Lifelong Skills: Discipline, Adaptability, and Consistency

Even though he came from a Hindi Medium background, he didn't let that stop him. With hard work, he learned to speak fluent English at Masai, which became his superpower during interviews.

Lifelong Skills: Discipline, Adaptability, and Consistency

Shashank in his journey at Masai witnessed the power of determination and the transformative role of opportunities.

From his early fascination with computers during his 10th grade to facing financial hurdles that momentarily stalled his dreams, Shashank's path wasn't always easy. However, with Masai's guiding light, he resurrected his passion, upskilled himself, and emerged as a Software Engineer at STREAMS Solutions. Shashank's story stands as a testament to the fact that resilience, combined with the right chance, can pave the way to remarkable success.

Skills vs. Degrees

When asked about his choice between skills and degrees, Shashank's perspective shines through brightly. He believes that while skills are like superpowers that help you secure a job and climb the career ladder faster, degrees act as important stepping stones to get your foot in the door of certain opportunities.

During his BCA days, Shashank confessed that he wasn't always sure how his skills were connecting to the real world. Yet, his journey taught him that a balance of both skills and degrees can be a winning strategy. Shashank's story whispers to young hearts that skills open doors, and degrees can provide the keys to unlock them, creating a path toward fulfilling careers.

Discovering Masai

Shashank's journey to Masai began with a whisper of opportunity. After graduation, two of his friends introduced him to Masai, but he hesitated at first. Yet, the universe seemed determined to bring them together.

Everywhere he turned, he heard about Masai, and slowly, curiosity sparked in his heart. When he discovered the flexibility of Masai's part-time course, he knew it was a perfect fit. With determination and a successful MSAT, Shashank embarked on his Masai adventure, proving that sometimes, destiny gently guides us to life's greatest possibilities.

Masai Journey

Even though he came from a Hindi Medium background, he didn't let that stop him. With hard work, he learned to speak fluent English at Masai, which became his superpower during interviews. But it wasn't just about language – during his time at Masai, Shashank discovered that his personality mattered most in interviews.

The curriculum wasn't just about studying; they saw each evaluation and assignment as a way to grow and evolve. Shashank's adventure at Masai reminds us that with dedication, language barriers can be overcome, and personal growth becomes the key to success.

Construct Week Experience

Shashank's time during the construct week at Masai was like collecting gems for his future. Those experiences became his secret weapon during interviews – he could answer almost any question by talking about what he learned during that special week. The projects he did during construct week were like practice for the real world, teaching him how to manage his time wisely.

Because of this, when he started his first job project, he felt confident and ready. As he moved forward, he took charge of more projects, showing that learning can lead to big adventures and more responsibilities. Shashank's journey teaches us that every step we take, even the small ones, can help us reach great heights.

Placement Experience

Shashank's placement journey at Masai was like a treasure hunt full of important lessons. When he applied to many companies, he faced a challenge in the first two interviews - people told him he could improve his communication skills. Shashank realized that good communication is really valuable. So, he decided to practice talking with others.

Through a friend, he learned about a great company that was doing interviews online. With his improved communication skills, Shashank got the job he wanted. His story shows that learning and growing are important parts of finding a wonderful job adventure.

9-9-6 Experience

Shashank's 9-9-6 experience at Masai was like revisiting a familiar adventure. Back when he was in NCC, he had a taste of a similar schedule. With 9-9-6, he found that routine again. Just like during his NCC days, Shashank learned to be in charge of his time, making sure he used it wisely.

The 9-9-6 routine reminded him of his past and taught him to be responsible and accountable, just like he was in NCC. Shashank's journey tells us that sometimes, the experiences we've had before can help us succeed in new challenges.

3 Key Learnings at Masai

Shashank's journey at Masai was full of amazing lessons. First, he discovered the magic of deliberate practice, which means practicing things to get really good at them. This helped him learn cool stuff like AWS in his free time! Second, he learned important skills like being disciplined, adaptable (which means adjusting to new things), and being consistent (doing things regularly).

But the best thing he learned was how to stay positive, no matter what. Shashank's story shows us that learning and growing are like superpowers that can make life awesome.

Message to current and aspiring students

To all the awesome students out there, Shashank has a super special message: Joining Masai is a choice you'll never ever regret. Shashank knows this firsthand because he believes joining Masai was the most amazing decision he made. It's like Masai becomes a new home where you learn and grow together. So, if you want to learn cool things, meet amazing people, and have the best time ever, remember Shashank's advice: Masai is where magic happens, and you'll be so glad you took this awesome journey.