A 12th graduate becomes a software developer in just 30 weeks

To be honest, I have gained skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life.

Yash Raj - A Masai graduate now working as a Frontend Developer at Chace technologies.
Yash Raj - A Masai graduate now working as a Frontend Developer at Chace technologies.

Discover how a 12th graduate becomes a successful software developer in just 30 weeks with Masai and why you should choose software development for a better future.

Are you seeking a demanding career where you can use technology and influence society today? Look into becoming a software developer. All you need is to be able to code, make judgments, and plan projects to work in this high-tech profession.

Today, software developers operate in almost every sector of the economy. People with technical backgrounds are more required as the world gets more digitized to develop certain software applications. Professionals who create computer-operating software are known as software developers. They are in charge of the whole development process, including the planning, designing, and coding phases.

By enrolling in Masai's Full Stack Web Development Program, Yash transformed his life in just 30 weeks. Yash, who is from Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and has recently completed high school, decided not to pursue a degree but rather to study to build skills. Yash is now working as a Flutter developer at Chance technologies after months of hard work and determination.

In our conversation with Yash, we talked about his life and his experiences at Masai.

How did you find out about Masai?

Masai was introduced to me through a YouTube video of Masai's founder, Prateek Shukla. Masai's pay-after-placement model inspired me since it teaches students to be capable of earning before demanding any fees. After extensive research, I decided to join Masai.

There was one issue: to join Masai, you must have a 12th pass and be at least 18 years old, so I had to wait for 6 months. I was so excited to finally learn to code and get a job in the end, but to continue the course, I would need a laptop, which isn't cheap. So I had to wait another three months to purchase a laptop, and after much difficulty, I was finally accepted into the Web 14 batch.

How did you place your trust in Masai?

To begin with, the Income Share Agreement is quite astounding because Masai does not require even a single penny to begin studying. At first, I wondered if this was even allowed in India, considering all colleges and institutions in India already charge tuition before you can learn. I discussed it with friends and family, who convinced me that it was entirely legal and that I should join the course.

How was your experience in Masai?

I was initially terrified because I knew nothing about coding and found the concepts difficult to grasp. I recall at the end of the day watching all the live classes to make sure I understood everything in detail. After Unit 1, I became acquainted with the curriculum and became accustomed to learning at a rapid pace.

I remember having difficulties understanding how to declare variables in JavaScript. But the instructor stayed put till I got to the root of it. They always helped with all their time and effort.

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It was challenging to shift away from theory-based education and toward practice-based learning. I thought it would be hard to sit still during classes, but it wasn't as hard as I thought because there weren't just live classes. There were also different assignments, Standup, and Behavioural training classes that kept us engaged.

During the sessions, we were assigned to breakout rooms where we could interact with the other students. We had a lot of fun working together and sharing our experiences.

Do you believe Skillathon benefits students?

At first, I didn't pay enough attention to the soft skill training. I used to think these weren't very useful and didn't prepare for the tests. When I received the exam results, I was astounded and realised the significance of having these skills.

These abilities are crucial during interviews because there will be many candidates fighting for a single position, and if I have better soft skills, I will have a better chance of being selected. This is exactly what happened; I was able to ace my interviews as a result of the training, and it also raised my confidence to new heights.

Skillathon - Soft Skills for Software Developers

How did the placement process go?

The process went really smoothly because I have social profiles such as LinkedIn and Github where I posted all of my projects and recruiters could see them directly. They praised my work, and I felt extremely confident throughout all the interviews since I had faith in my abilities.

Even though it is not part of Masai's curriculum, the current company that I work for wanted to recruit a Flutter developer. They hired me since Masai teaches you the fundamentals of coding and problem-solving. Working in a different language was not difficult for me.

You can get whatever job you want if you have enough power and skill. You'll just have to work incredibly hard to get there.

How was your Construct Week experience?

It was an unforgettable experience because we had to work in groups on a single topic and then present it. Masai's students come from a wide range of backgrounds and regions around India. To speak and understand, we all had to converse in a single language, English, which aided in the development of communication skills.

Construct weeks have taught me how to organise my thoughts so that everyone can understand them.

How did your parents react when they found out you got the job?

They were overjoyed and thrilled that I obtained a job without even attending college or earning a degree. My mother told everyone in my neighborhood, and everyone was curious about how I got a job in just 7 months.

Is it worth giving Masai 3 lakhs?

If one wants to pursue a course at a prestigious college, the fees begin at one lakh rupees, with no placement assistance or anything other than technical expertise. Whereas at Masai, you may learn a lot in just 30 weeks and receive placement support at the end.

To be honest, I have gained skills that will benefit me for the rest of my life, and paying 3 lakhs is very well worth it. In the end, my contribution to Masai will benefit future Masai students.

Yash adds that many current students contact him to inquire about Masai's placement rate. He says he simply reminds them that it is 100% and that if they give everything they have to the assignments, live classes, and continuous practice, they will definitely obtain a job in the end. Students should believe in the Masai process and give it their all.

Why become a Software Developer?

Becoming a software developer is a tough and lucrative career choice. Here are some reasons to think about turning into a software developer:

High-Paying Profession

A software developer makes a magnificent salary. When it comes to lucrative careers, it ranks among the best alternatives. Within a short amount of time, the usual earnings of a software engineer might rapidly approach six figures. As you develop your portfolio and gain expertise in the sector by taking on more lucrative tasks, the income continues rising.

Job Safety

Job security is one of the software development life cycle's most evident benefits. There will always be problems that need solutions, making software engineers highly desired since they have special abilities that cannot be simply substituted by machines.

Huge demand

There is a significant requirement for software developers. Almost every sector needs a certain kind of software in addition to developers who can make it to their standards. Software developers will likely become much more necessary as society becomes more digital and operates online.

Remote job opportunities

The ability to work from any location is one of the finest perks for software developers. You get the freedom to select your own schedules and work hours.  Software engineers frequently have the option to work remotely from home because practically all of their work is completed on a computer.

Great for problem solvers

Engaging with complicated codes is a must for software developers. This is the career for you if you enjoy finding solutions to problems, even complicated ones. Even if you don't yet possess these problem-solving abilities, you will definitely acquire them quickly once you work as a software developer.


What are the career prospects after completing the Software developer course?

Mobile app development, cybersecurity, Web development, data science, and game development are some of the more popular job choices for software developers. There are several positions and specializations within each professional path, including data analyst, game designer, front-end developer, back-end developer, and penetration tester.

Who is eligible for Masai school full stack web development?

The age bracket for Full-Stack Web Development online course learners is 18 to 28 years. Any student can apply for this course, regardless of background.