Masai Industry Mentor Programme

Masai Industry Mentor Programme

We at Masai School are seeking Industry Mentors who can help our students excel in the tech world. Our students have been working hard and learning the ins and outs of MERN and JAVA web development, and now it’s time for them to show off their skills to the world. But they need your help! As a Mentor, you’ll have the chance to guide our students through job interviews, portfolio building, and real-world tech projects. With your expertise, our students will be well-equipped to succeed in the job market and take their careers to new heights. Not only will you be making a difference in someone’s life, but you’ll also stay ahead of the curve in your field, network with a talented group of individuals, and give back to the tech community.

Why Coach?

Invest In People

Give back to the tech community and help new developers launch their careers, prepare for jobs, and grow.

Recruit Talent

Be the first to mentor talented students and help them become high quality candidates for your company or industry.

How To Join Industry Mentor Programme

All Masai School students will have the opportunity to work with an Industry Mentor in the last 12 weeks of their course.

Apply to our Industry Mentor Programme to get started. Let us know why you want to join us and how you can help our students.

Choose the course you want to Mentor.

Meet Masai students once per week for 45-60 mins virtually.