A jobless Computer Science and Engineering graduates journey in Masai

Naveen Kumar - A Masai graduate working at Q3 Infotech
Naveen Kumar - A Masai graduate working at Q3 Infotech 

Read an inspiring journey of a jobless Computer Science and Engineering graduate with Masai. Discover how he turned challenges into opportunities and gained valuable skills for a rewarding career in tech.

Coding is challenging, but your diligence will help you succeed. The amount of hands-on experience you receive with a Masai education is one of the biggest differences between it and an ordinary college degree. Furthermore, the pay-after-placement model fundamentally lessens the financial load.

Naveen believed "Bad grades equal bad or no jobs." He thought he needed good grades to be successful. Because he had less than 60%, he repeated 12th grade after finishing high school in 2015. He was happy with his 2016 board test score of 70%.

All of Naveen’s friends were proficient with computers since they grew up with them. They all went into Computer Science and Engineering field. Naveen followed in their footsteps and pursued a degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Amity University.

Naveen was disappointed to see the mentors were unfair. The mentors only helped students who excelled at coding and programming, ignoring beginners.

Naveen attended Masai to study what he couldn't at college to become a software engineer. And today, he earns twice as much as his college classmates. He is now placed at Q3 technologies as a backend software engineer. Naveen encourages ‌his buddies to study in Masai to improve their job prospects.

But, Naveen is not the hero of his own success story. The real hero of this amazing story is Naveen’s father, who always has been his support system. Read this full story in Naveen’s own words.

Why you did not get placed in any company from your college?

With high hopes, I started college. I wanted to learn a lot about computers at college. That didn't happen, though. The lecturers only paid attention to the brightest students. Meanwhile, the students who did not understand the fundamentals were excluded.

However, this had a negative impact on both my CGPA and my learning. In my final year of college, I had little knowledge of C++ or Java. Learning HTML and Java before placements were worthless. There was no hope of college placement.

What did you do after that?

To be honest, other than hopelessly applying for various companies, I did nothing. And, I could have done nothing, if my father would have not been so supportive and understanding.

After graduating, I could not find a job immediately. After some time, I started going to my father’s gift shop.

One day, my father told me something that changed everything. He told me, “I have paid 15 lakhs for your college and degree and I do not think you should waste that by sitting at this shop. Do something, sit at home for as many days as you want, and introspect. Figure out what you want to do in life and work hard for it.”

That hit me hard. After a month of introspection, I focused on polishing my skills. That is when I came across Masai.

How did you discover Masai?

I am a big fan of this YouTube channel named Talk with Abdul. This is a channel where you get the latest Job Updates, apart from other critical information regarding placements. For one month, when I was sitting at my home after the advice of my father, I used to watch this channel for one hour, every day from 10 am. I was desperately looking for a job. I had applied for all the jobs from his channel, that were mentioned in that one month. But, not even a single company had replied.

One day, he talked about Masai in one of his videos. The way Masai operated impressed me. The same day, they selected me in a company. But, they had a condition. I was told that I will have to join as Unpaid Intern for three months initially. And, then if they find me worthy enough for the job, I will be offered a job, or else they will fire me.

I found Masai’s idea of ISA better than that unpaid internship. So, when I mentioned Masai to them, they told me that Masai is a fraud. They accused Masai of selling the projects, to other companies, made by the students of Masai. They said that Masai earns by selling these projects and also loots students by demanding hefty fees. They also said that students get placed in only those companies which have tie-up with Masai. And, when a student’s full fees are collected through ISA, those companies fire that student of Masai.

I replied nothing to them. They were just bluntly lying. It was very clear. Also, I told myself that if one company fires you, you will have enough skills to get into another company easily. So, I quickly filled up the form for MSAT that very day without thinking much about anything else.

I told my father about Masai and its ISA Program. It impressed him and was happy that I had figured out the path of my journey.

What do you have to say about the curriculum of Masai?

Even though I was studying Computer Science and Engineering, I was not learning real programming. They didn't teach me real-world programming applications. To be honest, there was no actual learning.

In contrast, at Masai, you have assignments to apply your full day's learnings at the end of the day. The curriculum and tasks are well-designed, so students also learn practically every day.

Masai teaches us how to use our skills. We're unstoppable!

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How does Masai make its students self-learners?

First and foremost, Masai inculcates in its students a strong sense of discipline through practice-based learning. Because self-learning requires discipline.

Data Structure and Algorithm, aid in the development of unconventional thinking. It encourages students to be innovative. We work on various projects every day, which drives us to push ourselves. That helps to enhance our minds.

That is how Masai prepares us to learn anything on our own.

How did you like the practice-based learning environment?

The method that Masai's schedule is laid up will teach folks improved time management skills. I never thought I could put in so much time studying, but I did. I've got better time management abilities now.

My understanding of the significance of sincere effort and other topics that I will never forget was significantly enhanced by the practice-based curriculum. My efforts have improved my understanding of my responsibilities as a software engineer. I had so many tasks to manage when I was learning that I can now stay working.

What motivated you throughout the entire day to study, for so long?

I will give the credit for keeping our spirits high to Yogesh Sir. The motivation at the beginning was high, and it was easy to go through the entire day. But, after one month, the zeal was gone.

That is when the opening speech of Yogesh Sir at the start of each day came to our rescue. Hearing him every day, and being mentored by him, used to pump us with a lot of motivation that lasted throughout the day.

How was your construct week experience?

The first week marked the start of an extended journey and provided me with a wealth of knowledge. I first considered how I would handle things when I started my job. Although I was both delighted and anxious, the circumstance itself wasn't as terrifying as I had anticipated.

It was pretty similar to how we had completed tasks throughout the construction week. Everyone would discuss everything we needed to improve on before we began. Construct Week's hands-on activities truly helped me grasp how to combine everything to create a single product.

Has Masai improved your communication skills?

Yes, absolutely.

When I was the captain of Amity University Martial Art Club, I was very shy about giving speeches and interacting with people, especially communicating in English. There was a very elite crowd from Jaipur. And, I was from a small town. I used to feel inferior to them and I was not at all confident about myself.

But, Masai has changed me in just 30 weeks. Apart from coding, Masai also focuses on overall personal development. And, that really transforms a person into a very confident individual. We are supposed to take many group projects, and that forces us to interact with students from different states. So, we are supposed to adapt one common language for communication. Eventually, the hesitation is gone and we become better at communication.

Did you take part in Hackathon?

Yes, and we were among the winners.

At the start of the fifth unit, we won the third prize in Hackathon. We had created a website that solved the inefficiency of transportation methods and helped the truck owners solve the problem of unloaded journeys.

What do you think about the division of students into Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta at Masai?

I felt terrible about it when I first heard about it in the third unit. I expected the Delta batch students would receive better packages.

However, after joining the Alpha group, I recognized ‌it was for our benefit. I could not concentrate well during the React lesson because of personal reasons. As a result, I had a lot of doubts about it. However, they were all cleared patiently in the Alpha batch. That was extremely beneficial. And it would not have happened if I had been in Delta or any other batch.

How was your experience with Masai Accreditation (MAC) and the placement process?

MAC starts from the beginning of Unit-6 itself. MAC is Masai’s way of testing whether a student is ready to sit for placements or they need more work on themselves. And, I genuinely like it.

Industry mentors train and guide us during this program. Senior employees from Zomato had advised us about DSA at the start. Their suggestions were helpful in eliminating our fear of interviews too. The group discussions with our friends helped us polish our skills and improve our knowledge.

I was not able to perform well in four interviews continuously and that demotivated me. Vishakha Ma'am consoled me and that was really helpful.

I appeared for interviews with nearly six companies. Eventually, I was shortlisted by Q3 Technologies. I was the only one who got selected in the end, out of twelve candidates.

The interviews seemed really easy because of all the teachings of Masai. I was waiting for tougher interviews, but they never happened. It really impressed one interviewee because we could complete our fully fledged project in just five days during Construct Week.

What was the reaction of your parents and friends after you got the job?

My father was the happiest person that day. The next day he told me ‌he could not sleep at night because of the happiness that news has brought. But, he is somewhat sad too, because I will have to move away from the family, now that I have a job.

My friends could not believe that the student who never focused on his studies during his college time, was selected as a software engineer in a multinational company. And, when they found out that my salary was 2x of theirs, despite me being a fresher and they are in the industry for the last three years, they were shocked.

I suggested ‌they should upskill themselves for better opportunities. I asked them to join Masai for the same because the full stack web development course has benefited me.

What are your future plans?

Currently, I am being trained for the backend development at Q3 Technologies. So, my total focus is on getting good at it. My focus is also on improving my DSA.

What is your message to the students of Masai?

My advice to them is that trust the methods and curriculum of Masai. It is necessarily sufficient. Just focus on learning, without worrying about anything.

Even I was worried and frustrated when we were taught English in between coding. But, now I realize ‌it was necessary. So, my advice is that trust Masai blindly and have faith.

What do you like best about the Masai?

A thing that really adheres to me is the manner in which Masai runs the program and the teaching staff's approach. Your teachers are aware of when to be rigorous and when to be a bit lenient with the students. Your Masai experience will be perfect since everything is customized.

Students may easily follow the course they lay out for them. I can study the entire course content on my own as well, but I could never do it so quickly or as thoroughly. Daily assignments, for example, let you develop more while fostering a problem-solving mindset. My favourite feature is how methodically you can learn things because of the mechanisms Masai has created.

What is your message to the people who call Masai a scam?

I ‌have heard many people calling Masai a scam. In fact, even my friends were calling it a scam before I joined.

My message to such people is simple. It is not at all appropriate to criticize any institute without getting into it. They do not know about Masai’s curriculum, its teaching methods, and its placement process. So, before being fully aware of Masai and its mission, it is unethical to accuse Masai of anything.


Is Masai good for placement?

Masai assisted me in earning two times as much money as my college peers. Masai helped me establish discipline, create a coder's attitude, and improve my time management and attention.

Does Masai also help me get ready for the interviews?

Yes, Masai will assist you with creating a portfolio, resume, and online profiles over the final few weeks of the program. They will also conduct several mock interviews with you. You can also expect stuff to help you prepare for any employment opportunities or companies that may come your way. Further one-on-one instruction is given throughout the placement procedure as the team sees fit.