will Keep You on the Path to Success
  10. Pascal Bornet - Futurist and a thought leader in Robotics & AI
  11. Allie Miller - Artificial Intelligence Leader and Innovator
  12. Bernard Marr - The Man with Future-Focussed Insights and  A Strategic Vision

Akshay Saini - One of the finest JavaScript educators in the world

Akshay Saini's LinkedIn profile
Akshay hits the right chord with his followers by infusing relatable emotions into his content.

As is evident from his profile, Akshay is an engineer by profession and a teacher by heart. Akshay spent more than 4 years as a software engineer in PayTM and Uber combined. He then ventured into the teaching space. Today, Akshay runs his own e-learning platform NamasteDev.

Akshay’s Namaste JavaScript is one of the most popular JavaScript courses out there on the Internet. Inspite of the fact that there are million of people out there on the Internet who teach JavaScript, Akshay has been able to pull off a stunning piece of work.

Apart from creating informative videos on YouTube, Akshay also actively shares his knowledge on LinkedIn. It plays a pivotal role in its distribution. Akshay also shares posts related to new job openings and content that promotes best practices for a successful career in the technology space. Plus he is also very quick when it comes to jumping onto any recent trend such as ChatGPT. This has been very evident in the LinkedIn posts he has put up recently.

Here's a snippet-

Akshay Saini's recent post demonstrating the application of ChatGPT

Akshay hits the right chord with his followers by infusing emotions they can relate to. He is the primary proponent for developers looking to learn JavaScript, brush up on their concepts, gain ethical knowledge for the workplace, and find jobs.

Robert Sweeney - The man responsible for keeping us hooked to Netflix

Robert Sweeney's LinkedIn profile
Cannot resist the temptation to watch another episode on Netflix? Blame Robert Sweeney.

Robert Sweeney is responsible for the Netflix feature that automatically plays the next episode of any show. He also had a pivotal role in the development of Microsoft’s gaming product Xbox. Robert after departing from Netflix went on to be at the forefront of establishing and heading three startups and is now the CEO of Facet.

Robert’s LinkedIn profile hosts a lot of content created from a thought leadership perspective. Looking from the lens of developers, Robert has created his personal brand that caters to both developers as well as non-developers.

Robert just pours tonnes of his startup experience to give his followers chunks of information that add to his forever-expanding LinkedIn almanac for running a startup.

He does not post on a daily basis. This is a great indicator of the time and effort he puts into curating stories that ensure that his followers derive maximum value apart from appealing to a wide range of developers- upcoming as well as experienced.

Young developers with the next big thing in tech or someone about to step into a full-fledged career as a developer can learn a lot from his content. It’s worthwhile to mention that Robert uses his content effectively to recruit for his startup.

Robert's insights on fostering a healthy culture at the workplace are an absolute gem as is evident from the post.

Robert Sweeney's post describing ways to foster healthy culture at workplaces.

Thus, if you are someone who aspires to work for Robert someday, you must keep a close eye on his content. Make sure you do not miss out on even a single one of his posts.

Jerry (Je Hak) Lee - Resume Nerd

Jerry (Je Hak) Lee's LinkedIn profile
Jerry is the co-founder of Wonsulting, a professional training and coaching company.

If there is someone who is effectively bridging the opportunity gap for upcoming as well as experienced professionals, it is this guy, Jerry Lee. After serving in various capacities as an analyst and strategist at Google, Jerry went on to work at various small companies and ultimately co-founded Wonsulting, a professional training and coaching company.

Jerry’s content is a prime example of how someone can effectively leverage their LinkedIn presence for organic brand growth. Harsh truths of the corporate world mixed with a variety of human emotions are the way Jerry curates interesting stories on his profile. He continuously goes down the eccentric path while creating content.

At a time when most LinkedIn professionals sugarcoat stories, Jerry keeps it real, concise, interactive, and cut-throat. He points out the red flags, provides tips on a career as well as personality development, and pens down interesting and insightful case studies.

What's more interesting are his posts that motivate youngsters like you with the help of infographics. Here's an example-

Jerry Lee's fun and interesting way to describe things that matter

Authenticity is what wins the hearts of people. Jerry started 2021 with a respectable 10000 followers. Today that number has jumped exponentially to 273,000. All of this has been a result of consistent efforts put by him toward creating content that connects with the audience. This unique trait is something that has won Jerry various accolades. His name has been a part of LinkedIn Top Voices in 2020 as well as Forbes 30 under 30.

Here's a video from his YouTube we think you might like-

Irrespective of the domain, Jerry’s content can prove pivotal in shaping up professional careers and exemplify the power of leveraging community for organic growth.

Tamara McCleary - Former nurse turned techie

Tamara McCleary's LinkedIn profile
Tamara McCleary's list of accolades is endless

When it comes to Tamara McCleary the list of her accolades is endless. Tamara holds a bachelor’s degree in Nursing, French, Music, statistics, and psychology. From serving as a nurse Tamara has gone on to be named the #1 most influential woman in MarTech by B2B Marketing. Entrepreneur Magazine identified her as one of the 10 Online Marketers to watch out for. Brand24 named her the Top Digital Marketer in 2019.

Tamara offers valuable insights to some of the top tech companies across the globe such as Verizon, IBM, Mercer, MMC, AWS SAP, and Dell. Her LinkedIn content is very niche-specific and inclined toward women and leadership in the technology sphere with interesting glimpses of the way the technology landscape might undergo change as we move ahead in the future. To be more specific, Tamara’s content is futuristic, influential, impactful, and valuable enough to start conversations.

People deeply rooted in the technology space, looking to expand their horizon of knowledge and develop a leadership mindset will have a fun time going through her LinkedIn content.

Kunal Kushwaha - Making Open-Source Easy for India

Kunal Kushwaha's LinkedIn profile
Kunal is nothing short of a messiah for students who want to learn coding from scratch

A teacher, YouTuber, and passionate community enthusiast, Kunal is nothing short of a messiah for students who want to learn coding from scratch. 3 years is all it took for Kunal to gather immense amounts of experience as a developer and build a community of 80000+ people who are interested in learning open-source.

Kunal effortlessly uses LinkedIn to talk about his free courses. His community consists of students from all over the globe. Kunal provides authentic content in the form of videos that talk about ways to develop an acumen for open-source programming. DevOps is his speciality. The majority of his content is focussed on building great IT careers, making things easier in terms of open source development, industry updates, and a little bit of his personal information, cloud computing, and GitHub. Not to forget his YouTube channel which is a vault of useful resources specially open-source projects.

Here is one video out of the same vault specially for you.

Kunal Kushwaha is the go-to LinkedIn profile for young developers looking to learn open-source programming from scratch. Developers looking forward to building communities on LinkedIn can pull a feather out of their hat and learn the tidbits about building communities and personal brands.

Kaiwalya Koparkar - Youngest Developer to Make it to This List

Kaiwalya Koparkar's LinkedIn profile
Kaiwalya has documented his entire computer engineering diploma journey on LinkedIn.

For any developer who wants to make the most out of LinkedIn, Kaiwalya’s is the profile to look out for. Kaiwalya has been very consistent on LinkedIn and has made serious efforts to establish authority over a community of like-minded people.

Kaiwalya has put some serious effort into documenting his entire computer engineering diploma journey on LinkedIn. Kaiwalya’s content screams authenticity and gives valuable insights to budding developers about the rigours of the journey that make a complete web developer.

A significant contributor to the open-source environment, Kaiwalya is also a part of the Kubernetes network. This makes it easier for him to further expand the reach of his community. His presence on YouTube is slowly and steadily pushing him towards a point where he will boast of the biggest Kubernetes community.

Hence, college graduates or current students who aspire to become a developer as well as content creators can consider themselves to have struck gold if they currently follow him on LinkedIn. If not, then we suggest they do.

Hitesh Choudhary - Solving Problems for Indian Developers One Video at a Time

Hitesh Choudhary's LinkedIn profile
Hitesh has lots of experience in video creation and this is what he brings to the LinkedIn platform.

Hitesh Choudhary is currently the CTO of iNeuron.ai, an e-learning platform where individuals can collaborate, learn, share, and develop real-time use cases in the domain of data science, deep learning, and AI with trending technologies.

Hitesh has immense amounts of experience in video creation and this is what he brings to the LinkedIn platform. With the help of videos, he has been able to forge a community of developers who learn and thrive using his interactive video content. Video content from Hackathons organised by iNeuron provides great insight for his followers in terms of competitive programming.

Just to ensure sanity, Hitesh keeps posting content related to his interest in photography in addition to sneak peeks from events he keeps organising every now and then. Here is one sample video you might enjoy.

Hitesh’s personal brand on LinkedIn acts as an inspiration for developers looking to leverage their knowledge on LinkedIn as a medium to establish their authority. In addition to this, Hitesh’s content can act as a source for other developers to gather news regarding the recent happening in the tech space.

Love Babbar - The One for College Students

Love Babbar's LinkedIn profile
Love Babbar has his own online courses on DSA.

An ex-Amazon and ex-Microsoft software engineer, Love Babbar has created an immense amount of value on LinkedIn for young aspiring developers.

With his website thecodehelp.in, Love Babbar has started leveraging story snippets from his past experiences to help his students get a taste of what is it like to work on developer jobs.

Moreover, he has his own online courses on JavaScript and Data structures and algorithms. His personality really transpires on LinkedIn. With his direct, to-the-point content he is able to motivate people and educate them about mediums of growth in terms of knowledge, personality, career pathways, workplace awareness, knowledge regarding placements, and any kind of support a college student would require.

Love Babbar's post on CGPAs losing relevance in the long run.

Developers seeking motivation, looking out for ways to move ahead in their careers, and searching for opportunities to kickstart their career and gain valuable life learnings should find themselves lucky if they come across his profile.

Tanay Pratap - He Will Keep You on the Path to Success

Tanay Pratap's LinekdIn profile
Tanay’s aim in life is to fix today’s education system using his past experiences

An ex-Microsoft and ex-CISCO software engineer, Tanay currently is the founder of Invact Metaversity, a platform that provides high-quality and virtually immersive learning experiences in the space of Marketing and product management.

Tanay’s profile is a little eccentric when we compare it with the other profiles mentioned earlier in the article. Most of his LinkedIn posts are centered around the theme of guiding and keeping the aspiring tech developers of today on the path to success. He talks a lot about success, failure, building a startup, getting into a habit, and every other thing youngsters rave about.

As his About Me section currently reads, Tanay’s aim of having a LinkedIn profile is to fix today’s education system using his past experiences. Watch this video to get inspired.

Young developers seeking newer perspectives in their lives, seeking motivation, looking to get ahead in their careers, and starting out on a new venture will find a lot of value in Tanay’s profile.

Pascal Bornet - Futurist and a thought leader in Robotics & AI

Pascal Bornet's LinkedIn profile
Pascal’s content has taken a thought leadership role on LinkedIn.

Pascal has been recognised by LinkedIn as one of the top voices in technology. An expert in the space of robotics, Pascal creates content centered around robotics and AI.

Pascal’s content on LinkedIn has evolved into a thought leadership mode and can do a world of good to developers looking out for motivation. If there is anything interesting going around in the space of artificial intelligence, it is destined to find its place on Pascal’s feed.

Young developers with high aspirations in the tech space can start their quest for knowledge from Pascal’s profile along with tiny bursts of motivation every now and then.

Allie Miller - Artificial Intelligence Leader and Innovator

Allie Miller's LinkedIn profile
Allie covers a wide range of Artificial Intelligence topics on LinkedIn

Allie made her presence felt in Artificial Intelligence at a very early stage in her career. She was the youngest-ever woman to develop an AI product at IBM while serving as one of the leading figures in product development.

After a successful stint at IBM, Allie made the move to Amazon Web Services (AWS). At AWS, she served as the Global Head of Machine Learning Business Development for Startups and Venture Capital. She provided invaluable guidance to the world's top machine learning researchers and founders.

On LinkedIn, Allie shares her expertise and covers a wide range of AI topics. She keeps her 1 million+ followers informed about the latest innovations in the field, including avatars, flying robots, brain-computer interfaces, and more.

Allie Miller's LinkedIn post on AI's future

She has established herself as a trusted and go-to source of information by breaking down complex AI concepts in a simple easy-to-understand manner. She also provides valuable insights into career opportunities in the startup space and offers guidance on how to build successful AI projects.

If you are interested in artificial intelligence, technology, and career development in the tech industry, Allie Miller's LinkedIn profile is a must-follow. Her posts and updates will keep you up-to-date with the latest advancements in AI and make sure you never feel left behind.

Bernard Marr - The Man with Future-Focussed Insights and  A Strategic Vision

Bernard Marr's LinkedIn Profie
On LinkedIn, Bernard Marr shares valuable insights and predictions about the future of various industries

Bernard Marr has worn many hats throughout his career. A best-selling author, sought-after keynote speaker, futurist, and strategic business and technology advisor- the list of terms we can associate Bernard with is endless.

With a resume filled with remarkable proofs of work, Bernard has established himself as a personality to look up to in business and technology. With his expertise, Bernard helps organisations move forward by staying on top of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), big data, blockchains, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Bernard Marr's Linkedin post on Artificial Intelligence

On LinkedIn, Bernard Marr shares valuable insights and predictions about the future of various industries. As a self-defined futurist, he provides expert analysis on topics such as the automotive sector, smartphones, delivery robots, and more. Bernard also runs a regular newsletter that covers the latest trends in artificial intelligence and machine learning. His content covers a wide range of subjects from explaining how AI can accelerate scientific discoveries and drug development to showcasing its transformative impact on the retail industry.

Anyone interested in staying ahead of the curve and understanding the potential impact of new technologies in the business world should follow Bernard Marr on LinkedIn. His expertise and ability to explain complex concepts in a manner that hits the relatability cord make his content valuable to professionals across various fields. Entrepreneurs, executives, technology enthusiasts, data-driven professionals, and individuals seeking to gain insights into the future trends shaping industries would greatly benefit from following Bernard on LinkedIn.

This is where the list comes to an end. We hope you had as much fun reading it as we had to compile it. But, we encourage you to not stop here. LinkedIn is a platform with infinite possibilities. The more you explore the more you learn. Hope you find many other interesting profiles that open up a new dimension of learning for you.

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