12 GitHub Profiles Every Developer Must Follow

Home to 200 million+ repositories, GitHub opens up the door for developers to interact with each other, collaborate, review code, track bugs, set up workflows, and do many other things that make development easy.

Following developers on GitHub opens up avenues of growth for developers and helps them expand their skill-set
10 GitHub profiles every developer must follow.

GitHub is an exciting platform for developers. With the number of developers on GitHub touching almost 100 million, it has become very evident that GitHub is now the most sought-after place for developers to code, collaborate, discuss problems, and get inspired to get better.

Home to 200 million+ repositories, GitHub opens up the door for developers to interact with each other, collaborate, review code, track bugs, set up workflows, and do many other things that make development easy.

Imagine the infinite avenues of growth developers can open up for themselves by following other developers, and their work on GitHub. They get to access other people’s projects, find out about new projects that pique their interest, contribute to them, expand their intellectual horizons and become a better developer in the long run.

We have compiled a list of the 12 most valuable developer profiles every developer must follow on GitHub.

Kailash Nadh

Kailash Nadh's GitHub profile
Kailash Nadh's Github profile

Imagine a stockbroking platform that handles billions of transactions every month by taking into account various regulatory frameworks of the stock market over a secure platform. The kind of complexities that would be involved in setting up a platform of such scale would have been mammoth.

Kailash Nadh and his team were the architects who took up the responsibility of building Zerodha- a broking platform that hosts 9 million+ users. Today, Kailash serves as its CTO.

Being a hobbyist developer, Kailash makes contributions every now and then on GitHub. His profile is a huge collection of projects written in Go, JSON, Python, HTML, and Shell. Many of these projects incorporate artificial intelligence and machine learning in a way that helps reduce human intervention.

Developers looking out for ways to build software that reduces human effort, and learn about ways to incorporate artificial intelligence in coding can refer to Kailash’s profile.

Jayant Goel

Jayant Goel's GitHub profile
Jayant Goel's GitHub profile

Jayant is a 21 years old computer science graduate from Jaypee Institute of Information Technology. His consistency on GitHub is something that makes him stand out. He has been active on the platform for 1046 consecutive days and in the process has clocked in more than 4000 hours of code.

His interest in app development and data science becomes very evident when we look at his experiences at Theatron and TalentDecrypt respectively. With a detailed and comprehensive profile README that encompasses almost every small detail about the kind of developer he is, it is safe to say that Jayant has put up a GitHub profile that is far better than many developers out there.

Within a span of 2 years, Jayant has been able to contribute 50,000+ times and make 40,000+ commits. His eagerness to contribute to a team becomes quite clear with these stats. All these numbers are set to go higher as he moves ahead in his career.

His collection of 200+ repositories includes everything a college graduate would need to get better at programming. Young computer science graduates seeking inspiration and looking out for ways to make the most out of their time can reap huge benefits and as such should surely check out his profile.

Vinayak Kulkarni

Vinayak Kulkarni's GitHub profile
Vinayak Kulkarni's GitHub profile

Vinayak Kulkarni is a Mumbai-based software engineer who started out as a customer support engineer at one of India’s biggest IT giants- Wipro. Since then Vinayak has delivered his services at various startups and worked his way to now serve as a Principal Engineer at GeoSpoc.

A JavaScript enthusiast, Vinayak loves to do things centered around UI and Vue. He loves contributing to various open-source ecosystems such as Nuxt, Google Chrome, Vessel, etc.

Vinayak has worked on 200+ repositories during his existence on GitHub. His entire collection of repositories has shades that bring out his love for Vue. He has managed to actively contribute to Vue as well as the Svelte community. His desire to learn new things has made him contribute daily for the year gone by and commit continuously for 182 days.

His profile acts as an inspiration for those who are continuously looking for ways to expand their knowledge and skillset in programming. Any developer who wants to learn Vue and become an active contributor in the FOSS community can refer to his profile.

Utkarsh Pathrabe

Utkarsh Pathrabe's GitHub profile
Utkarsh Pathrabe's GitHub profile

Utkarsh is a computer science graduate from BITS Pilani and has a cumulative experience of 8+ years. He started out small but with the passage of time, he was able to accelerate his career and work at JPMorgan Chase Co., and Infocepts. He now works as a senior systems software engineer for autonomous vehicles at NVIDIA Graphics Pvt. Ltd.

Utkarsh is a very creative individual which is very obvious from his profile README. He has been able to master many programming languages, and made more than 9000 contributions spread over 100 repositories to earn a repository rating of A++. His repositories are a collection of simple projects that solve people’s problems and websites built from scratch. The majority of his projects employ React as the programming language.

People looking to master React and learn web development from scratch must pay a visit to Utkarsh’s profile.

Srihari Humbarwadi

Srihari Humbarwadi's GitHub profile
Srihari Humbarwadi's GitHub profile

Srihari is a post-graduate student studying data science at The University of Edinburgh and is a Deep Learning software engineer at Intel. After starting out as a data scientist, Srihari is now gaining experience in computer vision research. Srihari has made giant strides in the field of data science and machine learning with the help of GitHub.

He has been fairly active on GitHub for the better part of the last year, doing a lot of work in computer vision research by contributing heavily to projects that center around tensor flow using Python as the predominant language. Srihari’s profile is very eccentric when compared to other profiles mentioned earlier and can turn out to be very useful for someone who intends to get started in computer vision.

Data science and computer vision enthusiasts looking forward to putting their knowledge of Python to the best use can pay a visit to his profile.

Alicia Sykes

Alicia Syke's GitHub profile
Alicia Syke's GitHub profile

Alicia Sykes is a software engineer based out of London. A former British army soldier, Alicia, has worked at various renowned organisations such as the University of Oxford and Accenture as a software engineer.

She is currently a freelance web developer and creates websites and mobile applications for small and medium businesses. She spends most of her time contributing to open source projects, answering questions on stack overflow, and participating in international hackathons.

Alicia’s love for fixing security and privacy issues is pretty evident in her list of repositories where the majority of her work is aimed at providing solutions to make software and websites fool-proof.

With continuous contributions made over the significant part of last year and 250,000+ commits, Alicia makes a strong case for herself as the person to look forward to as a cybersecurity expert.

Someone looking forward to expanding their knowledge in cybersecurity must pay a visit to her profile.

Kent C Dodds

Kent C Dodds's GitHub profile
Kent C Dodds's GitHub profile

Kent started out as an Audio/Video technician and has now evolved to become an educator and JavaScript expert. After completing his post-graduation from Brigham Young University, Kent has gone on to gather a massive amount of experience and now works as a Director of Developer Experience at Remix. During his tenure at Alianza, he was able to bring about some rapid changes in the telecom industry using his knowledge of HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS3.

Kent’s GitHub profile is a true reflection of his personal and professional self. His repositories contain a host of projects aimed at learning React from scratch, app development using JavaScript, and testing as well as programming applications related to Remix’s products.

Someone willing to learn React as well as app development from scratch can visit his profile.

Sebastian Ros

Sebastian Ros's GitHub profile
Sebastian Ros's GitHub profile

Sebastien Ros is a French software developer who works with the ASP.NET team at Microsoft. He is a very passionate GitHub developer which is evident by his code contributions to various open-source projects.

Sebastien’s repository consists of various .NET projects. He is currently working on two major projects: benchmarking ASP.NET Core and the Orchard Core project, of which he is the community leader and a major contributor to the enhancement of its features and its distributed benchmarking services. Sebastien is also known for his involvement in the Arctic Vault Project 2020.

Check out his profile if you are someone who has an interest in learning .NET frameworks.

Xi (Frost) Ming

Xi (Frost) Ming's GitHub profile
Xi (Frost) Ming's GitHub profile

Xi is a Chinese software developer who made the shift from the field of electric and electronics engineering to computer science. In his 8 years of professional experience, he has developed an acumen for quality checking and testing GUI applications on Linux platforms and become proficient in Python.

Xi’s profile has an awesome README that provides insight into his coding skills using GitHub stats right at the top with various external links to his social media handles and his blog.

He also reveals his gamer self further down his README. Xi’s repository hosts many projects that are centered around game development and employ Python as the programming language. Apart from this Xi also has repositories that develop websites for people, extract data from various apps, help in debugging, etc.

Visit his profile if you are someone who wants to learn Python and game development.

Florian Rival

Florian Rival's GitHub profile
Florian Rival's GitHub profile

Florian Rival is the founder and CEO of GDevelop, a software company that makes it easy for people to create video games without any pre-requisite technical skills.

Florian has a combined experience of 3 years working at Google and Facebook where he spent most of his time developing apps and games. One of his notable achievements has been the full-stack development of the Auckland International Airport app during his internship at Gladeye.

Florian’s repository is a huge collection of projects that center around gaming and software development. The source code of GDevelop, the application (software product) of his software company is public on GitHub. His collection of projects is good enough for even a newbie programmer to learn to code video games up from scratch.
Anyone with sheer love for learning game development can visit his GitHub profile.

Jan De Dobbeleer

Jan De Dobbeleer's GitHub profile
Jan De Dobbeleer's GitHub profile

Jan De Dobbeleer is a talented software engineer who has made a name for himself in the world of open-source projects. He is the creator of oh-my-posh, a command-line tool that has made life easier for many developers.

The success of oh-my-posh tool has been the major building block of his community that has is almost 3000 strong and consists of projects that have accumulated a total of 16,000 stars.

Jan is a passionate individual with a knack for creating clean, user-friendly tools. Jan comes from a computer science academic background and has years of industry experience under his belt. This has also allowed him to successfully run many open-source projects. If we talk about his GitHub profile, it is a treasure trove of projects and contributions that reflect his dedication to improving the developer experience. Jan De Dobbeleer's GitHub is a wholesome experience for any developer who loves to get things done.

If you're interested in terminal customization, oh-my-posh is just the tip of the iceberg. Jan is an active contributor to various other open-source projects, constantly seeking ways to enhance and expand his work. He's also a sought-after speaker at tech conferences and meetups, sharing his knowledge and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in tech.

Carlos Alexandro Becker

Carlos Alexandro Becker's GitHub profile
Carlos Alexandro Becker's GitHub profile

Carlos Alexandro Becker is a talented Site Reliability Engineer from Brazil. He resides in Cascavel and his quest for knowledge is never-ending. What sets Carlos apart is his incredible track record of contributing to nearly thousands of projects on a yearly basis. He has truly made a name for himself in the industry and he is not stopping anytime soon.

Currently, Carlos works remotely at TOTV Labs. In his spare time, he dedicates himself to his hobbies and delves into coding various projects. His passion for programming is undeniable, and he possesses a remarkable skill set that spans many languages, distributed systems, containers, monitoring, and software development.

If you're someone who appreciates top-notch coding skills, Carlos Alexandro Becker is definitely someone you should follow on GitHub. His diverse experience, a wide range of projects, and the quest for continuous learning make him a valuable resource. His work can help you gain insights into the latest trends and best practices in the industry.

We had a lot of fun compiling this list, and we hope this blog helps you discover interesting projects, and people.