A Golden moment in Masai’s illustrious history - the story of Mahesh and Soumitha

A Golden moment in Masai’s illustrious history - the story of Mahesh and Soumitha
A Golden moment in Masai’s illustrious history - the story of Mahesh and Soumitha

Explore the incredible journey of two Masai School alumni, Mahesh and Soumitha, who overcame significant challenges to become successful software engineers.

In one of the proudest moments in Masai's history, two Masai Alums - Mahesh and Soumitha, were honored and awarded by the revered Ministry of Skill Development India.

Our Alumni were chosen from a select group of students across India for the Deekshant Samaroh in Delhi. Once there, they would be honored and recognised for overcoming immense obstacles all in order to realise their dreams of becoming software developers.

They were among one hundred students who overcame adversity, took charge of their future, and changed their lives.

Mahesh and Soumitha, as well as our community manager, Ritu, traveled to Delhi for the event. The trip was filled with a nervous excitement for the group, even as they boarded the plane the two recipients of the award were experiencing a wide range of emotions. For the two of them, this was their first time on an aeroplane.

They never imagined such a day would come, and that too so soon. It felt like only yesterday that they had made the decision to transform their lives, and they were already here. As a result of their sheer determination and unwavering will to succeed, software developers Mahesh and Soumitha have been recognised for their efforts and achievements.

Mahesh & Soumitha with Community Manager Ritu Bahuguna
Mahesh & Soumitha with Community Manager Ritu Bahuguna

Both Mahesh and Soumitha are wonderful examples to their loved ones and communities. Coming from extreme hardships and diverse backgrounds, both of them reached this position through uncountable hours of hard work and dedication. Once only a pipe dream, they are now making a living as software developers.

Masai School, a career-focused skilling school, is a truly unique platform owing to its outcome-based courses in the fields of Software Development and Data Analytics. Learning in a Study-Now, Pay-After-Placement model, students are only required to pay their fees after getting placed with a job that at least earns a minimum of INR 5 Lakhs. The long-term vision at Masai is to build a new tech ecosystem where young Indians realise their true calling and contribute to a developing skilled workforce, thereby playing an important role in the transformation of a booming IT sector.

Co-founder and CEO of Masai, Prateek Shuklar, remarks, “There is no better feeling than seeing our graduates being recognised for the hard work they have put in at Masai. Creating a curriculum based on practical learning has given youth from all kinds of education and socio-economic backgrounds opportunities to launch sustainable careers in software development. We are aligned with PM Modi’s Skill India Mission and want to use India’s vast talent pool best. Today, Soumitha and Mahesh inspire all students trying to transform their careers by skilling at Masai.”

Mahesh was a salesman making a modest living that was insufficient to provide for him and his family. His perseverance, determination, and never-say-die attitude benefited him in becoming a successful software developer. Mahesh was sincere about understanding everything and completing projects on time throughout the Masai journey.

Soumitha was determined to become a software engineer no matter what, but when her parents told her she couldn't leave the village for further education, she looked for a way out, and that's when she learned about Masai. She worked hard for 30 weeks and was hired by a company in Bengaluru. Her parents and the entire village are now proud of her accomplishments.

Masai School has been instrumental in placing more than 1,500 students across 25 batches, with a healthy placement rate of over 96% and an average annual income of INR 7.5 lakh. Masai has also enabled student placements with more than 1,000 of its hiring partners, including companies such as Paytm, Ola, Swiggy and Dream 11. The online skill development platform currently has active learning batches catering to about 7000 students.

Let's take a look at the inspiring story of how these two overcame incredible odds to succeed beyond anyone's wildest expectations, earning them the praise and honor they so rightfully deserve.

Historic moment for Masai Tribe 

Mahesh - Overcame insurmountable challenges to make a positive shift in his life.

Mahesh Guptha, hailing from a small town near Hyderabad, has seen some hardships in his life. When he decided to join Masai, he had to rent a laptop for the course. Even his own father was against the decision, as he didn’t want Mahesh to leave his job citing financial problems.

From being a street salesman and doing product marketing in his old job, Mahesh has come a long way simply because of his grit and determination. Before that, he earned a modest salary of Rs. 12,000 while still supporting his family. Times have now changed, however. Currently, Mahesh works as a Software Developer at a finance firm that pays him nearly 6 times his earlier earnings.

Mahesh remembers getting rejected in call centre interviews early in his career, something that he attributes to a lack of confidence and communication skills in addition to getting rejected in interviews for Mechanical Engineering-related jobs as he didn’t possess the required technical skills or have an understanding of the practical applications for the same.

Every single person reading this can take inspiration from Mahesh, who overcame incredible odds by never giving up hope, and who has become a model of success. He already had a family debt to pay off when he joined Masai, so he couldn't immediately quit working, and that's when he was considered for Masai's glide program (now terminated), where he could support himself and his family for the months he was studying.

After completing the 7-month course at Masai Mahesh got placed at Leap Finance and it’s been 10 months that he has been working as a software developer. We got in touch with Mahesh to learn more about his work experience in the past 10 months.

Mahesh Guptha receiving the certificate
Mahesh Guptha receiving the certificate

Work experience

I've been with this organization for ten months, and it's been an incredible experience. I can easily complete the tasks that have been allocated to me because I have received excellent training. You don't realize how crucial this will be on the job when you're learning it, but once you're on the job, you'll be glad you paid attention to every detail.

When we did the course, I learned that I should be disciplined and show up 5 minutes early to every meeting. This has helped me a lot in the office. I am always one of the first people to arrive at a meeting.

My communication skills have grown drastically, from being insecure to even speaking in English during the interview, and I am now quite proficient and confident in conversing.

A skill you acquired while working on the job

The most important thing I've learned in the last ten months is to take more ownership of everything I have to do. When I commit to a deadline, I make certain that I meet it.

Plans for the future

I am looking forward to taking on more new initiatives because I have only been in this field for a short period. I want to learn and progress as much as possible. The company where I am currently working is very helpful.

In the future, I hope to mentor and help others who are not from affluent backgrounds, such as myself. I would be overjoyed if I could assist them in learning a new skill or finding a better career.

In a recent ceremony, India's education minister, Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan, presented Mahesh with a certificate from the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. Let us hear about Mahesh's experience and sheer joy after receiving the certificate.

It was one of Mahesh's finest moments since he had never pictured himself as a software developer, getting a job, and then being recognised for what he had done. "I can't express how fulfilling this feeling is, and it feels like everything was worth it," he says.

When he received the call that he had been chosen for the felicitation, he couldn't believe it was happening to him. It was a really happy time for his family, and he says his sister was so thrilled that she called practically all of their relatives to tell them he was heading to Delhi to receive a certificate.

Soumitha- Defying the Odds to Become a Software Developer

Soumitha Bhaskara receiving the certificate
Soumitha Bhaskara receiving the certificate

Soumitha Bhaskara is proud of how well she can speak English now. In college, she could only say a few words of English. Born in Chennai, India, and raised in Palamaner, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, the 21-year-old thinks she is an average student from having studied in Telugu-medium schools since she was a child.

So when she became interested in Web Development, she had to answer a lot of questions ranging from her English-speaking skills to basic technical knowledge. But since she joined Masai, her life has changed a lot. Not only was she able to get a job but has already been a software developer for almost two years.

To add another feather to her crown, India's Ministry of Skill Development recently gave Soumitha a certificate felicitating her. She was already an example for many young students struggling with their capabilities, but now she has another thing that makes her a shining beacon for them.

Soumitha talked to us about her work experience and her plans for the future.

Work experience

Almost two years have passed since I joined Masai, and every day I'm glad I did.

Masai taught me everything I know, which helps me at work every single day. In the beginning, I had to learn everything and figure out how my company worked. I was very interested and always had lots of questions. Everyone who works at my company is very helpful, and they have always helped me. I used to only work on small projects, but now I'm developing products, which is a big step up in my career.

A skill you learned while working

I've used the skills I learned at Masai in every aspect of my job. My ability to communicate with others is better now than it has ever been. Every skill I've learned has only gotten better. This has been a great journey, and I'm excited about the future.

Soumitha received a certificate from the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship for how well she did in Masai. When she found out she had been chosen, she was happy and it was a moment she would never forget. She never thought she'd be flying to Delhi to get a certificate from the government. It was her first time flying, so it was a moment of double joy.

Soumitha's family was thrilled and very proud that the government of India had acknowledged her. Soumitha's family keeps calling her to congratulate her on this big accomplishment. She was glad that she could convey to thousands of young women like herself that they can do anything if they work hard at it.

Masai hopes for the best for Mahesh and Soumitha in their future endeavours and believes that all students, regardless of their background, should take heart from their success.


What is the minimum package of Masai School?

Usually, the starting salary of a Masai graduate is about INR 5 lakhs annually.

Who is eligible for Masai admission?

The most common eligibility criteria for Masai School are:

  • Candidates are aged between 18-28
  • Proof of passing HSC, i.e. Class 12

Apart from these two main criteria, Masai does not demand any information about further qualifications, race, gender or caste of the applying candidate.