A BCA Graduate’s Journey of Winning With Skills

Divash Upadhadhyay - A Masai graduate now working as Software Engineer at Myulogic
Divash Upadhadhyay - A Masai graduate now working as Software Engineer at Myulogic

An introvert since his school days, Divash had just one dream: to learn software development. Hailing from Uttarakhand, he did his graduation with BCA (Bachelor’s in Computer Application) and set out to hunt for a fitting job.

However, the industry standards in tech nearly squashed that dream before it began. That’s when he found Masai. Now a successful software engineer working for Myulogic, he joins us for a quick chat about his experience with Masai, growing as an introvert, and his advice for future students.

How did you find out about Masai?

After finishing my graduation, I immediately started looking for a good job opportunity. But despite my degree, it was hard to land a job in the tech industry without the skills to back it up. I expected the company that’d hired me to teach me the necessary skills to perform well, but that wasn’t the case. They wanted a skilled individual from the outset.

That’s why I started looking for online courses that could equip me with the required skills in web development. While browsing on Google, an ad for Masai caught my eye. I started researching them and came across many satisfied reviews from alumni, and even visited the YouTube channel. That’s when I decided I wanted to enroll.

What was your parent’s reaction to Masai?

So initially my parents wanted me to pursue Master’s instead of online courses when I couldn’t land a job. However, I convinced them to let me try once before I spent another two years pursuing a degree. Despite that, when I first told them about Masai they weren’t very supportive.

They didn’t believe that the pay-after-placement model could be true. How could an institute only ask for money only after I was placed with a good job? They expected it to be a scam. It wasn’t until I got the job that they finally trusted Masai and my future.

What’s your favorite thing about Masai?

I like that Masai is actually a skill-building institute. It doesn’t just teach you loads and loads of theory, but real practical knowledge. You have to constantly build projects and practice what you’ve learned, and the projects are actual industry-level projects. So it's a skill-building institute that really develops your skills.

How was your experience with the construct week project?

I remember that it was my first time building a project in a group setting. I’m an introvert by nature, so such a collaborative environment was new to me. However, when the project started we had to communicate and work effectively with each other.

I noticed none of my teammates were coming forward to lead, so I decided to try my hand at it and took charge. From there, I directed my team and divided the work among us. I can say that experience helped me come out of my introverted shell and grow.

Tell us about your placement experience

I got a lot of opportunities during my placement process. It lasted for a month and a half, and by the end of it I had landed a rewarding job. During that month I fumbled some interviews, but the great thing about Masai is you get ample opportunities to make it right during the placement process.

You’d get even up to 10 interviews in a single week so you don’t have to worry about making even a single mistake. I was nervous during the interview but excelled at the technical round, and I had cracked it just like that.

How did your parents react to your placement?

They were thrilled when I told them the news. I informed my father, and he took a half-day and returned from the office with sweets in his hand. My mother was similarly glad and grateful that it all paid off. I had always wished I could get Bengaluru, my dream city, so when it all worked out in the end, it was truly such a rewarding experience.

Advice for future students

My advice would be really simple. If you like software development and want to learn from the best, all you need is the confidence to enroll and you can 100% do it. Masai would support you and within a few months you’d crack your dream job.

Here are a few practical recommendations to help a new software developer succeed in the profession.

Begin Working in Your Field

Starting a new career in the software sector is not easy. As a result, before you begin making plans, you should have a clear goal in mind, specifically a certain niche.  Choosing a specific area of expertise enables you to formulate queries regarding the subject while also learning how to construct actual software.

Make a Portfolio of Software Development

One of the most crucial pieces of software development advice for beginners is to keep a portfolio of completed projects while learning programming languages. It will help you demonstrate your best work, providing potential employers with trust in the skills indicated on your CV from a practical standpoint.

The portfolio should include a short bio, contact information, relevant competencies, a link to a résumé, and projects. Don't forget to include any projects where you applied a solution that is appropriate for the job.

Improve Your Technical Knowledge

To complete your task as a software developer, you must increase your technical talents and technologies, such as SQL, etc. You will be able to do your roles and obligations more efficiently if you are familiar with all of the latest equipment and technologies. If you want to keep moving forward, you must prioritise technical skills.

Putting Data Structures And Algorithms Into Practice

The most important recommendation for developing better software is to practice data structures, algorithms, and system-level challenges. You can make the most of your job if you learn about these factors. The data structure is essential to any program; a thorough understanding will aid in problem-solving.

Participate in Open-Source Projects

Another technique to improve your programming abilities and become the finest developer is contributing to open-source code, particularly from Google. To gain information, simply join up for their mailing list and participate in the debate. Listen to the excellent coders in the source code, learn their strategy and solution, and acquire great programming habits to get the most out of it.

Enhance Your Soft Skills

Developing their soft skills is essential for creating a genuine CV when it comes to software engineer interview advice. Soft skills such as interpersonal skills, team management, collaboration, accountability, and a good attitude will indicate your professional growth and help you to apply for your chosen position confidently.


Is software development a promising job path for the future?

Software developers are well compensated, in high demand, and frequently work in collaborative environments.

What are your plans for the future as a software engineer?

If you want to be a software engineer, you'll have plenty of options to further your career. New avenues will open as you develop technical abilities and experience. You'll have the option of continuing to work with code or using your knowledge of the software development lifecycle to manage teams.