A Civil Engineer's Leap of Faith into Full-Stack Web Development with Masai

Vijay Singh - A Masai graduate now working as Frontend developer at Honeysys

Vijay Singh Rathore was at a crossroads. A civil engineering graduate from Rajasthan University, he had a job as a civil engineer and instructor at a local college. But something was missing. Vijay wasn't enjoying his work and found himself searching for a new career. His curiosity led him to explore coding and web development, which eventually brought him to Masai.

Taking a leap of faith, Vijay enrolled in Masai's flagship program, Masai 0ne. He had some initial doubts, but after doing thorough research, he realized that Masai was the right choice for him. He took the MSAT (Masai School Aptitude Test) and embarked on a journey that would forever change his life.

Transitioning from civil engineering to software development wasn't easy. Vijay faced resistance from his family and even his brother-in-law, who is a software engineer himself. Nevertheless, he was determined to make a change in his life, so he enrolled in Masai without telling his family. After a month, he shared his decision with his family, who, despite their concerns, supported his choice.

Vijay thrived at Masai. He particularly enjoyed the skill-building classes and the opportunity to work on group projects. In total, he completed five Construct Week projects, which allowed him to develop important teamwork skills that he would later apply in his professional life.

One of his most memorable projects involved building a website for women's earrings and necklaces using React. Another project, which focused on furniture items, was completed in collaboration with his peers. The experience of working on these projects helped Vijay build the technical and interpersonal skills necessary for his future job.

After completing his program at Masai, Vijay landed a job as a front-end developer at Honeysys in Bengaluru. His new role was the perfect fit for him, allowing him to apply the skills he learned at Masai while working with a supportive team.

Vijay's journey at Masai was far from easy, but he credits his perseverance and determination for his success. He particularly misses the morning scrums and motivational talks from his instructors, which helped him stay focused on his goals.

For those considering a career change into coding, Vijay has a piece of advice:

"Masai is the library of knowledge. And if you want to get knowledge, you have to go to the library. If someone wants to make their career in coding, they really need to trust Masai.

Vijay Singh Rathore's story is a testament to the power of resilience and self-belief. His leap of faith and willingness to embrace change led him to a fulfilling career in software development. If you're considering a similar switch or want to explore the world of coding, remember Vijay's story and trust in the transformative power of education and self-improvement.