Admission Process

Our Selection Process is based only on talent and motivation, and not on the basis of educational degrees, or programming experience.

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  • 2 Complete an application
  • 3 Complete Pre-Course and Online assessment
  • 4 Finish the documentation
  • 5 Pay the registration fees
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Designed for beginners, focused on outcomes.

Be prepared for a rigorous, challenging program that requires consistency, discipline, and accountability. By the end of these tracks, you will have the skills to conquer your career.

frontend and
                           backend web development

Learn Fundamentals, frontend and backend web development in just 30 weeks & get job ready

Immersive (Full-time 30 weeks)
From Monday to Saturday, all day.

Learn Android Development, starting with building your own apps to landing them on play store - in just 24 weeks.

Immersive (Full-time 24 weeks)
From Monday to Saturday, all day.

Designed for students who have a basic understanding of data structures & algorithms, to crack aspirational jobs.


A 6 month immersive online program for programmers to develop coding skills and get aspirational jobs

Flexible (Part-time 24 weeks)
From Monday to Saturday, all day.

Eligibility for i-program

Data Structure & Algorithms knowledge required
This program is for beginner
This program is available for both students & working professional