10 Qualities of a Successful Student & Professional

Taking responsibility is saying; I tried my best but it didn't work out, ownership is saying- I tried, it hasn't been working out, but I am committed to making it work, so I will figure out a way.

10 Qualities of a Successful Student & Professional

On the 2nd day of the orientation of our new batch of students – Web12, our SVP – Mr. Ankur Kayesth, hosted a session with the students where he talks about the fundamental qualities a student should have to succeed at Masai School, and in life.

To succeed in life is not merely about one’s skills, but majorly about their attitude towards their work and life. We often hear people say – “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”, what do they mean they say this? To get continuous success one needs to be disciplined, and willing to hard consistently no matter what may come.

At Masai School, our program is designed such that our students undergo a military-style 9-9-6 curriculum where our students code for more than 1200 hours, build several projects, and all of this happens in just 30 Weeks!

To succeed at Masai School, these 10 qualities will help you immensely in your journey at Masai School and beyond. However, Ankur also mentions that one doesn’t need to have 100% of all these qualities, to begin with, but one can always build these once they are open to the idea of growth, and development.

At Masai School, our students will have the opportunity to build on these qualities as they progress in Masai School’s curriculum. Ankur mentions that Masai School is a Meritocracy based institution with the sole focus on skilling, and training our students to become capable Software Engineers with our student code of conduct and curriculum.

For example – During student’s time at their placements, they will be rewarded based on their efforts rather than their background or any other social indicator otherwise valued by society.

At Masai School, we focus on building skills

What are these 10 Qualities that can make you stand out, and give you an edge?

Adaptability – Don’t have a fixed mindset. Are you flexible, or are you fixed? You can either focus on “I wish it were that way”, or you can be flexible about the approach and think “How can I play the cards I am dealt with”. The circumstances of life may not be the way we desire it to be, but if you are adaptable then the chances of your success increases.

Discipline – You can get fluke of success without discipline, but for continuous improvement and success you need to be disciplined. That’s why we have the 9-9-6 regime, where you will continue getting harder challenges, and that’s going to be a great thing. 

Proactiveness – It is one of the most important qualities to succeed, not just in Masai School but also in life. It’s a state of mind, and not about your knowledge. Action and the thought you’re putting in your work is a sign of how proactive you are, and if you are curious and have the enthusiasm to find an answer to your question, then it’s a great way.

Most of us wait for opportunities to arrive to perform our best, but proactive people hunt for those opportunities and excel at them.

Enthusiasm – People react and vibe to your energy levels, and your enthusiasm levels determine not just what you do but also the quality of effort you put into it. When you join the professional world, your enthusiasm and energy levels are the first few things people will notice in you, and if you have high levels of energy then the chances of you solving problems increase.

If you’re high on energy – you are more likely to handle unknowns better. The chances of you solving a problem increase once you get excited about it, and life as a software developer is all about problem-solving.

10 Qualities of a Successful student and professional
10 fundamental qualities of a successful student and professional

Resilience – Resilience is your ability to adapt to a challenge in a difficult situation. Life will throw a lot of unknowns at you, and if you are adaptive and resilient, your ability to get the job done increases despite the challenges.

It is your ability to try, and put in the efforts required to get the job done? Resilience is one of those skills that will take you from the idea stage to the execution stage.

Perseverance – Can you continue to be resilient even if you’re failing? In life can you may not be able to solve everything you take up, but can you still persevere to put in the efforts? Can you keep trying until you get the breakthrough? 

Integrity – It is about your ethics and character. At Masai School, we don’t focus on certificates, but only on skills, and for you to develop skills you need to have a high level of integrity which will allow you to develop and improve.

Don’t do something for short gain that may cause harm in the longer run, because that will lead you to challenges not just in Masai, but also at other places. Example – Copying code to clear an assignment may look like an easy option to clear the unit evaluations, but what will you do in an interview? How will you manage your job?

Mindful – If you aren’t self-aware, and only reactive to things that happen to you. Try to be present in what you’re doing in the “present moment”. You need not really meditate to achieve mindfulness, it’s about the little awareness you have in your daily tasks and activities.

For example – Putting away your cell phone when you’re coding or learning is taking a small step towards mindfulness.

Open-Mindedness – Most of the time we do things in certain ways which may not be the best way to do it, but since we are used to it we find it hard to change our habits. Doing so not only limits your outcomes but also decreases your chance of success, especially when dealing with unknowns.

If you’re open-minded in life, then new opportunities will present themselves to you. Masai School has the framework for you to develop into a seasoned software developer, but only if you’re open.

Accountability – Ownership married with responsibility is accountability, and one of those skills that allow you to build trust amongst your network is your accountability to your work and your words.

Taking responsibility is saying – “I tried my best, but it didn’t work out”, but ownership is saying – “I tried, it hasn’t been working out, but I am committed to making it work, so I will figure out a way.” Accountability is your ability to take something and see it through to completion. One of the best ways to grow is to not just be responsible but also dependable.

As mentioned earlier we don’t expect our students to come with all of the above-mentioned qualities fully formed, but we do expect you to come with an open idea that you are willing to build these in your journey at Masai School. Our entire system and curriculum at Masai School will take care of this, and in 30 short weeks, you will see the benefit of all this in your life as a Software developer.

Are you ready for your “Masai journey”?