5 Reasons why you should join Masai School

"We often interact with our graduates who are already working as developers at various tech companies. Some visit our campus in Bengaluru, some interact with the existing batches as alumni, some share their experiences and success with us."

5 Reasons why you should join Masai School

Having started our operations in June of 2019, we have been able to help 400+ job aspirants find employment in the technology industry with an overall placement rate of 92% across 14 batches that have graduated, and at an average salary of Rs. 7.5 LPA. Our highest salary package went up to Rs. 36 LPA.

In the latest placements season of July, August and September, we have witnessed a hattrick of 100% placements in all the three months with 70% of the graduates coming from non-metro locations and 44% of them coming from non-computer science backgrounds. We have seen some hundreds of heartwarming stories of our students who were able to completely transform their lives.

Masai School’s Mission

Masai School was founded with a mission to find and train the underutilized potential and talent in the country and make them ready for the most in-demand jobs in the technology industry. We set out to choose an Income-Share Agreement model for the same because we felt the need to invest in this talent ourselves and share equal accountability in their success, which is virtually absent in the current education system of our country.

Masai School founders image
Masai School founders

We saw cab drivers, delivery executives, college dropouts, school dropouts, students from Arts and Sciences, Civil and Mechanical Engineers, Electrical and Electronics Engineers, and of course Computer Science Engineers who did not find any use of their college education. But what really keeps this success together is also the high demand for Masai graduates in the industry. At this point in our journey, it is fair to point out that we have more hiring partners (700+) than the number of students who are ready to be placed at Masai School.

But what are the factors that attribute to this shift in the industry? What are some of the reasons why thousands of students (2500+ active students in current batches) flock to us to pursue their dream careers in technology?

Having spoken to scores of our graduates, we believe these are the 5 reasons why one should join Masai School.

1. Masai teaches you the art of being a learner for life.

Anyone can learn how to code from hundreds of sources but technology today changes very rapidly. If you want to survive and thrive in the tech industry, you need to be able to learn new languages and new stacks that pop up everyday. Masai School is known for teaching its students the art of learning in itself. It also goes to show why students from any educational background can study at Masai, be it technical or non-technical. Software Development is not exclusive only to Computer Science graduates.

We don’t believe in spoon-feeding, we do not encourage or endorse it at any given point. After finishing their courses, our alumni go on to learn more tools and technologies on top of their course curriculum and continue to excel at their workplaces. The reason being, their fundamental framework of learning involves mastering the art of learning in itself.

2. Masai School builds your career with the right job

The last 3 batches at Masai School have had a full 100% placement rate, which means all of our graduates were able to get into the technology industry and get employed as developers in reputed companies. In fact, there is already a high demand in the market to hire the upcoming batches of Masai graduates. So if you are ready and prepared to make all the necessary efforts for your own career, the path to your success has no barriers at Masai School.

Time and again, we often hear stories and life experiences from our students who gave up on their careers and could not see any light whatsoever at the end of their tunnels. Some of their transformational journeys truly give our team enough goosebumps to keep us going and solve this massive problem of unemployment in the country.

3. No financial investments (Pay After Placement)

Rather, we invest in you! The Pay After Placement is a unique financial instrument that enables you to start learning at Zero upfront fee and pay us back only when you get a job with a salary of Rs. 5 LPA or above. You will pay us a small part of your monthly income for 36 months or until you reach a maximum limit of Rs. 3 lakh, whichever happens first.

This effectively means that we invest in your career without taking any upfront fee from you like a regular university or college and continue to work with you until you get placed as a developer. Our success is dependent on your success.

4. Masai School values skills over degrees

Our eligibility criteria is that you should be aged between 18 and 28 and you should have passed 12th standard. That is about it. We do not ask for your qualification, educational background, race, gender, orientation, caste or creed. The reason why we are confident in your success is also because our hiring partners believe that skills are more important than degrees, and hire you as developers only for your coding skills.

Some of our graduates like Ashish Raj, Rajeswari Subramanian, Shreedhar Bhat, Ashish Huddar, Mohammed Tanveer among many others, come from the most unlikely of backgrounds that would possibly complement a software developer job.

Mohammed Tanveer shares his journey coming from a Non-CS background to being a software engineer at Influx Worldwide.

5. Once a part of #MasaiTribe, always a part of #MasaiTribe

Each and everyone of our graduates have made life long connections and friendships at Masai School during their time with us. Since our Curriculum includes military-style routine from 9am to 9pm for 6 days a week, intensive peer collaboration and group projects, and not to forget the help students seek from each other naturally, the process is only bound to keep all the students close to each other. Needless to say, a community is only the strongest when it is together. And Masai graduates are no exception. Besides, a Masai graduate can always come back to us for any career-related assistance. It’s lifelong. Once you are a part of the Masai Tribe, you are always part of it. 

Masai School alumni meet

Here’s what Masai School alumni have to say about it.

We often interact with our graduates who are already working as developers at various tech companies. Some visit our campus in Bengaluru, some interact with the existing batches as alumni, some share their experiences and success with us. We have been able to create a strong network of lifelong connections at Masai School.